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Friday, January 20, 2012

R.I.P Brother Schambach!

Brother Schambach, as he liked to be called, died from heart failure Tuesday morning.  RW Schamback began his life ministry during divine military mission on a destroyer off the coast of Japan during WWII. That mission turned into ministry. He and his wife Winn shared the bible's lessons for more than 60 years, traveling around the world.

Perhaps the greatest trademark of R.W. Schambach is the great gospel tent. He has traveled with large and small tents with capacities of 2000-8000 seats into every major city in the United States. Drug addicts, prostitutes, homeless people, alcoholics, backsliders- all are regularly seen finding deliverance through Jesus Christ under the tent. Whenever possible, Brother Schambach, in cooperation with helping agencies, brings truckloads of food into the city for the impoverished. He is known by many as someone who has a special love for and commitment to the people of the inner cities. I really did enjoy Brother Schambach teaching back in the day. I would listen and watch him on TBN. Brother Schambach's Facebook page has been flooded with words of love and memories from around the world.
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  1. I received the power of speaking in tongues through Brother Schambach as he was preaching on T.V. I always loved his preaching. He was so real, and down to earth.I received a relief from a serious back problem as I was laying on the floor, and could not get up. All at once I got to laughing, and said this is ridiculous; I have Schamback on ( cassette) and I am laying here in the floor and can't get up. That is ridiculous. And I got up that very minute.That is just a couple of times. There are more. He was really a good preacher, and I loved his gait, which suggested what he was preaching- authority in Jesus.!!!!!


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