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Can A Mega Church Survive Without The Lead Pastor?

I believe a church personality reveals the  most about the path a church is on than any thing else.... if any Christian find himself/herself in a personality driven church they need to make sure that it’s Christ they're  following, and not the pastor....again it's our responsibility to get it right, not the pastor's who got to  answer  for his own error......so with that said.....did Zachery Tims leave any instructions for the congregation  to follow in case of his death?now  the web site HULIQ have up a great thought proving question and article about this....the instructions left by Tims for his church followers, are not easy to complete, as Tims was basically what made up the church and the followers were there because of him.Rest here! 


  1. Most megachurches are built around one man. Look at todays most popular ones. (TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Joel osteen)

    If for some reason them and their family could no longer lead the church does anyone know who would stand and replace them? The leaders name comes before the church any many cases.

    Because they are centered around one person who cant be replaced the church body is willing to overlook major flaws in the pastors life to allow him to stay in the pulpit (examples: Eddie Long, Jamal Bryant & the late Zackery Tims)

    Also the falure of a leader to raise men who are capable of leading a church shows me that they aren't that good of a leader without the spotlight on them.

    (using Zackery Tims as an example)
    He had an 8000 member church and your telling me NO ONE in the church was more qualified then Zackery?

    He left his WIFE AND FOUR KIDS for a stripper and there is not a man among them that can live up to such a low bar?
    You have to look outside of the church and even consider a GRIEVING EX-WIFE AND SINGLE MOTHER OF FOUR CHILDREN to led. That is sad and pathetic.

    Many of these mega churches will disappear when the leader leaves (remember Jim & Tammy Baker).

  2. Also, many of the megachurch leaders are so incapable of training other men to led that they promote their wife and children as back up.

    Church leadership wasn't designed as a family affair, it was designed as a called one.

  3. Let's just shame the devil and tell the truth. We are in the last Days. The church is being judged. Hence a lot shall be uncovered. The current church is on trial. And the fact of the matter is it has become big business! Pastor's are no longer servants. They are CEOs and celebrities! And this type of church structure is by design. One boss means one profit. No successor means Im only accountable to myself. So if I am caught in an indescression, I can choose who I will submitted to if at all. And choose rehabilitation that fits me. The word is clear that due to itching ears the church would Heep unto itself this type of personality driven church. Which in my opinion fills the pews with false converts who's God is the personality. Once the personality is dead, so is their God. Prayerfully, some will be like Isaiah see the true Lord for themselves! (Isaiah 6:1)

  4.  Also, many of the megachurch leaders are so incapable of training other men to led that they promote their wife and children as back up. Church leadership wasn't designed as a family affair, it was designed as a called one. 


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