Lord Have Mercy: Is This The Behavior Of A PASTOR!?!?!?!?!?

I just ran across this little tidbit of info and video about co-pastor Sun Ho, the wife of Pastor Kong Hee......who's the head pastor of City Harvest Church in Singapore.

 From the look of things Sun Ho, is a co-pastor who wanted to have a successful secular singing career along with her pastoral duties.  According to the article, a few years ago she (allegedly) spent some of  the church money in order to produce the music video for her song "China Wine."

Now a criminal trial is set to begin to determine whether City Harvest Church funds were used  in order to produce the music video for her song "China Wine" which is posted below. Question do the below video  represents behavior that represents anything even remotely close to Biblical Christian morals and values????? Seriously $13 million to boost the musical career of this woman. (Warning: This video is PG-13 at best).


  1. This woman is not a Pastor, she's a joke. I've been reading about her for awhile now. The devil entices with the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and pride of life. This mess she's doing is not of God and not how the Bible describes a Godly woman should be. Period.

  2. Anonymous I agree, and that video is something else.

  3. She is living out her true fantasy!! Ministry is not her focus. As Ann would say, "Jesus take the wheel!"

  4. Anonymous you funny, but I will agree she do look like her fantasy is to be a famous rock star.

  5. She could have done reggae gospel or dancehall gospel which would have been as lively but still glorify the Lord. Artist like Kevin Downswell sing about the Lord and his songs can be very lively. As a co=pastor she should be setting a standard for her church ladies. I pray for her.


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