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Friday, March 16, 2012

Vivian Goode Is Representing The Next Generation First Lady.

Vivian Goode who is the Co-Pastor of the growing, cutting edge, ever-progressive Destiny Church in Dothan, AL.  Mrs. Goode  has made a commitment to God to serve along side her husband Pastor Jevon Goode. Her reward comes in seeing the vision of God unfold for their ministry.Do churches  really want to know what/how the young people are doing  that are part of their church and congregation? Do they care to know how their pew sitters are keeping  it "100" while  dealing with struggles and issues during the day?  Do they following  them on Facebook and Twitter?

  I follow a lot of young Christians on Face Book and Twitter.  Some of them are fleshly carnal Christian some of them are not. Some of them I know personal some of them I don't.  But, the ones that I know personal and follow who attend Destiny Church in Dothan AL, I can tell.  Destiny Church is pastor and co-pastor by the Goode's, Jevon and Vivian.  Most of the  young folks who are part of that ministry know how to apply Scripture to their daily life struggles. They tweet and update their pages with Bible knowledge.

Pastor and co-pastor Goode or my hometown folks. I have listen to the teaching of  both of these wonderful teachers in the past.  And this I can say, they don't compromise the authority of the Bible.  Nor do they give superficial or judgmental answers when young people who sit under their teaching  ask difficult questions, they answer. They listen carefully to the issues young people bring up, and provide solid, Biblical answers. Shout out to the Goode, great job.
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  1. Hallelujah to the care of His shepherd Pastor and co pastor Goode, covering in the King of the Most High God. Jesus Christ our Lord.Amen.