UPDATE: Finally A Trailer For "Preachers Of L.A" To Help Expose The Fakes And Frauds!

Update: Preachers calling for boycott of “Preachers of L.A.” Reality Show.

 Well, I just saw the trailer for "Preachers of L.A" and it made me sick to my stomach.  In my opinion it just helps contribute to the world in not trusting us when we try and them about Jesus. This is also in my opinion  part of the reason why so many folks don't want anything to do with ANY CHURCH even good ones. SAD, SAD! Video Here!


  1. There were some things I disagreed heavily with but if they would focus this show it would be ok. Yes the Bible does say for us to prosper and to do well. Obviously they have prospered. The problem I see is how the media portrays their wealth and success. One person that stuck out the most to me was Dietrick Haddon. But I hope and pray that this show will show the good and if it doesn't, TAKE IT DOWN!

    1. Anonymous I'm with you on just how the media will portray these men success and wealth.

  2. This looks like garbage and a joke!

    1. This is nothing but the love of money and the world, all in the name of God. The Word says "come out from among them, and be ye separate saith the Lord". Also the Bible says, love not the world, neither the things in the world which is full of lust;and what will a man give in exchange for his soul? Jesus said everyone that says Lord, Lord will not enter for will say "I never knew you". It is praying time because deception is on the loose.

  3. I'm going to reserve judgment. Some things did catch my eye but I will let it play out first before I jump to conclusions. I WILL be watching it though that's for sure.

    1. Hey Big Chris, I don't see how this can possible be good for the kingdom at all.

    2. All things work together for His glory. We might not see it but God will further his plan w this show somehow.

      But to your point, it does seem to be kinda shady and on the surface does seem like it will negatively impact the Christian message to todays youth and culture. But I've learned long ago not to judge a book by its cover. Let us get a few episodes deep first and then go from there.

  4. Just knowing who was on the show I knew it would be bad, but the promo just lowered what I was even expecting.

    In this short clip it's easy to tell that none of these pastors (hard to use that term for them) truly know what is the gospel.

    Here are just a few of the low lights from just the promo:

    The woman demanding that Haddon marry her before they have ANYMORE CHILDREN?????
    That's not a pastor that's some hot ghetto mess.

    Wayne Chaney explaining that pastors should be living like P.Diddy and JZ.
    Question: what church are P.diddy and JZ serving, and how can you compare them to Jesus how pastors should be living to meet worldy standards?

    And finally the mess of all hot mess Noel (THE PLAYER) Jones.

    Noel loves being a success and thinks HE is the prize in the relationship.

    let examine him just a bit.
    Divorced because of his adultery,
    baby mama drama with another woman after trying to hide it.
    And now you have the worst reputation with women because of you dating anything with a pulse.

    question: What success is he loving and how does that make him the prize?

    1. Hey Cop this is disgusting and like you after watching the trailer I know there's no way any good can out of this.

    2. Well stated Cop.

  5. The Bible tells us in Corinthians that we are to judge that within(the body of Christ). If you see your brother overtaken in a fault,go to him in the spirit of meekness. But these brothers and sisters don't want you to come to them because they are caught up with the flesh and love of money and falling for the lies of Satan even when he has twisted the word to accomplish his mission.just like he did Eve. Watch your feet and check to see if you are on the straight and narrow or on a slippery slope that Satan has made to seem so innocent, smooth and no harm. We are so quick to say I'm not going to judge when we are to call sin -sin, right- right, and wrong- wrong. If any man be in Christ, he is a NEW creature, old things and lifestyles are passed away and be hold all things become new. We have to stand on the holy word and hold up the standards of holiness and righteousness and stop compromising which Jesus calls lukewarm. We know the result of being lukewarm.

    1. Anonymous I like your comment!

    2. Good comment Anonymous. Bravo!

  6. The Bible calls them "greedy dogs"' and I concur!!!

    Isaiah 56:11
    New Living Translation (NLT)
    11 Like greedy dogs, they are never satisfied.
    They are ignorant shepherds,
    all following their own path
    and intent on personal gain.

  7. McClendon, jones and haddon are not even qualified to serve as leaders! Don't get mad at me read The Word! Absolutely they can be used by God-anyone can but they cannot be leaders....lest they lead folks straight to hell. God in His infinite wisdom is only trying to protect His people because He loves us. Anyone that thinks this nonsense is going to glorify and build The Kingdom of God is certainly deceived! These childish men have played right into the hands of the enemy..........

    The Message (MSG)
    Leadership in the Church

    3 1-7 If anyone wants to provide leadership in the church, good! But there are preconditions: A leader must be well-thought-of, committed to his wife, cool and collected, accessible, and hospitable. He must know what he’s talking about, not be overfond of wine, not pushy but gentle, not thin-skinned, not money-hungry. He must handle his own affairs well, attentive to his own children and having their respect. For if someone is unable to handle his own affairs, how can he take care of God’s church? He must not be a new believer, lest the position go to his head and the Devil trip him up. Outsiders must think well of him, or else the Devil will figure out a way to lure him into his trap.


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