Is Deitrick Haddon And His Management Shopping An Idea For A Reality Show?

Rumors have it that  Deitrick Haddon and his management is shopping an idea for a reality show to some networks. Am not kidding!!! The show would center on his New Life after moving to California, his new wife, planning wedding and raising his daughter. The big finale would be their wedding. I hear a couple of the networks are extremely interested and want to start filming right away, before the buzz fades. Networks are all for this type of stuff. Comment here! 

 Detrick Haddon appears to be seeking revenge with his latest rant. And it's obvious to me that things are not going according to plan for Deitrick and baby mama as evidenced by his latest  announcement, via Facebook.   I believe he's catching a lot of backlash  from that famous announcement he made last month via social media. Or Damita has shut down the possible of a reality TV gig. I really wish Detrick would have   maintained just a little integrity here.

According to his Facebook page the  gospel singer, actor, director and producer, have  made a conscience decision  to try and destroy his ex wife Damita reputation, esteem and honor by calling her an adulteress.  The singer says the cause of the split from his ex wife was adultery on Damita’s behalf along with chart-topping singer(in the middle) Isaac Carree, formerly of the group Men of Standard.

 Deitrick is saying his  reason for trying to hurt  his ex wife's reputation  is because he was tired of being blamed for causing the divorce after announcing his new engagement and child. Detrick claims, in his Facebook  rant that God sent his baby mama to him to keep him from committing suicide twice. For real Detrick, you gone use God to justify this mess? And fool new Christians into thinking that God will operate outside of His own written word by sending a single woman to minister to the needs of a  married man? If the comment above is correct then that explain Detrick Haddon latest ungodly  move against his ex wife.

Update: I find the following comment posted below very telling!
  Comment Here!
" No!!!!! It’s not true that Damita and Isaac slept together. He’s NOT saying that. He did write it rather suspiciously which was strategic on his part, but Isaac was the “cause” apparently through his exposure of Deitrick. Deitrick supposedly covered him 2 years and feels betrayed. Nonetheless, this is private and foolish. Damita is to be commended for remaining silent. He made it seem like she did something so wrong. HE hurt HER and needs to really come clean about the reason they split. Outing someone else because you got caught is nothing short of revenge 
disguised as care. He is hurting abd not in his right mind. PRAY for everyone involved. The brother needs to be restored and I pray industry friends reach out. He’s attacking out of emotion not conviction. NOBODY should covered anybody through infidelity! Pray for them all. I believe God can and will heal!!!!"
Isaac Carree speaks out here!


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