Did The Executives At Warner Bros Used The Money Hungry Church To Line Their Own Pockets?????

First off, I don't believe the Church Community should allow itself to be used by the evil kingdoms of this world to further their own personal agenda (money). I don't like the idea of Hollywood writing the teaching and talking points for the Christian Church. The  way Superman has been Compared to Jesus in the last couple of days are sickening to me.  I honestly believe there's a double standard in this country among some Christian Churches.

 If Jay Z, Kanye West, The Game, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Lady GaGa or any of the other mainstream artists from the kingdom of this world...... would have pull this particular stunt the whole Christian Community would be up in arms in protest.   Many of the country megachurches have come out with encouragement for their congregations to see the film Superman by likening the hero to Jesus. How many of today's hip hop artists could have done this same thing and got away with it? NONE!

Everyone,  is not please over Warner Bros. using  the religious themes found in Man of Steel to market to the money hungry church. The rumor is that in order to reach as many church organizations as possible, the studio reportedly hired the services of Grace Hill Media. The company sent out nine pages of sermon notes to churches as well as arranged free screenings for pastors.

1). Superman’s birth name is Kal-El. Jesus is called Emmanu-El. El is Hebrew for God.
 2). Superman is called the Man of Steel. Jesus is called the Man of Sorrows.
3). Superman is called the Man of Tomorrow. Jesus is called the same Yesterday, Today and Forever (Hebrews 13:8).
4). Jor-El sent his only son Kal-El from Krypton to Earth to be the light of the world. God the Father sent His only son Jesus from Heaven to Earth to be the light of the world.
5). Superman’s earthly parents Jonathan and Martha are a humble, godly couple. Jesus’ earthly parents Joseph and Mary are a humble, godly couple.
6). Superman’s enemy is a man named Lex Luthor. Jesus’ enemy is Lucifer.
7). When Clark was a child, he kept his powers a secret. In Man of Steel, He becomes Superman at the age of 33 to save the world. Jesus did not begin performing miracles until He was 30 years old, and He died when He was 33 to save the world.
8). Superman can fly and he has X-ray vision. Jesus can fly (He ascended to Heaven) and He can see into people’s hearts and minds.
9). In a comic book storyline in the 90’s, Superman was killed by Doomsday and later came back to life. In real life, Jesus died on the Cross and three days later came back to life.
10). The “S” on Superman’s shirt is actually a Kryptonian symbol for hope. The Cross is a Christian symbol for hope and salvation.
I hate it.  


  1. I think it's rather cool and hope that the Story of Christ did inspire Superman. Hopefully the story of our savior inspires more clean forms of work.

  2. William the "HOLLYWOOD" executives sent the movie to pastors to use as a "SERMON". That's the problem! The world should not be telling the church what to preach. Any pastor worth his salt should have frown upon this idea.

  3. Ann, you're right! You are absolutely right!!!!! Pastors should be led/inspired by the Holy Spirit as to what sermons to preach/teach not led by the spirit of Hollywood! Comparing Superman to Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God is indeed "comical!'


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