Experts Answer The Age Old Question: Why Are Preachers Sleeping Around With The Members In Their Church?!??!?

If your spouse has ever cheated on you, one of the first questions you want answered is " WHY"? Cheating folks  give all kinda of reasons for having affairs. And while none of the reasons that are given are acceptable, you still want to know why. You know the answer won't ease your pain but you hope their answers will help you to make sense of the situation. So, why do Christian-men cheat? Further, why do Christian-women cheat? Why is the Christians so quick to fall into adultery? In today's world, we here way to many stories about the cheating low down dirty pastors I have always wonder why and how preachers/pastors ever get to this point and place, of no return. I read this interesting post the other day discussing the reason most pastors might cheat. So the experts have answer the age old question!


  1. Preachers and Ministers all cheat because they know the can get away with it. It is the same reason or exuse that all cheaters use.

  2. It is because we are not honest and open with each other. We are hiding our deep lusts thinking nobody knows. But the Lord sees everything we cant' hide from Him. It is because the fear of the Lord is almost gone. It is because we want to enjoy the world while following the Lord, that's not possible. It is because we do not hate sin, but find excuses for it. It is because we don't read and study the word, but only want to hear the blessings in stead of admonition. It is because we underestimate our sexual desires and play with our feelings in stead of protecting our hearts. It is because we are placing men above God, when we worship people they become an easy prey for the devil. It is because we don't want to hear the truth but like listening to the lies a lot of preachers are telling us. It is because the church nowadays is focused on people being happy and comfortable and rich instead of dying to self and following the Lord.It is because we are not bearing fruit, which is the only reason we are saved.It is because we don't do what the Lord told us to do: going into the world and making disciples for Him, we are comfortable in our churches while the world is dying in sin.

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