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Church Clarity An Online Database Force Pastors and Churches To Tell The Truth About Their Support For Homosexuality.

Reader an online database has been launched in an effort to single out churches opposed to gay marriage. The online database was launched Wednesday to single out churches opposed to homosexuality seemingly to encourage clarity in whether various churches support LGBT lifestyles. The database, called 'Church Clarity' asks all churches to declare their position on 'Affirming/Not Affirming' LGBT.

Rihanna Is A Big Fan Of Joyce Meyer's Ear Tickling Teachings!

Joyce Meyers is known as being one of the top women speakers, out there. And one who tells it like it is with a frank but challenging way of putting things.  Joyce Meyers has topped the list of popular Christian figures, with 170 reactions to her tweets per every 50,000 followers, according to The New York Times.  So, last week when “word of faith” and prosperity teacher Joyce Meyer’s got a public shout out from an elated celebrity Rihanna , who's known for her explicitly dress and raunchy music it really wasn't a big surprise. While Rihanna has taken Twitter by storm with over 20,000 followers, it seems Christian leaders may be more popular than entertainers in terms of how many messages are shared with others.

According to The Christian Post, Rihanna's spiritual beliefs may have raised questions for some in the past, but the 24-year-old singer is not afraid to admit that she is a fan of Christian minister and author Joyce Meyer.  After reading the article and some of the comments, I have to ask this question, when the unrepentant people of the world begins to embrace the message of Christian teachers, then should Christian teachers reexamine the message to see if the Gospel has been abandoned in favor of some other message? I'm just asking.

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