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Jesus Take The Wheel:The Church Is Doing The Harlem Shake In Your Name?!?!!?

Some say this is a mockery of the Lord Jesus Christ, the cross upon which He died, and the worship that's due unto Him. Below is a wayout video version of the Harlem Shake, from C3 Church.  This particular version of the Harlem Shake pits Jesus against the devil.  Article Here! Is this disrespectful to Christians?


  1. Absolutely disrespectful. You don't play around with Jesus on the cross. It wasn't a joke or made for joking. I really don't have a problem with the members of the Church doing it. Even though at the beginning when you hear "Con los terroristas" which means "You're all terrorists" I don't think it's offensive so that should prove i'm not being legalistic. You don't disrespect God.

    1. William thanks for the comment and I agree.

  2. As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be when JESUS returns.


  4. At least he defeated the devil. Let's focus on that. lol

    1. We don't need foolishness like this to know that Satan is defeated. The Bible tells us that hell awaits Satan and all those who follow him.


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