How Should HIV/Aids Be Address From The Pulpit Of The Black Church?

I keep hearing and reading were people are constantly saying the Black Church is not dealing with the HIV/Aids problem  that's plaguing  the black community....I don't agree with that statement and here's why..... I believe the way most black churches are handling this issue.....just  might not be to the liking of a lot of folks in or out of the black community.....but I honestly do believe they are doing something.....I also believe when  a  man call by God to speak to His people..... should speak loud plain and clear what the Bible teaches about our choices and the consequences of those choices.....whatever a man sow that's what  he will reap (Galatians 6:7-8).....the  Bible teaches that  Righteousness brings blessing: “Keep my commands and you will live” (Proverbs 7:2); and sin brings judgment: “He who sows wickedness reaps trouble” (Proverbs 22:8).one  of our problems is that we want total freedom to choose our actions, but we want them consequence not to follow.....scripture teaches that sexual sin carries a built-in judgment from God. “He who sins sexually sins against his own body” (1 Corinthians 6:18). “God will judge . . . all the sexually immoral” (Hebrews 13:4).it cannot be denied that living according to Biblical principles (sexual fidelity within marriage) drastically reduces one’s chances of contracting HIV / AIDS and other STDs.Source Here!


  1. What would Jesus do?  Sometimes, people get AIDS based on someone else's immorality.  Or for reasons that have nothing to do with immorality at all.

    But we cannot turn our backs on people, just because they were immoral.  Jesus would not treat the sick in that way.  If it's a matter of talking about the issue from the pulpit, then our churches must boldly do so.  Then we must help those who have AIDS/HIV to live the best lives--by visiting them and loving them and helping them.  Imagine being very sick.  How would you feel if no one came to visit you, because they feel it was your fault that you got sick? 

    At our church, one man, Dr. Robert Scott, brought the church into the 21st century concerning helping those with HIV/AIDS.  Through his tireless work, he brought others on board with his mission and now we have a wonderful ministry helping here in Oakland and we made connections with Mother of Peace Orphanage in Zimbabwe Africa.  They dispense the retro viral meds that help people tremendously--especially the innocent children.

    So I believe that the church should address the issue, but shaming people by reminding them of wrongdoing won't help them, especially if it's not an issue of morality that causes them to have AIDS

  2. This is a very good topic. My answer would be no, I don't think the church is doing enough.

    Thank God for biblical knowledge, it is always right.

    At the same time, It's not just teaching the bible in cases such as this. I believe that leaders
    should know the facts/statistics about HIV/AIDS & truly educate their congregations. That's what the church is here to do, educate the people in mind, body & spirit, a well rounded approach. Simply saying "don't do it", is just not enough in these times. At one point it was, and no questions were asked, but we are beyond that point. People, young and old still need to be taught and REMINDED(keyword). Of course, we know that sexual sins, endeavors or whatever we'd like to call them is against what the word says. But there are still some within the church that are doing these things, with absolutely no "factual" knowledge about the risks/consequences. And we also need to know that HIV/AIDS & other STD's are not always the result of willful & "unprotected" sexual sin. There are other ways to contract it, so we need to learn how to handle these cases(and every other one) in the correct way.

  3. I find your view quite judgemental.  a number of people who have AIDS/HIV contracted the disease by their husband/wife who was unfaithful and also some have been living with it for years from receiving an infected blood transfusion and lets not forget the children who are born with HIV passed down from the parent...and the ones that died before their who were born with AIDS.

  4. I have to strongly disagree.  HIV is a virus.  It has nothing to do with sin.  Education and ministering about HIV/AIDS should include how it is transmitted, how to protect yourself, symptoms, getting tested, getting help.  Of course being faithful in a marriage will reduce chances of getting any disease transmitted sexually. Education about the risks in having multiple sexual partners is important.  The church should teach that when speaking on HIV/AIDS.   It is part of how to protect yourself just as using a condom is key to education about protection and prevention.  Just as education about NOT sharing needles is vital whether you are a drug user or a doctor or nurse.  
    Attaching sin and shame to getting AIDS has kept black people from being educated and from getting tested. HIV/ AIDS don't care if you are a baby or a hooker, if you are getting a blood transfusion or a player.  HIV/AIDS is not a punishment it is a virus.   

  5. Anna thanks for the comment....What would Jesus do? He would love and rebuke! I believe Jesus would tell us today about our lifestyle choices (remember the woman at the well?)  what I'm saying is the church has a double duty when it comes to HIV/AIDS in the black community.....not only should the church reach out and minister to those who's afflicted and suffering with the HIV-Aids virus....they also have a duty and a sound out the trumpet to the young folks.....about the dangers lurking in modern day lifestyles and to tell them how to avoid becoming afflicted with the HIV-AIDS virus !

  6. Living in Truth thanks for the comment. I believe more education and information is key.

  7. rmh thanks for the comment....I'm not being judgmental!! 

  8. Jackie thanks for the comment....All
    illness is the result of sin it might not be because of sin....that's why I believe SOME AIDS CASE  are the result of sin.... I didn't say all but SOME..... I believe  a pastor should  preach on the topic of HIV/AIDS  in a way that will not shame any one but.....a pastor should speak the truth, and warn people against sin, foolishness,
    and ignorance.


  9. Great comments here.  But I have to get picky!

    By picky, I mean the absolute TRUTH.  First of all, because of blood screening, people are VERY RARELY contracting HIV via blood transfusions.  That may have been true 15-25 years ago, but not now.  If they contract it through blood transfusions, a rogue hospital worker was culpable.  But yes, it happens, but very rarely.  Statements like this are why up to date information about HIV needs to be shouted from the hilltops.

    It needs to be shared in our community that the standard test for HIV has a disclaimer that it does not definitively diagnose HIV.  Yes, it does not claim to defi nitively diagnose HIV.

    It needs to be spoken from the pulpit that 16,000 people died in 2009 from HIV.  Significantly less than the victims of suicide, accidents, and accidental overdoses.  HIV is now manageable, but definitely not desirable.

    It needs to be shared from the pulpit that more black MSM and gay/bisexual men contract the disease than their white counterparts.  Certainly black men are not having more or less sex than their white counterparts so what gives?  Perhaps there is something unique to black men that cannot have another man's semen in his digestive tract.

    If that is the case, then our community needs to stop accommodating molesters, rapists, drug dealers, hoodlums, stickup kids, etc.  All these characters aid and abet the fodder for prisons -- hot beds of HIV.  We also need to tell the gays to go back in the closet because we do not want that example for our children.  We need to explain to them that HIV makes one a slave because as long as the medicine is free, you live.  When it is at its unsubsidized price (anywhere from $735-$925 per month) you will die.

    Lastly, HIV affects the central nervous system, esp. the brain.  If anyone doesn't know any old HIV homosexuals, I can tell you they are mad crazy.  It is the subtle eating away of the brain by HIV.  The medicines can only lower the presence of the virus, it cannot cross the blood-brain barrier to protect the brain.  They are argumentative, have mood swings, forgetful, frustrated, move slow, lose control of muscle, etc.  Most important, by the time they reach the age of 50, they begin to show signs of Alzheimers.

    So to all the "progressives" who are telling the black church to "get with it".  I agree, but on a different note:  Let the church tell THE REAL DEAL, and then let the church say Amen.

  10. truth is ...the Holy Spirit has and does give certain people gifts however most people don't have the faith that is the sun and rain of the power. Remember Jesus didn't do miracles in one city for lack of faith. people say well you got to just believe in Jesus, no that's not all. In James (the healing book..hear a word of knowledge)  he reminds us faith without works is dead, gotta have good fruit people. WE heal nobody, FATHER heals through belief in CHRIST name and our obedience. the oil of the people being applied in obedience, the laying hands on in obedience as in james 5. most people don't know satan is going to show up any minute disguised as Christ (look up the word anti in Greek) to lead many people away in the great apostasy. True Christ warns us in Matt 24,Luke 21 and Mark 13 that HE comes AFTER satan and AFTER the tribulation. 5 months after satan comes in May the time of the locust

    The FATHER said in Eze 13 HE'S against those who teach MY people to fly to save their souls and that HE NEVER called those pastors!!!!!!! better listen

    also the story of the Tares and Wheat, the tares fly away and are taken to be BURNED while the wheat remains....  you'll hear so called preachers say I don't want to be left behind I want to fly away!!!   Better RUN from these folks

    Paul confirms in II thess 2:9 Christ comes after satan. but back to subject ...Christ gave us that believe the power to cast out devils(unsaved dead),ability to speak in new tongues,take up serpents,drink deadly things and to lay on hands to heal the sick. Mark 16:15-18 and for casting out see Acts16:18 and remember to have faithful people who can hear your past without judging you,to pray for help and guidance etc etc, to obey,to use the oil James 5, to fast, REPENT, thank Father and Christ, believe HIM that we CAN trust HIM and who do YOU think you are to not believe HIM? You think GOD can't?  the same power that makes you know not to make HIM mad is the same power that heals.......the only thing that gets into the way is you!   hear it now!

     of course to purposely temp GOD would get you dead. so don't pick up snakes and drink deadly things on purpose, Christ means by accident.

    the pregnant woman about to give birth in revelations is the earth and we are the child.  when or if the news comes out some comet or blue star is going to hit the earth remember the word how when True Christ comes the heavens and earth will be on fire and all the elements will burn up which means we'll all be in a breathe of life body spiritual in the twinkling of a eye, how the eyes will burn in their sockets before the bodies hit the ground and if you are here to see faker boy satan ride up and your in the know it ain't right

    I bet most have never heard this've just been told truth amen !!!

  11. Further to my comment, we need to tell the truth.  HIV is not to be accommodated.  People think if the church accepts "lifestyles", people will have the confidence to wear condoms.  If a person does not accept personal responsibility for his/her own lifestyle and protection thereof, the church ain't got nothin' to do with that.
    We need to hear how HIV disproportionately attacks the black population and how this can only be done through genetic and scientific engineering.  Just like menthol cigarettes.  It is targeted towards us.  So how do we fully protect ourselves:  live right and through obedience and submission to Jesus Christ.

  12. Mimi thanks for the comment in which most of it agree with....I don't agree with this statement....and I believe you have open up a can of worms with it....""we also need to tell the gays to go back in the closet because we don't  want that example for our children""....Mimi, how can there be honesty in the black  community when you are asking folks to hide?

  13. Mimi my dear, you are a full of dangerous misinformation.  My reference to blood transfusions was in reference to HIV being a virus not related to moral behavior.  I know that blood is screened.  However, I agree 100% with Ann about going back into the closet.  That solves nothing.  Ann's blog post is about honesty.  Nothing honest about lying and pretending and hiding. 
    Regarding HIV/AIDS and your statement that as long as you can get free meds you will live, is totally false.  Of course meds are vital to survival, however each person living with AIDS is different.  Some people never respond to meds, some have changed meds many times and eventually there are no combinations left that will work for them free or not.  And then there are those who's HIV never even go into AIDS.  Managable you say?  By who's standards?  Also the falacy that ALL persons with AIDS go crazy is insane.  It is not true and you should not use such fear tactics.  I know and have known many people with this virus.  I know the history and keep up with the research.  I also know many people who have had this virus since the 80's and are in their 70's.  None are crazy or demented in any way. AIDS effects the brain in some people, the circulatory system in others etc etc.  HIV/AIDS effects black men and women disproportionately but not for the reasons you qoute.  It is more for the shame and hiding attitude you have.  The need to wear condoms is important for gay and straight alike.  What acceptance of gays has to do with that is lost on me.  HIV/AIDS is too important an issue to spread misinformation. 

  14. Too many times, people use blood transfusions as an example to disassociate HIV from sexually immoral behavior.  The incidence is so rare that it is just a canard to throw it into the mix.

  15. Honesty is also about discernment.  When the results do not match the empirical evidence, attention must be paid and the status quo science must be questioned.  The pharmaceutical greed must be taken into account.  The testing criterion must be reviewed.

  16. I stand by my statement of life or death is in the hands of the price of the HIV meds.  Think back to before protease inhibitors.  Death in six months to one year.  Stronger immune systems lasted longer.  HIV progressed to AIDS which led to death.  Yes, HIV is manageable today if you are changing meds combinations as opposed to executing a last will and testament, healthcare proxy and power of attorney. Yes, HIV is manageable if more people are dying of suicide and accidents and accidental overdoses.  I said manageable, not desirable.

  17. Everyone's encounter with HIV is different.  I know SEVERAL HIV victims who are in HAND (HIV Nuerocognitive decline).  It is as if the worst parts of their personalities have been accented.  With a few others that I know whose personalities are not affected, they are forgetful and confused.  Expect to see more of this.  Talk about being turned over to a reprobate mind.

  18. Shame and hiding does not cause HIV.  Sexual relations, drug abuse and the small percentage from a careless hospital environment causes HIV.  Since most HIV victims are gay and bi men, the correct deduction is that there is something transmitted during anal sex, which is biologically incompatible.  Don't blame feelings suh as shame and hiding for HIV.  But if gay and bi men of all races have anal sex, then why are black men so disproportionately affected.  Why are black women predisposed to HIV more than white women who sleep with black men (a significant number to be considered in  studies)?  If it isn't the action, it must be the quantity and no one can tell me blacks have more or less sex than anybody else.  So we must consider a genetic or genetically engineered factor.  That is just critical thinking.
    And I said the church shouldn't accept lifestyles, meaning illicit sex by gay or straight.

    Thanx, done.

  19. Mimi,

    With all due respect, there is a lot of information in your comment that's just both misleading & misinforming.  You are free to have opinions like everyone else. But I believe that when trying to get your point across, when it comes to issues such as AIDS/HIV & any other viruses/illnesses, you need to make sure that your FACTS are correct.

    I have approximately 2 family member, and 5 others that I know, whom I'm very close to, who all deal with AIDS or HIV, 3 of which are "older", and not one of those 3 are "mad crazy".  

    Telling homosexuals to go back into the closet? Where is the solution in that? I would think that could be just a part of the problem. Dishonesty is harmful.  AIDS/HIV is not respectful to any person. Heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, try-sexual, whatever race one may be, it can happen to anyone. That is what needs to be said in the church, and in line with everything the word says for us to do.

  20. With all due respect Mimi, you should be done because your info is skewed and misleading.   You have also skewed my words.  Done,
     works for me.

  21. God hates the sin, HE died for the sinner. Someone told me not long ago how people have accepted this behavior   and should be laughing at them and ridiculing them. My response was wonder how the person making fun will be laughing when standing before FATHER and HE ask why didn't you witness to your brother or sister MY child? hummm.  This is not the unforgivable sin and my words are not GOD hates you just your actions.

    I wonder if all that MK ultra CIA mind manipulation hypnosis brainwashing has been used by certain government figures to meddle in our children's minds?
    You should google banned cartoons on youtube and see the clip of bugs bunny coming out of the shower and what it quickly subliminally shows should be against the law!!!! it will FLOOR you!!!!

    then there is a guy named Derren Brown who was taken off the air in England for showing how quick and easy it was to hypnotize 3 strangers into what they taught was a armored truck robbery. ALL people should see this before ever being on a jury. This guy could make you go to sleep at noon and wake you up at midnight and you would think it just turned night!  

    this shows how tricky the devil is. Most people have no idea that satan will be riding in on a pale  white  horse soon disguised as Christ to lead many astray in the Great Apostasy. What a shame a lot of pastors will take their churches  right into the hands of satan all while they laugh at gays and lesbians. wonder how the laughter will soon stop. We must love our brothers and sisters here cause there is just to much room in hell for hate. VERY LITTLE TIME LEFT
    Better see what Smyrna and Philadelphia are preaching about ...amen?

  22. You are right.  I should not have used the phrase, "back in the closet".  Poor choice of words on my part.  I mean that gays should not be flaunting their sexual orientation in front of children.  It should not be presented as normal.  However, honesty for the church is keeping real to the Word of God.  The church is not a research lab or a public relations dept. for the gay phenomenon.  We know how this disease is transmitted, but not how it really works.  Again, why are black people more susceptible?  Until that question is answered, all advice will pale in the face of statistics.  Until the true nature (evil) of the origins of this disease are known, we need to just stand on the Word until God decides to reveal the plan of the enemy.

  23. My bad, I shouldn't have used the phrase "back in the closet".  I meant that homosexuality shouldn't be flaunted as normal.
    Anyone can get it, sure, but THROUGH BEHAVIOR.  And I know about the babies, rape victims and the hospital patients who are at risk, but I am talking about the most common way it would infect a person.  The church should continue to preach against the behavior, THE BEHAVIOR which opens the door for satan.  I am glad your relatives are well, I cannot say the same for my friends.  However, I am glad they are alive, but I cannot be around them much because the nuerocognitive decline is so pronounced.  Many in my family are/were drunks, and I myself am in recovery (for several years) for substance abuse.  I was genetically and environmentally predisposed to it.  Did it excuse my actions and choices -- NO!  Should the church have accommodated my behavior at that time -- NO!  Homosexuality, like addiction is about behavior.  Behavior has consequences.  Best the church stick to preaching the Word and not trying to accommodate behavior.

  24. true , you can go to the government CDC   center for disease control and dig to find the statistics they don't want you to see. 48% of black women have or had a std. young black men form 24-39 were the largest carriers of HIV and then it was latino white and asian were the least affected yet they more of them ????     this planned parenthood is the nazis to black people causing millions of young black kids to be aborted as a way to keep the population down?   it's genocide

    then the gov making coke for gun deals and putting mainly black people in jail for it? it's all the work of the devil and these things are just tests for us and he wants us to not study God's word and fail the test coming.

    key to finding your place:
    pray, obey, believe on Jesus name not just in Him , confess and repent hourly , accept forgiveness, then  forgive yourself ,  thank the LORD with supplications, give alms, fast secretly,   eat kosher,   help others, and hang on to that faith by good works to good fruit and not doubting or serving another master  (satan) losing what we had. repeat daily  knowing not to be fooled by satan disguised as Christ coming soon like Jesus warned us of.

  25. I know what you mean sister, in Romans 1:13-32 and 2::1-15 tells how they're full of murder and deceit, these are living evil spirits in control of   people.these chapters tells about the mentality of lovers of we   are no better or worse then them if it weren't for belief Jesus love. show'em what the power of the Lord can do when we believe in love and pray.   thank God for His mercy and grace,the blood of Christ to still give us the millenium time before that final judgement.

  26. what about the networks and movie companies who have been subliminally putting the thoughts and flashing images of homosexuality into the minds of  millions of children for the past 30 yrs?

     who are these hollywood devils ? that white boy Cory from the 2 cory show who was a hang around of Michael Jackson who said recently that there was a problem with pedophiles in  hollywood and a major producer was one but nobody says anything about it.   this all is the result of liberal satan and the supporters of liberal not biblical principals. I'm a blue rep or a red democrat to some but I find both parties as liars so me this third alternative is really for smart people not wanting to waste a vote on the same ole time 2 parties. .

  27. Thank you Pawn_broker for understanding what I am saying.


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