Would You Join A Strict Church That Did Not Allow Bold Hair Colors?

I don't believe the hair color would be a distraction for me but I'm sure I'll notice it. I know  most schools have rules and usually that would include a rule about acceptable hairstyles. So if you join the school you are to abide by the rules or leave.  

Now Millie Foley dyed her hair bright red to look like the pop star Rihanna  and was told by her school to turn around   go back home and  wash it out. Millie refused and her parents were called in for a meeting with the headteacher to discuss the colouring of the 15-year-old's hair.

So let me ask a question! Would you join a strict church, school, club or organization with rules like I have posted below? If not then why do you reckon people join these places  knowing what the rule book states? 
"We wholeheartedly disapprove of our people indulging in any activities which are not conducive to good Christianity and Godly living, such as theaters, dances, mixed bathing, women cutting their hair, make-up, amusements, and unwholesome radio programs and music. Furthermore, because of the display of all these evils on television, we disapprove of any of our people having television sets in their homes. We admonish all of our people to refrain from any of these practices in the interest of spiritual progress and the soon coming of the Lord for His church. 
 We disapprove of school students attending shows, dances, dancing classes, theatres, engaging in school activities against their religious scruples, and wearing gymnasium clothes which immodestly expose the body.  We disapprove of school students being forced to take co-educational classes which involve boys and girls being mixed together in swimming, calisthenics, baseball, and other mixed athletics while clothed in ungodly attire which immodestly exposes the body."
I found these rules on a church web site.


  1. Although I'm not a fan of "Kool-Aid" colored hair. I don't see a reason why persoanl expression should preclude someone from having the opportunity to worship.

    Who's to say just what is considered to be conducive to good Christianity and Godly living?!? Sounds like someone has a God complex.

  2. Reggie I love the "Kool Aid" colored hair....but why join a church or organization that do not approve of self-expression? It makes no sense to me.


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