How Can You Preach Against Something That You're A Part Of?

There's a new debate raging over at "Latter Days".  It look like Pastor G. Craig Lewis  is planning to tape a new session of the Truth Behind Hip Hop series at Crenshaw Christian Center this October. Yep! you read the statement correctly. Pastor G. Craig Lewis is going into Babylon the enemy camp to shoot his next DVD series.   Many in the Christian community know that Crenshaw Christian Center is now being run by Dr. Fred Price Sr.'s son Fred Price Jr.  Any one who have followed the work of Pastor Lewis no that Lewis have no love at all  for Hip Hop within the church. Therefore folks are questioning his motive behind such a move:  
Is Roman Catholicism a Babylonian deception masquerading as true Christianity?  Absolutely!  However, how is it possible to preach against Babylon, from Babylon, while in agreement with Babylon? While I have not followed Fred Price Jr.'s ministry, I am aware that it was passed to him from the mantle of his father, who is still listed as an "Apostle" over that church.  There has been no separation from the deceptive doctrines taught by his father, but rather, that legacy has been falsely promoted as a shining example of Christian service.  As Min. Lewis states, it is a satanic deception to lead people into following after Babylon under the guise of representing the real church.  Yet, that is just what Dr. Fred Price Sr. has done.
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