Get Out Of Here: What Do You Get When You Combine Jesus Country Music and Hip-hop Together? "Whosoever South"!

According to some reports the most exciting group in Christian music right now is "Whosoever South". Also according to the same reports the group  has managed to blend bluegrass country music with hip-hop. What do you think? 


  1. I love it!!!!!!

  2. I liked this in the first 15 seconds!! This should go viral!!

  3. If they cut the young woman, it will be perfect. I liked it.

  4. Very creative. I like it.

  5. Personal this song makes me long for home....Plus, I love the diversity of the Hip-Hop culture that's present along with the blend and mix of the Old Negro Spirituals and Bluegrass. Great "SONG".

  6. I love it. The moment it began to play I was caught!


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