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Monday, May 27, 2013

Jimmy Swaggart Son Donnie Swaggart Have Come Under Fire On FaceBook For Calling The Historical Jesus White!

I don't believe the historical Jesus of Nazareth was “white" as in  European, nor do I believe He was "black" as in African American.  I do beleive based on what scholars say, the historical Jesus would be a Middle Eastern Jewish man of medium, if not dark, complexion.

I believe Donnie Swaggart is wrong here. Jesus genealogy is very clearly written, with all his patriarchal ancestors,in the Bible. He was obviously neither "white" nor "black" but of Middle Eastern brown.

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  1. I am with you on this issue.

    It amazes me that so many Christians (mostly America) believe that Jesus was either white or black. This goes on because one race wants to claim a Closer relationship to Jesus than others.

    If we were to find out that Jesus was white, would that mean that a white person is more holy?
    If Jesus was black would that mean that other races have work harder to know Gods word?

    Until someone produces a year book picture of Jesus in the second grade this whole discussion of Jesus's race is worthless.

    Using Genesis 11 to prove a white Jesus? What part of Genesis 11 speaks of ANYTHING regarding skin color?

    And if you know anything about biology, genealogy anthropology and science you know that the start of life would have begun with some type of skin color. Not white or black. That's not to say that God couldn't have changed things up.

    Of course all this is a mute point if you believe that Jesus died for your sins. I don't care if Jesus looked like Brad Pitt, Wesley Snipes or Or a member of the Taliban he is my Lord and savior.

    1. Cop thanks for the comment. Donnie is way off here!

  2. It amazes me more that so many Christians act so anal about non important details about Jesus like his skin color. I understand disagreeing with Jesus appearance, but someone coming under fire over it???

  3. William when we talk about the historical Jesus when He was on earth, I honestly believe it should be taught as accurate as possible. The Bible list His genealogy for a purpose and a reason and when we on purpose over look His genealogy we'll doing a disservice. Now, with His resurrection body, He can be black, white,yellow red, all things to everybody.

    1. I think we should be focused more on what he did. In theory what you're saying is right. However, if he was of african, european or any other descent makes ZERO difference on his ministry. I don't think we should overlook his genealogy as well, but there's a lot in the Gospels christians need to have a better understanding of and I just think squabbling over things like this can be a waste of time...

  4. Do you ever notice when a pastor has something on video and people question his belief with scripture the pastor (or church) try's to remove the video from YouTube.

  5. 1 Timothy 1:4/Titus 3:9....the end!

  6. We are not ignorant, Jesus was a Jew which means he was olive skin color. White or black this a ridiculous argument. Get real people and don't be ignorant

  7. We are not ignorant, Jesus was a Jew which means he was olive skin color. White or black this a ridiculous argument. Get real people and don't be ignorant