Deitrick Haddon Eye-Opening JET Magazine Interview!

 In April  2011 Deitrick Haddon had a sit down with JET Magazine to talk about  his new album Church On The the interview Haddon talk about  how the whole vibe of his new album is so different that saints and sinners both can get with it....Dietrick  goes on to say it's gospel music from another perspective with  a fresh follow me over to GCMwatch  where  there's a wonderful written  article that I believe explain this fresh new sound and approach that's  in gospel music today from yet another different perspective.....after reading the piece and watching the interview.....I have come to realize and except as truth today's gospel  community is not the same gospel community I grew up with's gospel community is more about cultural style than the gospel message of salvation...I would like to think Pastor Dietrick Haddon for pointing out and making it so clear.....that today's gospel  appeals to the flesh and instead of honoring God, it places the sinner at the center of God's love and plan...but the gospel of the  Bible places Jesus at the center of God's plan, not the sinner.


  1. It's a shame that unsaved youth are the standard for this "gospel music"! It's always about bringing in the youth! How WE gonna bring in the youth? That's all the gospel industry talks about these days.

    And they have gone ALL the way to the other side to bring in these youth! Dorinda's voice in autotunes tells it all! It's a pity.

    So when they "bring in these youth" with the music, why are they not staying in? It seems now that once Dietrick and the rest of them count their record sales dollars, they dont think about whether the youth are being discipled.

    All of these people had the spirit in them at one point but now have so little regard for the power of the Holy Spirit to work in the heart of the youth! This is frightening, how easy it is to lose touch with the spirit and apparently not even know it!

    In my church, the YOUTH sing the old hymns of granmama and granpa" and the new anointed songs and the spirit moves all through the church--the old and young, and we all are blessed and strenghtened!

    The youth are acquainted with the Holy Spirit and are blessed with joy and faith, and CONFIDENCE!

    Our youth do plays and dance and recitals and oratory but always to glorify God!

    So what Dietrick is saying about bringing in the youth is false. Young people respond to the Holy Spirit just as we all do. Jesus has a special place in his heart for the youth!! Hold up Jesus and they WILL respond!

  2. The youth of today are leaving the church in droves because of the hypocrites currently in charge.

    The Holy Spirit compels men and women to come to Christ. The sad thing about the state of the church today is the "Itchy Ears Syndrome". Sure anyone can experience an emotional outburst or if the music sounds good it can draw a crowd, but the sad fact is, emotionalism and music can't keep them in place long enough to learn the Word.

    We all bear responsibility for what has happened in the church. People are afraid to speak up when they know things are wrong and this causes so many to experience unnecessary church hurt.

    When you are under a spiritual attack and all things in your life seem to be going to hell in a handbasket, music can serve as a temporary distraction, but the Word of God is the only thing that can bring about change in a person's life and heart.


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