Welcome Back Mr. Detrick Haddon!

 For me personal Deitrick Haddon was one of my favorite gospel singers of all time, I won't lie about that.    If you're an artist (secular or gospel) and I like what you're putting out and you're  presenting yourself with respect to me and the world, I'm going to purchase your music bottom line.  I've purchased almost everything Detrick put out and have never been disappointed.  Except for "Church On The Moon". I really wanted to give that purchase back to Itune. It  was a big disappointment for me, I just couldn't relate to it.  But before that I was a fan who was well pleased with his music.

Anyway, the first of the year Detrick Haddon  took to his social media to let us his fans know that he had been naughty.  That news didn't go over well for me and others within the Christian community.  You can see my reaction to the news here (I'm talking about me here).

 But after listening to his interview on the Yolanda Adams morning show the other day, my heart and mind has been changed.  This interview by Detrick Haddon  has got to be one of the most heartfelt testimonies I've heard in a long time. It's what caused me to write this post. Welcome back Mr. Haddon continue your work for the kingdom. And by the way I like the new single "Have Your Way!"


  1. Like some of his songs and it's good he's speaking out and admitting he had a wreck. We all have wrecks and shouldn't be so quick to condemn because if Jesus did it to every one who has had a wreck, none of us would be on our judgmental perches we often decide to sit on. Really like this song!


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