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Friday, January 20, 2012

Secular Artist Rick Ross Have Pissed Off Some In The Christian Community!!

Some in the Christian community are upset with top selling secular rapper Rick Ross for the recent release of his song entitled “Holy Ghost.”   Rick Ross is been criticized for twisting scriptures and degrading the Holy Spirit by using Him as a consultant that helps lead him further into sin.

The first verse of the song depicts Ross, a self proclaimed Christian, relishing in the riches of sitting in his expensive Bugatti as he makes a drug deal. Proclaiming that being “dead broke” is the “root of all evil” instead of the love of money, he is attempting to dodge cops and asks for the Holy Ghost to intervene.

 Personally, I am not upset or offend with the action of the unsaved like Rick Ross.  The unsaved are  liable to do and say anything and it's expected of them.  So this foolishness of Mr. Ross  doesn't surprise me at all and it should not surprise other Christians. Article Here!
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