Congratulation Ambassador Juanita Bynum!

 Dr Juanita  Bynum becomes a Goodwill Ambassador of Bayelsa State Nigeria last year.  She was honored  with the award during a celebration at the warehouse church last month.

 Dr. Bynum, stated that she regarded this honor as her greatest achievement in missionary work.  She visited the state during the flood saga in parts of the country and was moved into the creeks of Bayelsa where she was fired up in the spirit to donate to charity, in alleviating the sufferings of the people in Nigeria.. Article here!


  1. Protestant Nigeria, needs prayer and arms.

  2. It truly amazes me every time how this woman is so full of herself. I've never seen anything like this, it is very scary. Wonder if there is any room left for Jesus. Certainly wouldn't let her pray for me or my children! What's up with all the titles and achievements? This is so sad, where is the fear of the Lord?

    1. The fear of the lord is how she achieved it! Be careful putting your mouth on God's annointed, he reads posts too!! LOL : )

  3. As I read the article (yes I read the entire thing) it seems that Juanita Bynum wrote it.

    It went through her entire history of accomplishments, businesses, and titles she has received over her life of 53 years.

    This wasn't an article it is a biography. Must of it talked about her past Positive achievements, CORRECTION.


    We truly need to pray for Bayelsa State of Nigeria if BYNUM is the ambassador

    1. The Nigerians of Bayelsa State aren't naive babes. They have some of the biggest Mega Churches in Nigeria, and they get down the same way with their Pimpnology in Nigeria as they do here in America. In fact their churches are bigger, and more pimpish in Nigeria than in America. So if Prophetess Juanita is being made "Ambassador", trust and believe it's all about them ducats, and the Nigerian State of Bayelsa is in it for the money. Trust and Believe that.

  4. Also... has anyone looked into where this woman received her "doctorate?" Was it from a diploma mill? Was it self-awarded? If she earned a doctorate from a fully accredited, real university, then I will be shocked. She would be the only "doctor" I've ever come across that appears unable to speak correct English.

  5. Was wondering the same thing.... I think some churches and religious schools give these titles out to people they like who are not content to be without prestige and a command for respect.


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