Why is Gospel Hip Hop Gaining Popularity?

Gospel Hip Hop Making The Mark!

I find the article by Chaz Spears to be somewhat of an interesting read.  He explains why "Holy Hip-Hop" artists like Lecrae can no longer be ignored.  This year, for the first time hip hop Gospel artist Lecrae won a Grammy for Best Gospel Album – a victory for the genre. You can read the article here!

know for me and others in this present day and age who declares, claim without a doubt, and swear up-on  a stack of "Bibles" that, nowhere in the good book will you find music being used as a  "GOAL/TOOL" for "EVANGELISM" to a lost world.

Others say Gospel music was never ever meant to be a "tool" used by the Holy Spirit to put forth the Good News of Christ through song. But that it's through preaching, teaching and prophesying to the world that the lost can and will be saved.  If that be the case, then  Why is Gospel Hip Hop  gaining popularity?


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