Jesus Take The Wheel:Why Are Some Pastors Now Willing To Sacrifice Their Own Daughters At The Altar Of Reality TV??!!?!?

Lifetime TV’s “Preachers’ Daughters”: Church Girls Gone Wild! 
It's a doggone shame that some pastors are now willing to exploit their own daughters for fame and money. Helping kids grow up to love Jesus with all their heart soul and mind, should be every Chrisitan parent goal, even if he/she are a pastor or not.

I agree that a pastor/daddy/husband's position can bring somewhat of a unique, rare, unusual, and demanding struggle to a family. But the idea of exploiting and putting your child signs on front street in the world to see is crazy to me. It's true evil does lie at the root of money. Update: check out a comment left here from a 14 year old PK kid.


  1. I take it on a case by case basis. I know this one parent who had a daughter who was so addicted to attention (Yes, there's such a thing) that she was telling her friends on facebook that she had cancer, was raped by an uncle in New Jersey, (she doesn't even have an uncle in New Jersey) and that her mother was horrible. So he had her go on her facebook page and record a video saying "I apologize to my family and friends but i'm a liar and I have lied about the following things. I don't have cancer, I am still a virgin, and my mother loves me very much." And I don't disagree with how he handled it. However some parents that do things like make their kids stand outside like panhandler with a sign that says "I'm a liar and I don't do well in school so i'm practicing for my future." I think that's a little too far.

  2. I think the problem is that pastors and their families are being put on a pedestal in church and in the community. That puts a lot of pressure on them to be perfect. Giving people titles and calling pastor's wives first lady, having special seats for them and giving them special treatment. Everybody in church must get special treatment. Another problem is that some pastors are not practicing what they are preaching and children are very sensitive for that. A pastor must never forget that he is a servant of God's people and that he cannot be so busy that he makes his family suffer. Your family is part of your ministry. Another issue is also that people are very lazy in church and expect the pastor to do everything. A church is a community where everyone has a task and we help each other to grow in Christ. My church is not perfect but one thing i appreciate is that everybody including our pastor is called sister and brother and our pastor sits in the back of the church.


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