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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy The Church?!?

Candice Benbow is a young lady I follow on Twitter  who love all things Black Church....and one who is also highly critical of all things Black Church....Candice say  we the black church  can do better...because we have done better...we are doing better and we will continue to do better...Candice did a piece on her blog call "Occupy The Church" in which I personal finds very interesting.

"When was the last time we experienced a movement that held the Church accountable to its mission of outreach and social justice? With the rate of unemployment climbing and the problems associated with that unemployment continuing to plague minority communities, it is time to demand accountability from our religious institutions. The mission of and mandate on the Christian church is to be like Christ. Those who followed Jesus, and those who did not, never ceased in soliciting assistance from them. And he gave it. His church is to do the same."
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