Le Andria Johnson Reveals She's Expecting Her Fourth Child.

Season three “Sunday Best” winner, Le’Andria Johnson, is expecting a baby. The twice-divorced, single mother of three is apparently three months pregnant with her fourth child and not married.  The comment I have posted below the break is one of many that I found very interesting while reading the article about Ms. Johnson. This  particular commenter seems to be some what angry in his response.  The commenter is really implying folks are not bold enough in their faith to call sin, sin and wrong, wrong.

I got three questions (1) What does it look like for this young lady to be a gospel artist trying to lead others to Christ, but she's pregnant out of wedlock? (2) Why do people waved the banner “do not judge” when sin is pointed out and call sin according to scripture? (3) Is HOLINESS still a requirement in the body of Christ?  If not mistaken this young lady is being groom  to be the next big thing in gospel music.

 We have lost our dayum minds. All I want to say is this. So what you are grown and yes you have a right to do what the hail you want to, but IS SHE REPRESENTING GOD. IS SHE SUPPOSE TO BE MINISTERING TO PEOPLE OR is this just a gig. There is no way in the world any of you are going to tell me that it’s alright to get up and sing Gospel or represent God pregnant and not married. Yes God forgives. Yes he heals, but she is in error now other young women may feel they can have sex too and if they get pregnant can continue to sing in the choir. Direct the choir, maybe even preach in the pulpit. Where in the hell is God consciousness people we have lost it. We have lost it all in the name of don’t judge. We get this Scripture so dayum twisted we don’t even know what it means. People say you are judging when you call a spade a spade and a heart a heart. Sorry folks stop trying reinterpret what the Bible says. Grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, judgment, etc. It all works together for our good. I LOVE her sanging but if she is prego at the present she need not be trying to represent God or the church. Evidently she hasn’t been taught or taught the wrong thing. Do you think , Yolanda Adams, Vicki Yoki, or any another single woman would get up in front of an audience pregnant knowing that they are not married and try to minister to somebody. Dayum we have lost all sense of decency, morality and respect for what is posta be attached to God’s name. If she sits down until she have the baby do you think it will kill her. She is a role model as a star whether she wants to believe it or not and people have a right to say WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG and calling a spade a spade is not judging, but it’s the dayum truth. Get yourselves together and stop compromising before all of y'all end up in hell because you lived any kind of way thinking it was alright in God’s eyes. Hell no it ain't shyt. Article Here!

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