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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Should The National Baptist Convention Recognized Zachery Tim's Death?

The National Baptist Convention USA Inc. is one of the largest religious groups among is comprised of over 8.3 million Baptists in over 41,000 Baptist churches...the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. is the second largest Baptist organization in the world.

It  look like Zachery Tim's death will not be getting a shout out from them this week at their 131st annual session which is being held in Orlando FL, at the Convention Center....the director of media relations for the National Baptist Convention Rev. Morris Tipton....told the Daytona Times, “While we pray for both his (Tims) family and his congregation, there are no plans to formally recognize him.”One of the followers of the late Zachery Tim's ain't  liking this announcement at all:

"Who is the Baptist? They are not the ones God sent to judge the earth. Dr Zach is probably better off not been recognized by them. I have worked with some and gone to school with some and I have experienced their spirits first hand.To the some of the Baptist stop being so divisive"

Christians Conferences How Can They Survive In These Hard Times?

Every time I open my email there's a flyer promoting some kind of  Gospel event...with today's recession which has hit the black community and church disproportionately hard....and has cause and made hundreds of churches across the country to go into foreclosure...and unemployment in the black community so ungodly high.....just how do these mega/small  conferences expect to survive in these economical hard times when there is no money in the community to support them? believe me it takes plenty of money to attend  these events and conferences..... which aren't I'am wondering when will these conference organizers emphasis shift from individual prosperity back to community uplift? 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Our work is tied to our worth....when there is no work, then there is  no purpose,when there is no purpose then there is no worth. HAPPY LABOR DAY!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Can A Mega Church Survive Without The Lead Pastor?

I believe a church personality reveals the  most about the path a church is on than any thing else.... if any Christian find himself/herself in a personality driven church they need to make sure that it’s Christ they're  following, and not the pastor....again it's our responsibility to get it right, not the pastor's who got to  answer  for his own with that said.....did Zachery Tims leave any instructions for the congregation  to follow in case of his death?now  the web site HULIQ have up a great thought proving question and article about this....the instructions left by Tims for his church followers, are not easy to complete, as Tims was basically what made up the church and the followers were there because of him.Rest here! 

Friday, September 2, 2011

What Happen When A Church Throw ( Fear) Red Meat To It Congregation!?!?!

Have the church become so low down and  dirty in it's deeds performance  that it can now use fear to sell Jesus? What happen to Jesus is  LOVE? You know what  it's a sad day for Christians every where when fear can become the dominant force within the Body of Christ....Some Southern Baptist churches have began to planned and prepare special sermons for Sunday, Sept.11 which is the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks against the United States.
"Are We Witnessing America’s Last Days?" is a new sermon series from First Baptist Church in Dallas TX......Matthew Paul Turner of Jesus Needs New PR wrote a wonderful  article asking why are America’s churches selling  fear rather than showing  love? Why are America’s churches no longer focusing  on being community gathering places of hope and help but rather have turned into faith factories, holy corporations?  Why do America's churches have  CEOs, COOs, CFOs, mission statements, goals, agendas, growth charts, and products to sell? 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Southern Missionary Baptist Church Throws Gay Men Out!

Should history be taught based on a person sexual preference or achievement? now I'm really having a hard time understanding why this piece of legislation became a law and......why anyone would won't to be recognize for their sexuality instead of their accomplishment.....California public schools are now legally required to include the contributions of the gay community in its social studies curriculum.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill into law in July, making California the first state to ever recognize homosexuals in U.S. history lessons.....Emotions ran high Wednesday night as gay and lesbian supporters were told to leave a meeting of clergy and church members....The meeting took place at the Southern Missionary Baptist Church on W. Adams Boulevard in Los Angeles....The congregation gathered to pray for the repeal of a The Fair Education Act, also known as SB 48.

Why Should Rev. Billy Graham Get a Statue?

Look  just because one person gets something doesn't mean everyone is deserving of that same exact thing....Now the new statue of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr is the first on the National Mall honoring a non-U.S. president and the first honoring an African American.....There seems to be a lot of chatter on the net with folks asking why can't Billy be honored at the National Mall like Martin?

 I agree both men are great men of God.....both men have change  many people lives  and each one has contributed to our great nation in his own unique  way...Billy Graham as a great  preacher of the Gospel and King was  a great movement leader/Gospel  preacher".....Dr King statue is not because he was a great preacher  of the's because of his ultimate sacrifice in the fight for civil rights for everybody.

 Billy Graham was and is one of the greatest preachers  in America.....and has been  for many decades.....he's respected by many including myself....but I don't think he should have a statue on the National Mall honoring him for preaching.