The Man Who Finds A Wife Finds A Treasure, And He Receives Favor From The LORD

I'm straight up old school and will never embrace the idea or believe in women taking on  men roles and chasing after them.....the biblical definition of the roles of husband and wife has been rejected as outdated and old  in today's liberated and enlightened society....I'm  thinking part of the reason women struggle so hard today is because of their desire for headship...I know some don't like to here this but here goes: after the fall of Adam and Eve, God told Eve, "your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you" (Genesis 3:16b) other words God was saying, things will be different now, are going to have a bend in your nature, as will Adam, that is a direct result of the curse of sin.....that bend in a word is selfishness.....the word for "desire" in the verse means "to compel, impel, urge, or seek control over....." God was telling Eve she would have a sinful and selfish desire to seek control over Adam, to usurp the place of man's headship.....when God told Eve that Adam would rule over her, He meant that man would seek to dominate and control the woman. (that control does not mean manipulate)
Now  I caught the re-run of the reality show love and hip-hop last night.....and was take aback, floored shock, when this beautiful young woman ask her man to marry her.....come on present generation of young women.....were is your faith, worthy,esteem, respect dignity? I believe any woman that will ask a man to marry her is the same kinda woman that will sleep with a man on a first date......this is the same kinda  women who will be complaining that her man  never takes her out....she will be hollering  he don't respect me, he don't show me love he don't treat me like a wife...that's because he didn't ask you to be his wife.


  1. kisura brock,
    I am saddened at your stance. I accept it as your choice and I disagree with it. I am a heterosexual man, and I have no problem with women's liberty and equality with men. And, find women have the right to be as assertive as men. Gender difference is based on the role in new lives into society, not personal attitiudes, in my opinion.

    you state the bible,but before the bible was assembled, there were many books in the Christian world from the many christian sects before the Nicean councils,and most of those books had vast differences from each other. The Nicean councils was made up of certain christian sects who chose certain christian books, the sects not present and the books not chosen became over time excommunicated from the ones in Nicea.

    if the bible was composed from selected works, why should you follow it so rigidly?


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