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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Question of The Day: Why The Super Bowl Gospel Celebration Paying Tribute To Ray Lewis?

Lord if the church folks won't make some stuff up: This year’s Super Bowl Gospel Celebration will pay tribute to Ray Lewis for his faith-filled determination to overcome trials and tribulations on and off the field, while recognizing him for his remarkable football career. “His accomplishments and triumphs have inspired football fans, teammates and colleagues – a true representation of what the essence of the convergence of faith and football is all about,” says Melanie Few-Harrison, Creator and  Producer of Super Bowl Gospel Celebration.
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  1. I guess not testifying against people that have murdered folks and fathering a bunch of children out of wedlock with 4 or 5 women isn't really a problem these days.

    I don't doubt that a man can change, but when I listen to him praise God and understand what's behind him it makes me wonder.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Makes you wonder what exactly? That a man can't change in a decade? Are you the same man you were 13 years ago? David was responsible for someone being killed because he wanted to take his wife. Moses actually committed murder. There has been only one man who has been on this Earth that has praised God and had no previous sin.


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