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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Was Racism The Elephant In The Room At The Elephant Room 2 Conference?

The ER2 controversy is now pitting black evangelicals against white evangelicals, and against each other with T.D. Jakes as the centerpiece.   Pastor Voddie Baucham, have responded in a new post to why he refuse to participate in a conference that had featured  Bishop T.D. Jake's.    Some are saying  Pastor Voddie and others have  played the race card  here when it's not about race but about  false doctrine.  Article here. 

There Are Somethings That Can Only Be Found At A Black Church???( celebrating black history month)

Back in the day the church bulletin was a wonderful tool that was used to inform the church and  the community of what was happening in and around the community. Inside  a  church bulletin you could find information about the sick-n-shut-in  as well as  were the pastor would be preaching at during the up coming week.

Monday, January 30, 2012

If A Person Denies The Trinity But Believes In The Deity of Jesus Christ,Can They Still Be Saved?

I have refrained from commenting thus far on the much debated Elephant Room conference put on by Pastor James MacDonald last week.  The Elephant room conference is a concept birth out and developed by Pastor James MacDonald.  The whole  idea of the conference is to get Christians together who agree on the Gospel but have major methodological differences, and thrash out those differences in a no holds barred public conversation.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christina Aguilera Screaming At Etta James Funeral Yesterday!

Personally I hate  Christina Aguilera performance yesterday at Etta James home going service. Don't get me wrong I think  Christina Aguilera have one of the greatest voices out there in the secular music world today. But for this somber dark gloomy event she was in over kill.  There's a time and place for everything under the sun. But Baring your cleavage and screaming at a funeral isn't one of them.

There Are Somethings That Can Only Be Found At A Black Church???( celebrating black history month)

In celebrations of the up coming Black History Month in February.  The old Black Church will be doing it own posting and acknowledging of our history via the church. I will be  posting things that are and once was  apart of the construct of the black church.

Should Pastors Endorsed a Presidential Candidate Via The Church’s Website or The Church Pulpit?

Rev. Voddie Baucham of Houston-area Grace Family Baptist Church recently posted a lengthy, detailed endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul on the church’s website. Rev. Voddie Baucham is one of the most well-known African-Americans in the Southern Baptist Convention and perhaps the most prominent African-American Baptist Calvinist. Article here!

Shout Out To The First Students To Graduate From Oprah Winfrey’s School In South Africa

On January 14 Oprah Winfrey attended the inaugural graduation at her Leadership Academy for Girls at Henley on Klip, South Africa.

                                “I’m one proud momma today”

Wednesday In The Word With Pastor E.Dewey Smith Jr.

Join "The Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church" in February for Wednesday in the Word with a different guest speaker every Wednesday night. Love the teaching and preaching of Pastor E.Dewey Smith, Jr.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The No Compromise Movement!

Holiness is still right!  I Love the idea.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Red Hook Summer A Spike Lee Joint!

In his new Brooklyn-set drama Red Hook Summer, director/co-writer Spike Lee tackles the complex topics of religion and redemption within the modern African American experience, as filtered through the eyes of a spoiled Atlanta teenager (Jules Brown) forced to spend one hot, explosive summer with his preacher grandfather in the projects of Red Hook, Brooklyn. It’s a richly conceived portrait of the Brooklyn neighborhood as microcosm for the black community at large, very much a Lee joint through and through. But, as the filmmaker reminded audiences this week at Sundance, where he railed against the Hollywood system, “it’s not a sequel to Do the Right Thing!” Article and Review of the movie here!

Side Eye Post: Did Mark Driscoll Deny Haiti Relief Because of a Female Pastor?!?!?

Yvonne Trimble is reporting that Mark Driscoll Acts 29 deny Haiti some much needed relief because of a female pastor.  Joel and Yvonne Trimble live in Haiti where two of their four children and one of their nine grandchildren were born. They came to Haiti in 1975 and minister the gospel through television, crusade and church evangelism. Joel and Yvonne are soul winners. They founded Haiti for Christ in 1979 and dedicated themselves to prayer and the ministry of the word Acts 6:4. Haiti for Christ is a non profit, 501(c)(3) dependent on the monthly donations of mission minded Christians. All donations are acknowledged and tax deductible. Article Here!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today's Atheists, Agnostics and Humanists Are Coming Out of The Closet?!

On March 24, the National Mall in Washington D.C. will be the site of the largest gathering of atheists, agnostics, and secular humanists in history.The Reason Rally organizers hope that by holding this gathering, it will give "closeted" atheists the confidence to "come out" and to show the religious majority that atheism is alive and well in America.  The rally is being sponsored by several atheist organizations, including the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Center for Inquiry, the American Humanist Association, and the American Atheists, which is holding its annual convention in D.C. the very same weekend. Article Here!

A couple of years ago I listen to a atheist speak on a program I can't remember which program it was.   But the atheist said something that I have never been able to for get: Christians have had over two thousand years to make the case for why they believe and they have fail miserable at doing so.  Now it's our time to make our case and we will not fail.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Will Black Christians Vote For A Mormon?

Is there any evidence to support the idea that ones  religious faith makes a person a better politician president?  Why does a person’s religious belief or lack of religious belief make them better at being president of ALL the people? Is there historically,any evidence that religious leaders have done better than non-religious leaders? If so, I haven't seen it.

 According to Rev. O'Neal Dozier black folks will not vote for a Mormon, they just wont. It look like Mr. O'Neal must have poll all the Christians in the African American community to  come up with that idea.   Mr. O'Neal made that claim while Rick Santorum was making  his first Florida campaign stop at the pastor church yesterday.   Rev. O'Neal is the conservative pastor of Pompano Beach’s Worldwide Christian Center in Palm Beach Fl.  The good old Rev.  told the Palm Beach Post Sunday:
 "that Mitt Romney cannot win the presidency because Americans won’t vote for a Mormon president.  And that blacks are not going to vote for anyone of the Mormon faith and that the book of Mormon says the Negro skin is cursed. ”
 Rick Santorum made his  stop at Dozier’s church, where he gave a faith-based sermon. Dozier has been an outspoken critic of homosexuality and radical Islam. Article Here!

I Would Like This Truck For My Birthday In Aug So, I'm Naming and Claming It Right Now!!

Question:  Do you who are reading this believe in the "Name It And Claim It Gospel?" Can A person name and claim something that's not part of God's sovereign will? Will God ever over rule His Sovereign Will for the will of man?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Joe Paterno Dead At 85!

Joe have enter the place call eternity were all our secrets and things in our hearts are laid out for the final judgment. R.I.P Joe!  

Friday, January 20, 2012

Etta James Has Moved From Time To Eternity.

Take your rest sister. Article Here!

Secular Artist Rick Ross Have Pissed Off Some In The Christian Community!!

Some in the Christian community are upset with top selling secular rapper Rick Ross for the recent release of his song entitled “Holy Ghost.”   Rick Ross is been criticized for twisting scriptures and degrading the Holy Spirit by using Him as a consultant that helps lead him further into sin.

The first verse of the song depicts Ross, a self proclaimed Christian, relishing in the riches of sitting in his expensive Bugatti as he makes a drug deal. Proclaiming that being “dead broke” is the “root of all evil” instead of the love of money, he is attempting to dodge cops and asks for the Holy Ghost to intervene.

 Personally, I am not upset or offend with the action of the unsaved like Rick Ross.  The unsaved are  liable to do and say anything and it's expected of them.  So this foolishness of Mr. Ross  doesn't surprise me at all and it should not surprise other Christians. Article Here!

R.I.P Brother Schambach!

Brother Schambach, as he liked to be called, died from heart failure Tuesday morning.  RW Schamback began his life ministry during divine military mission on a destroyer off the coast of Japan during WWII. That mission turned into ministry. He and his wife Winn shared the bible's lessons for more than 60 years, traveling around the world.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monster Energy Drinks Exposed!

I find this info about Monster Energy Drinks to be some what very interesting.  Once upon a time monsters were to be feared and to run away from, no one had the desire to be like one, times have changed. Why does society now entertain and embrace the idea of being monsters? Why do so many adopt the concept of evil being redefined as good? How could this be? The answer; Indoctrination AKA brainwashing through use of propaganda and other means of media to influence mankind and to reshape thinking. To a few the method used to market products such as Energy Drinks and various items to the public is done in a clever way to further an agenda. Monster drink logo are everywhere. Article here  and here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Should Darrell Gilyard Former Jacksonville Pastor Return To The Pulpit?

There's a post up at The Florida Times Union that ask: Should former Jacksonville pastor convicted of sex crimes return to Christian service? The Times Union ask Gilyard what was his plans going forward.  Gilyard stated “I’m not sure — I’m just praying about my options right now.”

But according to Rod Hendrix, a Jacksonville preacher who used to worship at Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church when Gilyard was its pastor — and where he committed some of his crimes.  Said heck no!  because God's grace doesn't  cover that kinda of sin.  In other words he's “Biblically disqualified,” said Hendrix, who's the  pastor of Word of Life Community Church in Jacksonville. “That’s without a shadow of a doubt.”  Question is Darrel Gilyard Biblically disqualified  unfit to be a pastor? What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Black Pastors Confront Southern Poverty Law Center!

  pastor Dr. Patrick Wooden 

A coalition of African American pastors and pro-family Christian and Jewish leaders are holding a press conference at noon today outside the headquarters of the Southern Poverty Law Center — to protest the SPLC’s smearing of pro-family groups that oppose homosexual activism as “hate groups” Article Here!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Side Eye Post of The Day: How To Give Your Pastor A Happy Anniversary Seminar???

Wesley Proctor Ministries is  planing a seminar to equipped  saints  with tools and tips on how to celebrate their  man or woman of God.  If you think you might be interesting in attending such a  seminar here's the information.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Birth To Reopen It's Academy!!!

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church plans to reopen its New Birth Academy on Thursday, according to Channel 2 Action News.New Birth's announcement in late December that the school would close after 18 years sent hundreds of students scrambling to find a new school. The church said then it would have to close the school due to the sluggish economy and low enrollment.

New Birth spokesman Art Franklin confirmed to Channel 2 that it was announced at Sunday's worship services that the academy will reopen through a cooperative agreement with Aurora Day School. Franklin declined to release details on what role Aurora Day School will play in New Birth Academy operations, saying the details would likely be released during a news conference later this week. Aurora has campuses in Tucker and Roswell. Article Here!

God Will Not Share His Glory With Another!

 I read a comment in a post earlier today  that made me wont to scream out loud: "Tim Tebow is  using his high stage to share his  his touchdown glory with God and his teammates."   Give me a break, God will never share His glory with sinful man.    In a recent poll it shows that there are plenty of folks  who truly believe that God cares  more about Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos than He does for others.  According to the telephone survey conducted Tuesday by the website Poll Position, 43.3 percent of people believe Tebow's accomplishments on the field can be attributed to divine intervention.

Shaquille O’Neal Is A Freemason??

I remember reading about Shaq becoming a Mason last year at sight at Widow's Son Lodge No. 28 in Boston. There was a lot of controversy surrounding  Shaq becoming  a mason without    going through the entire process.  I guess that little problem have been worked out. The other night on NBA TV Shaq announced that he is a Freemason and showed  the world his diamond Masonic ring. The ring Shaq showed has “Prince Hall Master Mason” written on it with the Freemason compass, square and “G.”

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Is The Pastor Out Of Line For Asking That Sun-Glasses Not Be Worn During Worship Service?

Dr. Dee Dee, is the First Lady of  Spirit of Faith Christian Center.
A young lady whom I work with ask me what did I think about a pastor asking her friend to remove his sun glasses during church service last Sunday.  She said she and her friend had attended a small community church and during the service he was ask to remove his sunglasses by the pastor.   I told her, if it's not a funeral service then sunglasses should be remove the moment a person reach the doors of the sanctuary. And, that I agree with the pastor in asking him to remove them.    How about you, do you or would you wear sunglasses inside the church?

Congratulation Riva Tim's For Knowing When To Move-on!

On a Personally note,  I'm glad Pastor Riva Tims have drop the lawsuit against the church she help co-founded years ago.  In a statement posted on her Facebook page, Ms. Tims admitted that, legally, she is not able to file the suit, because she previously “released her rights to file a complaint against NDCC.”

Here is her statement:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Katy Perry’s Parents Looking to Set Daughter Up With Tim Tebow??

According to The Christian Post, Katy Perry's parents who are pastors are trying to set their daughter up with Tim Tebow. Why? It looks like Kate Perry’s evangelical pastor parents, Keith and Mary Hudson think that Tim Tebow is just what their little girl needs to move on in life. They feel that Tebow is a great catch for their daughter due to his strong Christian faith.  Personally  I never have cared for the idea of using people to move on after a break up.  It's not Christ-like to used people for your own personally gain.

Root Magazine To Feature Isaac Carree!

“Your Source to the Gospel Music Vibe and Beyond”, Root Magazine, will be releasing it’s 10th Issue during Stellar Awards Weekend in Nashville, TN this weekend. The upcoming issue of Root will feature Isaac Carree on the cover, who currently has the number 1 gospel song in America with the hit, “In The Middle”. The issue also features gospel executive and veteran, Monica Bacon, new record label B3 Records, the “Ones to Watch” for 2012 and the 2nd Annual 20 Power Players of the Gospel Music Industry 0f 2011. “This issue of Root is more compact than our previous issues, however, it is a great read and definite conversation piece that will leave our readers wanting more”, stated Hasan James, Editor In Chief of Root. Thanks uGospel.com

Thursday, January 12, 2012

When Jesus Go Viral On YouTube The Spoken Word Edition!

I love how the young man in the clip below delivers his message about Christ. LOVE It!!

King James Fitness?!?!?!

If you're a black woman who have been condition to like being yelled at, cursed at, treated like a dog then Willie James Jackson fitness gym is for you.  Willie James Jackson's business goes by a biblical name: King James Fitness. But his professional persona is a foul-mouthed mash-up of Richard Simmons and Snoop Dogg, the rapper.  In recent years, Jackson has helped hundreds of local African-American women lose weight. In coming weeks, he'll likely help dozens more who have made resolutions for 2012. How long those new clients stick with him depends on how they feel about his unorthodox methods. Source Here! Warning the video below the fold contain foul language.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is Satan On Earth?!?!?

According to some folks Satan have arrived  on earth and is at this moment camouflaging himself as a new born babe.  TMZ is reporting the new born babe in question is the one that have been gifted to new parents  Jay Z and Beyonce Carter.   According to TMZ  vandals  yesterday defaced a sign in front of a North Carolina church writing, Beyonce had her baby, Satan is on Earth."    It's sad the amount of evil that lurks in the heart of man.

Michelle Obama Tired of Being Labeled “An Angry Black Woman”

I love the interview First Lady Michelle Obama did with CBS news Gayle King this morning.    I love and respect this sister even more after reading this. Source here! 

Red Tails Calling All Saints Of God!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Should Churches Be Held Libel For Injuries Receive During Worship Service????

According to "Courthouse News" a woman in Belleville Ill,think so.  Ms. Cheryl Jones is suing her church, Disciple Fellowship Church in St. Clair County Court for injures she claim  she receive during a worship service in January 2010.  Ms. Jones claim another pew sitter was shouting in the spirit and knocked her unconscious and she hit her head.  Ms. Jones also claim the church usually has two ushers stand beside parishioners as they receive the "spirit," to keep them from falling and hurting themselves, but did not post them that day.
"Consequently, as one member received the 'spirit,' she fell backwards knocking several other members into plaintiff who fell to the ground with several people falling on top of her," the complaint states.
Jones says the church failed to provide a safe place for worship, failed to provide ushers to catch parishioners who fell to the floor after the pastor laid his hands on them and failed to control parishioners who were receiving the "spirit."
She seeks more than $50,000 in damages for her injuries and medical care. Source here!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tebowing For Alabama, Who With Me?

Alabama and LSU play for the National Championship to night in New Orleans. I've made a prediction that Alabama (Roll Tide) will win tonight championship cause  I'am Tebowing for them. What is Tebowing you ask?  I been told it means to get down on a knee and start praying when everyone else is doing something completely different.#greatmarketing!

Now this Tebowing thing has become some what popular thanks to Tim Tebow, the famous American football player. Last night after the Bronco win my twitter time line  went crazy with Tim Tebow foolishness with added Scripture. Some people are convince that God is a football fan that it's scary.   Honestly, Tebowing is  a ridiculous trend just like planking was a silly trend last year. In case you have forgotten what  planking mean , it's when people take pictures of themselves lying down in random places. How quickly these trend pass away.  "ROLL TIDE!"

I'ma Need The Secular World To Drop 'Thirsty' From Their Conversation!

 When I hear in conversation and read on many social media sites the way in which the word thirsty is being used by today generation it causes me to grind my teeth.  I'am shock and surprise at the way this once powerful and beautiful  word has taken on such a  nasty and ugly meaning for this generation.

 All I can say is for the Christian the word thirst is one of the most powerful spiritual symbols in all of scripture.  Just like the physical body long for water so do our spirit man long for a deeper meaning for life.  I always believe  God created man with a built-in thirst for Him.  Not a thirst for the evilness of this world.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Black Church Will Occupy The Federal Reserve January 16, 2012.

Members of the African-American faith community have joined forces with Occupy Wall Street to launch a new campaign for economic justice inspired by the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Faithful to its philosophical origin, the "Occupy the Dream" coalition has called for a National Day of Action on Martin Luther King Day – Monday, January 16, 2012 – to focus attention on the gross injustice visited upon the 99% by the financial elite.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What's A Powerful Testimony????

After nine years mega church Pastor T.D.Jakes is opening  up about how he handle the news of his 14 year old  daughter's pregnancy.  I love the heart felt testimony of Bishop Jake  and his daughter and I believe it's one that should be shared in our community. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Most Influential Spiritual Leader Of Our Time Talk To Oprah!

He's been called America's most influential spiritual leader. Tune in Sunday, January 8, at 9/8c to see Oprah talk with Joel Osteen and his wife, Victoria, about faith, marriage, power and ego.

Side Eye Post of The Day: Pastor Ed Young!

Ed and Lisa Young, pastors of Fellowship Church are planning to stay in bed for 24 hours on the roof of their church to promote his new book "Sexperiment".  The bed on the roof gig will start  Friday, January 13 and  end at 6 am Saturday, January 14. 

"The Gate Called Straight"

Article Here!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How Many Of Us Can Say Like 50 Cent If I Die Tonight It's Good?

You know what, it's not uncommon for celebrities like 50 Cent to take to twitter to tweet their frustration about life and get their fans all work up.  Judging from 50 Cent recent comments on Twitter he's  not feeling so sure of his future and he had something to say about it.  "I don't think I'm gonna live much longer" he wrote during a series of tweets that began on Monday. But by earlier Tuesday someone in his inner circle warn him that  he might need to clarified the remark so he did: "To be conscious that life is short is not suicidal," he wrote. "I'm good if I die tonight."

“I'm good if I die tonight" got me to thinking what kind of example would you or I leave behind  if we knew that tonight was our last night? Just what kind of example would we leave behind for our friends, family, neighbors, and community? You know there are really only two options to chose from.  Good or Bad there's no in between.  Now for me  “If I died tonight  I would leave behind a good example.” How many of us can say like 50 if I die tonight it's good?

Monday, January 2, 2012

To Busy To Talk To God? We Got A Solution For That.

Now days you can get drive-thru food. Drive-thru banking. Drive-thru laundry services. Drive-thru funerals. Now you can add something else to the list: drive-thru prayer. A drive-thru prayer service is gaining traction in a suburb of Atlanta not just because of the convenience, but because of the connection it offers. Snellville United Methodist Church offers this outreach to anyone driving along busy Highway 78 at rush hour. Many of the people seeking prayer from the comfort of their cars are looking for hope outside of the traditional church setting.

Tips On How To Survive In The 'New' Gospel Music Industry!

Article Here!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!