Why Won't Today's Christian Hold Gospel Artists To The Same High Standard As Pastor?

The word ministry in our world today has taken on a whole new meaning. It doesn't matter who the heck you are some folks will hang the title ministry around your neck. And expect every one else to buy it. A Personal Christian Ministry should be about placing emphasis on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others (unsaved). And the purpose for our sharing our personal ministry is so "THEY" (unsaved) can come to know "HIM"(Jesus) and receive "HIM" (Jesus) as personal Savior. Then go on to experience Him as Lord of their life and go even further to know Christ as the essence of their Life. That's it in a nut shell.(see John 1:12Colossians 2:6-7Galatians 2:20; Philippians 3:8-10). 

 What Le'Andria Johnson is during right now with her talent have been label by some as A "Christian Ministry". But I beg to disagree difference! This is not A "Christian Ministry"! Not according to the Bible any way.  Why can't gospel artists be held to the same high standard as pastors and teachers of the gospel? Why can't gospel artists be label as false and misleading?

 Ms. Johnson wаѕ аmοng thе special guests fοr thе Yolanda Adams Health аnd Wellness Tour іn Houston, Texas last month. While at the event Ms.Johnson sang her  nеw song "Jesus". But most of the comments that go alone with this particular clip that I have posted below is in mention and reference to Ms.Johnson having to hold her dress together while ministering in the spirit. Some of her fans are saying it's no big deal if the dress wouldn't stay close. Others are saying it is a big deal because if she represent the kingdom of God her flesh would not be on display. All I can say is we have got to stop hanging the label ministry on every one who claims to represent the God of the Bible. I posted her latest video clip "Make Him Like You"  Check out some of these comments:
I love the fact that a Gospel artist is making music that lyrically focuses on real life situations. We need clean music for people who need something to relate too, especially young people. Sometimes the church focuses so much on the spiritual, that they forget to tackle situations in the natural that we as a people have to face.
I think she'll get the "dress thing" down eventually...but I'm more focused on her ministry and how God will use it to bring souls to him. Get the glory God!  ( how is God getting the glory here?)
I am a HUGE fan of Leandria Johnson. I love her ministry
I don’t see how anyone can say that the dress is not an issue. It is an issue. The reason why it’s an issue is because she (Leandria) is pulling her clothes down her ownself. She is even aware that she picked the wrong outfit. Come on, I know it’s not about the dress; but this one is preventing her from lifting up her hands and being free. This particular dress is an issue in my opinion. She keeps trying to close it together. I know nobody is not that deep to not notice this.

 " What is going on in the body of Christ? This video promotes shacking and fornication. Wow! We have watered down God's standards to the lowest degree. My attack is on the work, not the artist. The enemy is running a muck in the church. Unbelievable!


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