Secular Junk in The Church!

Is God raising up a new generation and breathing fresh breath into His pulpit through them? I don't know about all that.  But what I do know God is still in the soul saving business. The Bishop Lester Love  explain why he refuses  to preach on sin.

The clip below remind  me of the lack of discernment in today’s church. I really believe the reason why so many false preachers/teachers are thriving in our churches is because church folk ain't testing nothing. 

The funny thing is, the  women in the clip must have thought they bought tickets to an oldies but goodies concert the way they are screaming and hollering. Or did they for get  who this man suppose to represent?  I'm shocked at the sound of women screaming and hollering over mess like this. People need to start  testing these  preacher’s claims by the BIBLE Word of God. Question, are you testing the sermons you hear by searching the Word of God? Can you spot a fake? Let’s find out!!!


  1. This is sad, but not unexpected. People are not studying the Word for themselves. Any minister who does not teach the whole word is putting stumbling blocks in the way of souls. Teaching on sin and it's consequences to a congregation is not for condemnation, but so that our hearts will always be repentant and that we would not fall into persistent unfaithfulness and deception. May God open our eyes to His Word.

  2. He's just trying to get his "gospel music" career started. R Kelly is his inspiration. God is nowhere around and nobody there really knows God. If they did, they would flee from this hot mess.

  3. This is wrong on so many levels.

    This is feel-good performance not faith filled worship. There is no spirit-filled edification content in this at all.

    Preaching 'about' GOD and preaching GOD are two very different things. Man can talk 'about' Jesus all day but if he is not talking Jesus, he's just talking.

    I also watched the video where he explains why he does not preach on negativity (sin).

    First let me say the title of the conference is "Manpower" not GOD POWER.

    Second the words on his shirt and the message he is preaching is saying "I" can, "I" will, "I" must.

    Third, he says let that "I" declaration be your war cry and run your own church.

    So where is God in all of this? Where is the Holy Spirit? Where is Christ?

    The scripture says: "I" can do all things only THROUGH CHRIST, which strengthens me."

    NOT "I" but Christ in me.

    IF JESUS is NOT in it then it is not of God. If it is not of God then who does it belong to?

    Preaching the total HOLY BIBLE message includes GOD, JESUS, HOLY GHOST, HEAVEN, HELL, GRACE, MERCY, SIN (to name a few) and even knowledge of the DEVIL (we have to know how our enemy operates).

    Lester Love has another teaching called "I've Got What it takes" using David as an example. He said David worked his way from the bottom to the top. Thats not what the Bible says.

    These preachers need to find Jesus!

  4. We have to stop being so entertainment driven and get back to where holiness and a Christ-like lifestyle is being preached. This saddens me so much. SMH


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