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Monday, December 10, 2012

Don't Thank God For Evil!

My thoughts on today's devotional:
You know sometimes we foolish humans will thank God for any and everything even when we know in our hearts that God hand was not in it.  Our fingerprints can be all over it and we will say to the Lord, "Thanks for that, Father."   And the Lord is answering  back, "Who? Me? That's not my work. "That was your doing."

 Some examples of this are :
1) When we fudge on our income tax, get a nice refund and thank God for it.
2) When we  manipulate, connive , scheme and lie to get to the top, then thank God for the promotion.
3) When we are the 3rd party in someone's marriage, it ends we thank God for a mate.

God knows, as you know, that you maneuvered and pulled strings. So when you get more money than you deserve, get that bigger office and the key to the executive washroom, that other person's spouse, don't give God the credit. He doesn't want it. This was your plan. In other words. We cannot sow a fleshly seed and reap a spiritual plant. You cannot plant a carnal act and grow spiritual fruit.
By Chuck Swindoll.
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