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Friday, October 7, 2011

Why Won't New Destiny Church Embrace Ms.Riva Tims Vision?

I notice on September 28  Reva Tims posted to her Face Book respond to the many requests for her to lead New Destiny Church. 
"In response to so many of your inquiries..I have gotten an overwhelming response from my New Destiny Family to come home and/or at least minister to them.However, I have not been contacted by NDCC staff to return or to assist in the transition. I will continue to pray and cover NDCC, that the vision Zack and I birthed will continue! Thanks for all of your love and prayers.”
Let me say this and  I know some folks ain't going to like it but here it possible that that particular vision died with Zachery? we must be careful when it comes to following people visions and their interpretation of everything   we must keep in mind that the Bible is finished and it tells us everything we need to know....the truth of the matter is that if God gave a vision to Zack and Riva it going to agree completely with what He has already revealed in His man\woman visions should be given equal or greater authority than the Word of God.....God’s Word is our ultimate authority when it comes to our Christian faith and practice....if you follow behind someone vision make sure it's in agreement with the Scripture...the members of New Destiny Church needs to be asking the why question: why and for what reason have Ms.Tims not been invited or contacted  to return as New Destiny Church leader? the way I see it if her vision is in line with Scripture....and the church embrace women  pastors....what's the problem?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fred Shuttlesworth Fought Segregation From The Pulpit.

R.I.P. Reverend Shuttlesworth. A true hero in the civil rights movement. May the good Lord rest your soul for all eternity. Thank you sir for all you have done for humanity.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011!

It's sad to here that Steve Jobs, the CEO and founder of Apple, died today at the age of 56.....presumably from pancreatic cancer which he was diagnosed with in 2008. 

Gospel Speed Dating?!?

Back By Popular Demand Dr. Juanita Bynum Life Coaching Class!

It look like Dr. Juanita Bynum is relaunching her life coaching class this states on her web site that the people have asked for it and God has commissioned it's back by popular demand.....the two day life coach intensive class is October 14-15....with registration fees of 1,200.00$..."The Life Coach Institute" deals with  many subjects.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The First Lady Conference!

 Now I don't like the idea of calling the pastor wife first lady....this idea has never went over well with me and it probable never will.....but in my opinion there's only one first lady in our country.....and right now that first lady happen to be Michelle Obama....this is my opinion and in no way  do I mean to be disrespectful  to Ms.Lois Evan or any other pastor wife who are recognize by that title....I have read Ms. Evans testimony of how the idea for this conference came about.....and I think it's good she's  able to encourage other wives with her's the conference name that I don't care for...why not just say a conference for pastor wives?
My husband, Dr. Tony Evans, could go to conferences and network with other pastors, but there weren't any things like that for me. At first, I struggled to live up to an image of what a pastor's wife should be. But when Tony told me he just wanted me to be me, it represented a real turning point.My experience led me to create the First Lady Conference for senior pastors' wives, so these often overlooked women could be educated and encouraged.  
(p.s) Kirk Franklin with be tonight speaker....didn't know Kirk did speaking engagements!

How Can You Preach Against Something That You're A Part Of?

There's a new debate raging over at "Latter Days".  It look like Pastor G. Craig Lewis  is planning to tape a new session of the Truth Behind Hip Hop series at Crenshaw Christian Center this October. Yep! you read the statement correctly. Pastor G. Craig Lewis is going into Babylon the enemy camp to shoot his next DVD series.   Many in the Christian community know that Crenshaw Christian Center is now being run by Dr. Fred Price Sr.'s son Fred Price Jr.  Any one who have followed the work of Pastor Lewis no that Lewis have no love at all  for Hip Hop within the church. Therefore folks are questioning his motive behind such a move:  
Is Roman Catholicism a Babylonian deception masquerading as true Christianity?  Absolutely!  However, how is it possible to preach against Babylon, from Babylon, while in agreement with Babylon? While I have not followed Fred Price Jr.'s ministry, I am aware that it was passed to him from the mantle of his father, who is still listed as an "Apostle" over that church.  There has been no separation from the deceptive doctrines taught by his father, but rather, that legacy has been falsely promoted as a shining example of Christian service.  As Min. Lewis states, it is a satanic deception to lead people into following after Babylon under the guise of representing the real church.  Yet, that is just what Dr. Fred Price Sr. has done.
 Article Here!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Would The Jewish Community Support A Politician Who Had a Swastika Sign On Their Property?

The answer most likely not.  So, why can't black folks speak up and address things they view offensive as other groups have done? As of today I am not a supporter of Cain but that don't mean I can't change my mind by 2012.    Any way I read a comment that was kinda of disturbing to me. The comment  was that Herman Cain might have killed his own campaign for speaking up and out about Gov. Rick Perry's  ranch. Now the comment below is one that I find very interesting and I found it  over at Booker Rising Which by the way is one of my favorites sites to read when it come to politics. 

Why Is The Doctrine of The Trinity So Hard To Explain?

Do you have a hard time explaining  the doctrine of the trinity to unbelievers? The doctrine of the trinity is one of the most  mind blowing teaching there is in the Christian church.  Any one who's a student of the Bible know the word "trinity" is not found in the Bible.  But this does not mean that the concept is not taught there. The words "omniscience," which means "all knowing," "omnipotence," which means "all powerful," and "omnipresence," which means "present everywhere," are not found in the Bible either.  But we use these words to describe the attributes of God.

Some of my peeps in the Christian Community are highly upset with James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll for inviting Bishop T.D.Jakes to one of their leadership forum in January. The controversy  is surrounding the doctrine of the Trinity.  A number of people who support the idea of the Elephant Room, could not support the invitation of Bishop TD Jakes to be part of the conversation. The primary reason for concern centers on whether or not TD Jakes actually believes in the historic doctrine of the Trinity.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Have Angela Simmons Embrace Eastern Philosophy Thinking?

After becoming a vegetarian last month Angela Simmons sign a pledge with  PETA that she would not eat meat.  Angela Simmons is the younger daughter of Rev. Run and is one of the Pastry shoes designers.   Young Angela decided to promote her vegetarian lifestyle with a strong message: “Eating Meat Is a Sin”. 

Let me say if you're young and you get a wild idea you would like to pose nude for the world to see.  At least do it in good taste like Angela did. The“Adam and Eve” inspired ad for PETA features Angela posing with a single vine down her body, holding an apple.  Personal I think the pictures for the ad are done in good and wonderful taste.

 Now lets talk about her idea that "Eating Meat Is a Sin." I really believe Angela has mixed up her Christian belief  with her Eastern thinking. The Bible never stated that eating meat is a sin.
"I really want people to know what happens to animals … Animals have feelings, and I think it's important we take action," Angela explains. Angela believes that God's creatures deserve love and compassion and wants to raise awareness about the billions of cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals suffering on factory farms.