Question Of The Day: Is President Obama A Fake Christian?

Pastor Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Wash did what he does best yesterday, piss off folks.  Right before the inauguration ceremony for President Obama got under way yesterday Pastor Mark Driscoll  tweeted that the president was a fake Christian. Check out  what one of Jesus followers had to say. 


  1. Mark Driscoll is a postmodern fraud; just like Obama. He uses Arminianism as a premise to redefine; like individuals like Obama used afro-communism.
    Did Obama use a Free Mason bible?
    Christian -- is an academic term. The question better stated: Is Obama a fake Protestant? Most want that term denounced for a reason.

  2. The idea that another human can say what's in another man heart is surprising to me. We as humans do not know what is in a man’s heart. To call someone a fraud you need to know them. I don't know either one so I will take your word.

    1. I had to respond on this, Barack Obama says that he is a Christian.Barack Obama said that he was "for" a homosexual man to marry another homosexual man" Is this the Bible teaching? I won't say whats in your heart but I can tell what comes out of your mouth.Its hard to profess you are something with one breath then profess something that is against God word.I'm not calling Barack a fraud he is condemned by his own words.

  3. I'm torn about this. Many white evangelicals (e.g, Rev. Franklin Graham) have viewed President Obama with suspicion and outright contempt. Instead of trying to change their hearts and minds, we might want to ask why denominational leaders and the Republican leadership never address these difficult statements.


  4. It seems that certain white evangelicals have a problem adjusting to the fact that a Black man is in the White House. Even after spending billions of dollars on trying to oust President Obama, God did not let them succeed! I remember Franklin Graham making the statement that President Obama was "born a Muslim.". Well, my Bible says Franklin Graham was born a sinner! No one is "born" a Christian, Baptist, Muslim, Protestant, etc. We were all born into sin because of Adam! Because Franklin Graham's father is Billy Graham, that did not give him a "free salvation" pass when he was born. Franklin had to accept Christ just like everyone else who become born again. Mark Driscoll needs to check his own heart before judging someone else's heart. The Word of God clearly tells us that only God knows the heart of man. It is quite possible that Mark Driscoll has a problem with the color of President Obama's skin. Maybe Pastor Mark needs to undergo a "Holy Ghost" heart transplant! Maybe some of his "spiritual" arteries are clogged and the Living Water can't flow freely! Just saying!!!

    1. No sister, we are in sin because of Eve!

    2. No Anonymous we are in sin because of Adam he was given the order to not eat from the tree not Eve. Please read your Bible before responding.I'm black I don't believe that Barack Obama is a Christian either. When you say you are a christian but, "you are for a Homosexual man marrying another homosexual man" I question your belief in the God of the KJV Bible.


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