'SheZow,' The 'Transgender' Superhero Cartoon!

One Million Moms are pissy mad and have come out fighting against a new cartoon about a male protagonist who transforms into a female superhero.

The cartoon, “SheZow” premiered in the United States on this pass Saturday and aired on the Hub, a satellite TV channel created by Discovery and Hasbro.

The show, aimed at kids 6-11 years old, follows a 12-year-old boy named Guy Hamdon, who has a female crime-fighting alter ego called SheZow. Hamdon turns into SheZow by putting on a magic ring and shouting out the catchphrase, “You go girl!” WOW!


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  2. This is too funny! This character is not Transgender. The story is his aunt was SheZow and it passed done in the family to him along with the goofy costume. Kids won't care a hoot or read anything Trans into it. Chill everyone.

    1. Hey Jackie! After reading and researching I don't understand what the fuss is about either.

    2. Cross dressing superhero that's not powerful until he (Who ironically is named "guy") ends up looking like a female. Long hair, everything pink and whatnot... and you don't see the reason for fuss? How about during episode one when a pirate ship is firing bombs at the hero the computer yells "Holy ship for balls." ???? I mean Kids wont read into it except that it's okay for boys to dress like women. How many boys will want a shezow outfit for Halloween?

  3. Personally, I would have a problem letting my 3 boys watch that show. Dude dressing up like a girl and that makes him a hero and gives him powers... NOT cool. The men in todays culture have been under attack for years w this effimination of agenda that is constantly been shoved in our faces. And now this... attacking our youth. #NotToday. They got the wrong one!!! Real men STAND UP and take back our manhood, our self respect, and our families and our communities. Dont ever let it be "ok" for boys to watch programing like this or else they will be "programed" to imitate what they see. Lik'Shot!!!

    1. Big Chris thanks for the comment.....you know you're not alone.


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