Question Of The Day:Is There A Expiration Date On Ministry?

This article has got to be one of the most thought provoking pieces I have read in a long time. 

"Praise Net Org. The African American Church"
"Is there some expiration date on ministry?  Is that the lesson the bible teaches us? Jesus ministered for only three years. He never traveled more than 100 miles from His home. In that time, without the benefit of social media or television, He changed the world." 
"We have before us a spate of gross moral failures of high-profile black pastors, from Juanita Bynum’s bragging (sin) about spending “over a million” of her gullible and ignorant followers’ tithes and offerings on a gaudy, over-the-top pagan ritual “wedding” which served to glorify only her, to “Bishop” Paul Morton claiming he was, his words, “Stranded in New Jersey” during Hurricane Katrina even as we saw Bishop TD Jakes on the ground in New Orleans unloading boxes from a relief truck on CNN split screen, to “Bishop” Eddie Long using millions of his gullible and ignorant followers’ tithes and offerings to shower himself in riches and pay off boys he’d been having love affairs with, to “Bishop” Jamal Harrison Bryant preaching an apostate arrogant defiance ("I'm A Man!") in refusing to submit himself to any accountability after impregnating two women (so far that he's admitted to) outside of his marriage, one of whom is alleged to have been underage, to “Bishop” Wayne T. Jackson of Greater Faith International Ministries visibly humping a pair of hapless ordination candidates on a YouTube video, to “Bishop” Larry Trotter’s truly creepy bathtub photo of himself and his toddler granddaughter posted on Facebook."


  1. Sounds like the typical connery, corrpution and ghettoized behavoir that normally goes on.



  2. @Ann

    I'm referring to the nonsense too many Minsiters/Preacher engage in. You yourself have given many atricles and talking points in this blog that supports my opinion.


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