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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eminem Is Now A Born Again Christian?

Welcome Eminem!! On this blog you will never ever,ever see me question a person salvation.....You might see were I have questioned a person's motive and action (which is my opinion) but you will never ever read were I questioned a person's salvation....I have learned a long time ago, we all can be fleshly and carnal at times....but in the end God is the only one with the big picture that tells it all.

Exactly what does it mean to be a born again Christian? The chatter online is suggesting Rapper Eminem have decided/willingly to put the world behind him and follow Jesus.  The phrase "born again" literally means "born from above.The Bible tells us that to become a Christian we must be born again (born of God).

 Being born into this world was every person's first birth. But it's not our only birth.....you and I had nothing to do with that first birth at all.   But the  second birth the Bible speaks of in the scriptures,is the only one where we get to choose whom we will call our GOD.  God gave us that choice when He hung His only Son (JESUS) on that old rugged cross for us to be born again and to  have a brand new life. This can only happen when a person willingly/decided to turn their back on sin (repents) and turns to Jesus for forgiveness and asks Him to be their Lord, that is, the boss of their life.
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