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Monday, May 9, 2011


Paula White has a brand new show called “Just Paula.”  It hit the air waves on last Wednesday on TBN. Now I don't know if this is a mixture of ministry/reality show or what....you be the judge.

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  1. I'll stick with "Just Jesus". If more religious leaders stuck with "Just Jesus" they would not have to try so hard to live down or up to their past. There needs to be some dying to flesh and self, then the power of God will be clearly seen in these leaders (as it was when Saul was converted to Paul).

  2. She's always been a master marketer and it looks like she's jumping off the black woman band wagon, just with the intro song alone. She's gonna lure in the young white woman now.
    So she's gonna probably tone down her preaching style, to appeal to the that younger demographic. She may be gunning for being the next Oprah, with a Christian twist. Or maybe a younger version of Joyce Meyer. She's got Joyce's music style.
    Paula, marketing genius! Preacher of the gospel, not so much.

  3. These "SUPER STAR" Pastors seem to be more passionate about showing how they live instead of showing us the life of Jesus.

    But when their lives go astray they put out statements saying that their (divorce, lawsuit, or other infraction) is a PRIVATE MATTER.

    Show people the life of Jesus and your life WILL be a success.


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