Zacardi Cortes Confesses To Selling Drugs?!?!!?

“First giving honor and praise to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who's  the head of my life.” 
 If you grew up in the construct of the black church the particular phrase above  is not something  new for you. You probably  have heard it a zillion of times before.  And, when you heard that phrase spoken during a church service, you knew a  testimony was about to break out. There's nothing wrong with one sharing their Christian testimony. And as a believer in Christ it can be one of the greatest witnessing tools we have available to us is the testimony of a changed life.

I was reading over here where recording artist Zacardi Cortez will be a special guest on BET’s “Lift Every Voice” program this Sunday, February 3rd. On the show, the gospel artist will talk about his former life in the streets, selling drugs and a near death experience that brought him back to God.

 The Bible has many examples of people who came to Christ, were saved and walked away changed. Not many Christians  have a testimony that compares to the Apostle  Paul’s, but every Christian has been saved from something and can tell others of God’s grace. Also, I've learned that  when you explain how the Lord has moved and worked in your own lifeYou demonstrate how Christianity is relevant to every area of life. Do you remember your own testimony of coming out?


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