Stop It Saints: Dr. Ricky Dillard Is Not On His Death Bed!!

Lord have mercy the saints on social media are at it again. This time they are trying to kill off Dr. Ricky Dillard.  Dr. Ricky Dillard had to take to his Facebook page yesterday to stop the rumors that he was near death.
 I was recently diagnosised w/ Sarcoidosis in my lungs. Went to DRs for 2+ years, because I constantly had phlegm in my chest & throat. I wanted to share this with you, because we all know how the saints are with rumors. I'm taking medication, but am fully functioning, working & shouting the victory!


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    1. "Anonymous" Dr. Dillard have already stated and address on his Facebook page what kind of illness he is dealing with. So why in the world would you leave a ugly comment like that?

  2. Miss Ann..Thats what they all say when there liveing homosexual lifestyles.James Cleveland,Walter Hawkins,and many more.They will never say its AIDS.I always give them the side-eye when they start getting sick.Where there is smoke there's fire.THATS WHAT THE OLD FOLKS SAY!!!

    1. James Cleveland did die of Aids. His pedophile ex-lover who contracted HIV from confirmed that.

  3. Also, Miss Ann....Why should I beleive a man thats liveing a lie.A homosexual preacher? Satan is his father.

  4. Anonymous here we go once again labeling someone based on here-say. Have Dr. Dillard ever said or stated in public that he's a part of the homosexual community? Until Dr. Dillard public acknowledge this as truth, I will not either.

  5. Well! thats why your being deceived.

  6. Oh Anonymous, perhaps you're the one being deceived. If all you need is a rumor to start believing that a man of God is a lying homosexual you make Satans work easy. If you were around during the time of Jesus you'd be like the others who accused him of being a magician and using the power of Satan instead of God. Don't go by "What the Old folks say." Go by faith and not by sight...

  7. Oh William! So you say it is only a rumor that Ricky Dillard is a homosexual.Than on top of that you compared him to JESUS.Yep you gay!

  8. Sorry to disappoint you. That cannot be further from the truth. And you are a reflection of the quick-to-judge generation. Let's take a look at Ricky Dillard... Do I agree with how he carries himself? Absolutely not! His infamous Stellar award performance which had him and his choir doing flamboyant dances and even "dropping it like it's hot" seemed like they were more concerned to bring attention to Ricky Dillard than glorifying Jesus. A lot of Gospel artists I take issue with for being the same way. Kirk Franklin is another example. And make no mistake there are a lot of underground homosexual Gospel artists out there. Some have even come out of the closet. HOWEVER, unless you have irrefutable proof that Ricky Dillard is in a sexual or intimate relationship with another man, then it's irresponsible to just accuse him of being gay. Because just like you accused me, you can be way off base. Just ask my Wife or my children. -_-

    As for "comparing him to JESUS." Being a Christian is being "Christ-like" so how can you determine if someone is being a good Christian if you're not comparing said person to Christ himself???? I really hope you're looking to have adult conversations here and not just trying to troll or insult people. It would be unfortunate because things like this should really be discussed.

  9. It seems to me that you are the child not me.You just stated that Rickey was droppin like its hot but still say he's not gay until he admits it.You sir are talking out of both sides of your mouth.When did wolves start telling you there wolves.Oh! and you being married,most down low men are(Eddie).Thats why its called down low.Thats why the church is infected with this spirit,because of men like you.

  10. Never said he has to come out and admit that he's gay for it to be enough proof. Unlike Eddie long I have heard nothing of someone coming out accusing to have been in a relationship with him. A wolf doesn't have to stand on a podium and admit he's a wolf for me to know he is. He hasn't posted internet pictures that are questionable such as Eddie Long had and hasn't had any records of taking men and sharing rooms with men on trips to other countries. So it really isn't talking out of both sides. Dropping it like it's hot is a dance that people do, not just women. The church is infected because a lot of them are being led by men, and not by Christ. And guess what, a lot of infected churches do NOT have a gay pastor leading them. And really, name calling? First i'm gay, and now i'm a child. SMH Whatever happened to talking to people in love and in attempts to correct as opposed to being hateful and insulting such as yourself? Do you really believe taking the approach you do will make someone turn and say "Hmm I should turn to Christ because this guy who called me Gay is really speaking the truth."? Have a good day.

  11. Then Anonymous he must have have your husband son brother or uncle for you to know such a thing. Unless you walked up and out your hand in his shoulder and caught hum in the act...all you have is rumor and you are spreading it....and you are the child of the father of lies! You should be ashamed for killing with that mouth of yours!


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