Is It Wrong For A Pastor To Comment On How A Female Should Dress For Church?

Many of today's churches have altered,modified  adapted  a come-as-you-are policy that allows worshipers to attend services without having to worry about what they are wearing. But what about women  who come to church wearing an item that, display a little too much....what if she's wearing a miniskirt and a halter top to a worship service?  What about a backless dress? Plain and simple do some dress cross the line? Well a archbishop in Mexico says it most definitely does, and he doesn’t want to see any scantily-clad women in his parishes.  Archbishop Rabago is catching heat for his comment on how women and men should dress for worship.

Jose Guadalupe Martin Rabago, Archbishop of Leon, has issued a dress code for parishioners in his city after getting fed up with seeing women attending Mass wearing halter tops and low-cut blouses. He told reporters in July  that he is tired of seeing women and men attend Mass dressed as if they are going to the beach.

Critics have called him misogynistic for commenting on how female parishioners choose to dress for church, but Rabago insists that there is nothing demeaning about his comments. He is only asking that all believers dress with the dignity required for a house of worship.
After all, he said, Christians should know better. So my question is a pastor out of line for comment on how parishioners dress?


  1. I believe he has every right to issue a dress code. Just because the Bible says come as you are, it doesn't mean your outward appearance. When you really start to mean God, everything about you changes (you become a new creature in Christ) including your dress. I've also heard the excuse of I don't have the money to buy the clothes, but that is what the church is for! If you are in need, the church is supposed to be there to help you in any way they can.

  2. The "church" has gotten so "politically correct" that we're afraid to admonish one another for fear of judgement. I brought this up with a few friends a few weeks ago and I inquired about whether or not it would be out of pocket for there to be a ministry that has shawls or other types of clothing to offer to those women who arrive with all their business out in the street. Some found this notion offensive, but I'd argue that it, to me, would be the true expression of love in that there's no only admonishment, but also caring for that would/could take place. We have a responsibility to correct one another and ensure that the temple of the Lord is revered at all times.


  3. We know that people going in church for worship. So people must wearing decent cloths. Especially women must wearing decent dresses. Because of if you do fashion than there are so many other places for it.

  4. The Bible has never said come as you are in regards to clothing, Many people come to church looking like they are headed to the beach or the park. People should be covered and look decent. As a church usher, we provide lapcloths for women to lay in their laps especially if their dresses/skirts are too shirt. Many women don't wear stockings, slips or proper underwear with their clothes. It is a distraction to see people "wiggle and jiggle" all of over the place. Tight, revealing and inappropriate attire needs to be addressed.

  5. Barryboman thanks for the comment and I agree.

  6. Thanks Armond for the comment. I agree and I will go a step farther and say this generation don't like to be corrected.

  7. Matthew thanks for your comment I agree with you.

  8. Thanks Leslie for your comment. Leslie I often wonder Why some people think that particular verse of scripture refer to clothing?

  9. I heard a minister tell a story once about a woman who started attending his church.  Her attire was very revealing.  Her skirts were way too short and her tops were barely covering her breast. The women in the church were very upset and confronted the pastor asking him if he was going to talk to this woman about the way she dressed.  He said no.  He stated that he was trusting the Holy Spirit to convict her.  About a month later this woman stood up before the congregation and begin thanking God for changing her life and bringing her out of the streets and to that church.  She also stated that she was praying that God would bless her with some dresses because she was wearing all that she owned.  Needless to say all the women in the church brought her dresses.  The pastor was laughing because some of the dresses were down to the knees and high to neck.  My point for sharing this?  I learned from that story that sometimes we have to respect the fact that whoever God places as leader over a group of people is responsible for their souls.  He/she will have to face God at the end of this age with all decisions made.  After all we are trusting him/her to be submitted enough to the Holy Spirit to teach us the Word, surely he/she should be intuned enough to follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit in matters of dress code. There are some pastors who do not like women to wear pants to church, there are some who don't mind women wearing pants.  Personally, I do not like dress codes, although I do believe every woman should respect God, others, and herself by presenting herself decently.  But I make it a practice to not judge the leaders decisions.  If I do not agree with something and its serious enough I will leave.


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