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Monday, November 7, 2011

Honoring Bishop William Lee Bonner!

Bishop William Bonner have been on the battle field for the Lord for over 65 years. 
Apostle Bonner currently pastors churches in Detroit, Michigan, New York City, Washington, D.C., Jackson, Mississippi, and Columbia,South Carolina. He is the Chief Apostle and Senior Prelate of the General Assembly of the Churches of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. This is an international body of churches. Under his administration, the assembly has grown from one hundred and fifty-five (155) churches in 1961 to over five hundred (500) churches and missions throughout the world. He has faithfully kept the charge of the founder Bishop Lawson, to "Add Thou to It".

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Parents Suing Pastor, First Lady and The Church For The Death Of Their Son!?!

Twenty four year old George Clinkscale III died  Sept. 21 in a fight at a Tulsa church, his family says....Clinkscale had been a linebacker at the University of Tulsa and coached at the city's Central High School....His parents say their son died from fighting in an illegal boxing match, one of a series of fights that a pastor ran in his church, without a ringside physician or a licensed referee, or liability insurance for fighters, or any state license at all. Defendant William Scheer describes himself as pastor of Guts Church on his church's web page.
The question I have is did the young man do this for money and if so why is the family suing the church? If the young man made a choice to take part in a unsanctioned fight. That the church didn't force him to take part in.  I notice that Guts Church had been doing fight night for over six years before this youngman death.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Saved, Single,Satisfied,Sexy,Silly,Successful: The Righteous Movement!?!

Have you ever needed some one to explain Christianity to you in a "NON-JUDGMENTAL"way? If so, Pastor Matthew Jones is your man of God to do just that. Pastor Jones is spear heading a new movement which seem  to be aimed  at today  younger generation. From the look of the flyer Pastor Jones is taking the message away from the church house to the local college campuses.  

Are you one of the many Christians who's always saying if it's not going to send me to hell then:

  1. why shouldn't I go to the club?
  2. why shouldn't I have sex?
  3. why shouldn't I be homosexual? 
  4. why shouldn't I drink or smoke?  
  5. What should I be doing? 
  6. How do I please God?
  7. How do I have fun?
  8. How do I find a mate and know they are for me? 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What A Mess When The Church Board Takes Over?!?!

I read a comment a pastor left on a message board about this event  occurrence  case  happening  episode  incident   Mess: God anoints and call a pastor to governor and lead  the church not board members....The board members of Jericho City of Praise Church don't agree with that idea. The governing board of Jericho City of Praise Church in Landover  locked its pastor out of the church Tuesday.....Members of Jericho City of Praise said on Tuesday afternoon their pastor Joel Peebles came to the church and was surprised to find the locks on every door - including the door to his office had been changed locking him out.....the mega church is divided, after apparent changes have pitted the pastor against the church leadership.....a large crowd gathered at the church Tuesday night demanding the return of Pastor Joel Peebles....a rift started last year when church founder Betty Peebles passed away an in her will, she reportedly placed the leadership of the church, which has a membership of thousands, in the hands of a six-member board, and not with her only reaming child, pastor Joel Peebles.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What's The Purpose For Fasting?

Woman posts videos of herself fasting for spiritual reasons on You-Tube...My question is this kinda of fasting acceptable to God? It's clear that God expects fasting to be a private matter between you and He.
 Most importantly, God Himself defines how to fast in the Book of Isaiah.....I believe the most important principle of fasting, is to draw closer to God and to seek His righteousness and His will in our lives....but this is to the extreme...What Do You Think?

" I am fasting for spiritual reasons, the primary motivations being to become the woman G-d wants me to be, to know and do what He wants me to do, and to, in general, become the person He wants me to become. I am NOT doing this for the purposes of weight loss, cleansing, experimentation, record setting, health, or for any other non-religious alterior motive. Nor am I doing this for anyone else, though other individuals have asked me to pray for certain things during this time."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Soap Opera Version Of The Old Testament Desperate Housewives!?!

I guess everybody won't to cash in on the housewives brand....even Pastor John Hagee has a new Bible series call "Desperate Housewives of the Bible" 

Throughout the Bible there are thrilling stories of how God Almighty used a woman to change the course of human history. There are many great women in the Bible, but this series focuses on four pulse-pounding stories of women who risked their lives, reputations and their futures to do the will of God.
 (1) Ruth: The woman who got her man. (2) Esther: A woman who was crowned in crisis. (3)  Tamar: A sex scandal that shook Israel.(4)  Abigail: The woman who married the wrong man. God delivered her and she married the man of her dreams. 
Pastor Hagee brings a much needed message to the Body of Christ. It is time to bury your sad and bitter past and anoint yourself with the joy of Lord. When you follow Christ and are fulfilling God’s purpose, He puts prosperity, healing, love, joy, and peace in your path! He binds your enemies and surrounds you with angels! Learn from these women how to follow the voice of the Lord in times of peril and that our God is the God of new beginnings!

Why Won't The Church Of Today Simply Say "NO" To Halloween?!?

Whether it’s a harvestfestival, or a fall carnival, or a Haunted House or Judgement House, or something else entirely.....Many churches are making alternativeHalloween activities available to their communities.
One of the newest Halloween alternative I heard mention was   "Trunk or Treat" which  is a Halloween celebration that was started by churches in which the parking lot is turned into a mini festival with people decorating their cars and handing out candy from their trunks...the idea is to provide a safe, fun way for kids to participate in Halloween.....many churches now make it a community outreach providing free food, games, trail rides and lots of fun.

 Questions,  why won't  the church of today simply say NO to Halloweenwhy should the church provide alternatives to a pagan holiday?