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Friday, April 29, 2011

Should Paula Deen Inform Her Fans About Diabetes?

There's reports that Paula Deen is being deceitful by hiding her diabetes from her fans.....while continuing to promote her high-fat recipes...friends say  the same high-sugar, uber-fat-filled recipes that have made Paula Deen a celebrity chef are now forcing her to battle the disease of diabetes....according to the May 10 edition of The National Enquirer, those closest to the Food Network star say she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes several years ago, but continues to tout hock the very butter and sugar rich high-fat recipes that have been long linked to the onset of condition.....one of  Paula most famous dishes is the Lady’s Brunch Burger — a hamburger topped with bacon and a fried egg and served on glazed donuts....Paula recipes are fabulous! but   aren't meant for everyday consumption.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is Being Gay A Gift From God?

I am not one to judge as I am a firm believer of judge not so that ye not be judged and I believe that Jesus  is the ultimate judge....however, I just don't understand where this idea that being gay is a gift from God that this church in Ohio is pushing.....in my opinion the church cannot view homosexuality as a gift and sin at the same time.....by doing so it's sending a very confusing and conflicting message....with the church saying being gay is a “gift” it seems to suggest that homosexuality is a good and perfect gift from God for a purpose.....if that's the case then the question becomes what's the purpose?.....how is gay a gift? if it is a gift what the purpose? "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!" 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill - How Great Thou Art!

I grew up in a church were hymns were sung every Sunday morning with gladness and up lifted voices....here's an amazing rendition of How Great Thou Art, sung by Carrie Underwood with Vince Gill on guitar.....this is one of my favorite hymns.....I tell you!  when we realize and begin to put our focus back on just how great God is.....we can't help but cry and praise Him....close to the end of the piece you can see people with tears in their eyes along with Carrie.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gospel Today Is Giving Away Free Magazines!

Dr. Teresa Hairston and Gospel Today is giving away over 20,000 copies of the May/June issues of the magazine....that's featuring Bishop T. D. Jakes on the cover....yep the magazine is free of charge! Information here!

Hello: Christians And Muslims "Do Not Worship" The Same God!

I was shock when I read The Barna Group latest finding.....that Christians believe they and Muslim worship the same God.....have the Christian Church fail to educate people in the basics of our doctrine and faith?...the Barna survey is based on data collected between 2005 and 2011.....the survey had at least 1,000 respondents showing that the majority of Americans believe that all people will be saved and that good works are the key to heaven....the data was released April 18.....and it show million of adults reject the clear teachings of Scripture that faith alone, in Christ alone is necessary for salvation....I don't understand how "40 percent, of born-again Christians believe this....what is going on?

By a 48-44 percent margin, U.S. adults believe that "if a person is generally good or does enough good things for others, they will earn a place in heaven." Also, 59 percent of Americans believe that "Christians and Muslims worship the same God," although only 43 percent believe that "the Bible, the Koran and the Book of Mormon are all different expressions of the same spiritual truth." Rest here!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Chicago Pastor Pushes For Outlaw Of Blunt Wraps Used For Marijuana!

 Bishop Larry Trotter, senior pastor of Sweet Holy Spirit Church of Chicago, backs legislation sponsored by state Sen. Kwame Raoul (D-13th Dist.) and state Rep. Art Turner (D-9th) to ban the sale of the fruit-flavored cigar wraps that are usually emptied of its tobacco and replaced with marijuana.

The wraps, which come in other flavors such as vanilla, are easily accessible in convenience stores, gas stations and liquor stores for a low price, especially to youth, the pastor said.

Having this product in mainstream stores is like having drug pushers in our neighborhoods,” said Trotter.
The pastor said April 11 from his pulpit that he’ll embark on a seven day, 50 church campaign throughout Cook County to spread awareness and garner support for the proposed ban. Click here to continue reading.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm Get'en Up!

Do you believe that Jesus Christ got up from the grave? I believe this is the foundation upon which all other Christian doctrines stand.
There is no gospel without a resurrected Christ.

Happy Resurrection Day.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

BREAKTHROUGH 2K11: Expecting A Turnaround!

Bishop Edgar L. Vann & Second Ebenezer Church present BREAKTHROUGH 2K11: Expecting A Turnaround, April 25-29, 2011. Guest Speakers: Dr. Jamal Bryant, Dr. R.A. Vernon, Bishop Michael Pitts, and Bishop T.D. Jakes. Psalmists include Deitrick Haddon, Lowell Pye & More. Second Ebenezer Church, 14601 Dequindre Road, Detroit, Michigan.

Is The Gay Community Trying To Trick The Black Church Into Accepting Homosexuality?

Homophobic: Is prejudiced against homosexual people...Pastor G. Craig Lewis  have written a post that suggest black people are being trick into accepting homosexuality.....Pastor Lewis states in the piece that the accusations of homophobia is an attempt by the gay community  to overcompensate for what they  know is against God’s plan, will and creation.....Lewis ask how do you deflect attention away from your own sins? Find a boogeyman and a scapegoat and accuse it.....which in this case just happens to be the black church.....is he right?!? Read Why blacks should be homophobic!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Man Who Finds A Wife Finds A Treasure, And He Receives Favor From The LORD

I'm straight up old school and will never embrace the idea or believe in women taking on  men roles and chasing after them.....the biblical definition of the roles of husband and wife has been rejected as outdated and old  in today's liberated and enlightened society....I'm  thinking part of the reason women struggle so hard today is because of their desire for headship...I know some don't like to here this but here goes: after the fall of Adam and Eve, God told Eve, "your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you" (Genesis 3:16b)....in other words God was saying, things will be different now, Eve....you are going to have a bend in your nature, as will Adam, that is a direct result of the curse of sin.....that bend in a word is selfishness.....the word for "desire" in the verse means "to compel, impel, urge, or seek control over....." God was telling Eve she would have a sinful and selfish desire to seek control over Adam, to usurp the place of man's headship.....when God told Eve that Adam would rule over her, He meant that man would seek to dominate and control the woman. (that control does not mean manipulate)
Now  I caught the re-run of the reality show love and hip-hop last night.....and was take aback, floored shock, when this beautiful young woman ask her man to marry her.....come on present generation of young women.....were is your faith, worthy,esteem, respect dignity? I believe any woman that will ask a man to marry her is the same kinda woman that will sleep with a man on a first date......this is the same kinda  women who will be complaining that her man  never takes her out....she will be hollering  he don't respect me, he don't show me love he don't treat me like a wife...that's because he didn't ask you to be his wife.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Resurrection 2011 at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church!

Do The C.O.G.I.C Denomination Need A Public Relations Manager?

Today church have really lost it way....any time the church is no longer in control of it image it's a very sad day for Christians....C.O.G.I.C abuse watch blog is reporting that during the 2011 Church of God in Christ Call Meeting which was held  in Memphis early this month....that the General Board has  issued a pdf file which says that the denomination intends to ramp up its efforts to change its public image.....but what’s the motivation? I agree with the blog administrator that the report  seems to paint the church as being the victim.....and some forces are out to destroy the denomination  name, image and reputation....but how much spin do you apply to sexual abuse, sexual immorality or homosexuality within the church body before it's dealt with? Come on Bishop Blake this is not the answer.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How Can You Show Genuine Condolences At A Drive Thru?

Would you pay your last  respect to a love one at a "Drive-Thur"? this idea here sure would have to grow on me I mean it got to take root....don't get me wrong I understand how we in America love the convenience of  not getting out of our cars.....but how can you console and show genuine condolences and love at a "Drive-Thur"?......as Christians one of our Spiritual fruits is Mercy....that is to "Comfort the afflicted and show love"..... how can you comfort someone in need at a "Drive-Thur"? this idea here just doesn't make any sense at all  to me....it's kinda hard to show sincere love when you won't even take the time to park the car....we got curb side services such as cleaners, restaurants, liquor stores and even some pharmacies.....but "Drive Thur" viewing is one that I don't think society need.....again this idea here is a little to much for me....a  Compton, California funeral home have  brought the drive-Thur service to the dead....thanks in part to Peggy Scott Adams, owner of the popular Robert L. Adams Mortuary.....this is what Ms.Adam told the LA times:
"It's a unique feature that sets us aside from other funeral parlors," said Scott Adams. She married into the business in 1988 when she became wife to businessman Robert Lee Adams Sr., a former Compton politician. He died in 2005. She continued his legacy. A suit-clad bust made in his image stands near the entrance.
"You can come by after work, you don't need to deal with parking, you can sign the book outside and the family knows that you paid your respects," said Scott Adams. "It's a convenience thing."
The venue provides a speedy way for well-known community folk to be viewed en mass. Seniors don't have to leave their cars. Those who can't stomach stepping inside a funeral home don't have to. Families can avoid the complications of hosting a formal indoor viewing. And the disabled can roll through in their own wheelchairs -- as one woman recently did.

Can Your Pastor Pass A P.I.S.S. Test?

There's a wonderful  post over at Pimp Preacher and when we consider  the moral condition of the black church today, Jesus’ words become even clearer..... "if the salt has lost its ability to savor, it is therefore good for nothing".....if the body can only follow the head, and the head is sick, then clearly you can see why the world’s moral compass is broken.
A Pastor operating in sexual sin is unfit for service – plain and simple. Sin and Righteousness cannot co-exist despite this New Age doctrine that grades Christians on a remedial scale. There is no substitute for the truth as there is no honorable service performed by a Fornicator. If the love of God is not enough to convince a Pastor not to cheat on his wife then the Fear of God should more than compensate. For this reason a Fornicating Pastor should be Dishonorably Discharged!

No longer will we as the Body of Christ allow the so-called Man of God to have a wife and a little Boo on the side. No longer will we allow the Pastor to remarry over and over again, creating his very own episode of the Ex-Wives Club. No longer will we listen to the rumors of the latest Pastor Sex Scandal without addressing it with him immediately. No longer will we tolerate Pastors In Sexual Sin (P.I.S.S)....Rest Here!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kanye West Expression of Esteem For His Mom!

I don't really feature hip-hop on this blog....but when this clip of Kayne's West performance last night at Coachella Festival came across my "Twitter" timeline I had to post it.....any one who's mom is gone on can understand were this young man is coming from and understand his pain....losing a mom is a pain that never  go away.

Should Churches Bail Their Members Out Of Jail?

Abyssinian Baptist Church is a well known and well respected black church in New York.....Early in the month they were in the news because the  church  posted bail for a gang church member to get out of jail.....Some people disagree with what the church have done claming  it sends young people the wrong message.....Kudos to the church for being willing to help one of its own.....Some folks have forgotten  what Grace and Mercy is......Grace is "unmerited favor".....Grace is what God offers to fallen sinners through the salvation obtained by the atonement of Jesus Christ....Its call grace because it is undeserved....The forgiveness we receive in Christ is through no work we ourselves do, it is for this reason we call it "unmerited favor".....Mercy is what grace offers......The grace of God comes to us in our poor sinful condition and offers us the mercy of God when we deserve His wrath.....So grace comes to us giving us mercy.....Again I see nothing wrong with what the church did and I applaud them.......Here is the news story, do you agree with the church  putting up money to get a church gang member out of jail?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Soul Singer Anthony David Releases Controversial Music Video ‘God Said’

 How did the idea that God does not exist get such traction? I don't believe it's from research that has cultivated disbelief, but the fact that the question has been repeatedly put before our impressionable human minds.....I believe this deadly message of doubt can creep in slowly by the power of suggestion.
Is it possible for BET and  it's parent company, Viacom  to lead a whole generation away from the idea of God? folks are saying BET and  Viacom, have a long history of steering away from anything remotely controversial......but Anthony  David claims BET has been really supportive of this  song and his career in general:
“I’m extremely proud of the work we did on this. We made it for the Internet, but somehow it got cleared to play on BET of all places. I’m proud of them for airing it. Stephen Hill has always been a supporter of mine from the first album (I can remember seeing this guy in the front row at SOB’s singing ALL THE WORDS, and wondering who he was- it was him)…”
David, who has recently stated publicly that he’s an atheist, says he hopes the video, directed by Devaughn Hughson will spark discussion.
I’m sure there will be some disagreements. I put some of my more radical ideas in there, and there will probably be some disagreement about a few things here and there. That’s ok with me, I’m all for civil discussion and people having their own ideas. I don’t mean any harm, but they’re my ideas (and the directors- we all pitched in). There will be places to have these discussions, but mostly, I tried to stick to the unifying point, which is anti extremism and fundamentalism. I mean well by it. I encourage THOUGHT, REASON, LOVE, and RESPECT. I hope that comes across at the very least. SOURCE
I'm a  Bible believing Christian and I don't believe that the writers of both the Old and the New Testaments ever attempt to prove or argue for the existence of God....it seems that for the 4,200-year time span covered by the Bible, no one ever found it necessary to say where is God....fast forward to today where there's a new world suggesting a multitude of alternatives to GOD.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can You Tithe Into The Next Level?

 Can you give into another level of giving which supposedly is beyond  a regular 10% tithe? If so how can you know when you have arrived at that place? Now I  found the below statement on a message board and was shock by the statement:
"When a person is not in Christ (baptized in the Holy Spirit) he or she needs to give 10percent but when the person is in Christ, he or she enters into the next level from tithe unto Righteous Giving.
Below is a clip of Pastor Otis Moss III at  his church....Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.....giving a illustration on next level giving......FBC WATCHDOG!

Chruch Of God In Christ Move To St.Louis Paid Off !

The COGIC  Saints are meeting in Memphis for the Yearly April Call Meeting at the World Headquarters Mason Temple.....There will be no church service during these two days..... just strictly business.....Bishop Blake gave his report and shared all the info on how fantastic of a success the transfer of the Holy Convocation was to St. Louis.....It  look like Memphis won't be seeing the saints for a while..... St. Louis really rolled out the red carpet for theCOGIC Saints.....Check out the subsequent:

St. Louis                         Memphis
19 hotels                        6 hotels
82 venues                     9 venues
$414,985                      $115,000
$532,715                      $52,547 Funds given again to the Church
$53,000                        $0             Sponsorship
 one.four million dollars COGIC created as a result of the move to St. Louis.....The Holy Convocation probable will never go again to Memphis  

Monday, April 11, 2011

Is It Entertainment Or Is It Ministry?

Me being a Christians for many years.....I have often sought to prematurely dominate others  by legally imposing  my views of Christianity on everyone else....I realize today  my action could resulted in the most shameful legacy I could ever leave behind......that is to alienated  people from Jesus Christ.....I've always had a problem with dancing in the church.....to me it was a form of entertainment...but Matthew 13: 24-30 have causes  me to view this from another view point.

Should Christians Have Swagger?

Pastor Ed Young would like for  Christians to get their swagger back.....Pastor Young seems to think the Christian Church  have allowed the enemy to steal our swagger....so he have started a new sermon series title "Swagger Jacker" he also done a rap video to go alone with the series.
"You’ve seen it on the street. You’ve witnessed it in the office. You’ve been there when it walked into a room, and everyone immediately knew. It is the unmistakable presence of swagger—not arrogance or pride, but true swagger.
The truth is that God wants us all to experience a life of swagger. It’s not something that is reserved for the few. Yet, somewhere along the way, our swagger is hijacked, taken, stolen. And as a result, our everyday confidence is shot. Where did it go? Can we get it back? And once we do, what does a life a swagger really look like?" Urban Dictionary
I don't believe as Christians we were called to have swagger.....we were called to be “set apart” from the world!Christians were called to be humble.....Paul exhorts us in Philippians 2 to have the mind or attitude of Christ!  Philippians 2:7 says this about Christ: “Instead, he gave up his divine privileges; he took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being.....” If Jesus, who is God, could humble himself to become lower than the angels and didn’t walk around in arrogance or pride, then who are we to be walking around haughtily? Jesus humbled himself and washed his disciples’ feet in John 13...... He led by example to show us what it means to be humble. Swagger is not humility. Swagger is not biblical.

Swagger Jacker from Nexus Church on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why Black Men Don't Go To Church?

To me the black church have always represented a reflection of the black community.....the comment I have posted below is a comment by Reggie Williams left at Black and Married with Kids blog about six months ago....what a powerful comment!
There are more women in church than men because women are looking in churches for what they can't find at home - which is a pastor. As a husband, God has given man the authority to pastor to his family. This is a task that should not be left up to Rev. So and So or Dr. Whatyamacallhim. Unfortunately too many brothers leave the pasturing to their wife and children to another man and then have the nerve to complain about what he is teaching them. If you are truly concerned about what the pastor is teaching, you will be in church to monitor that what is being taught so that you can protect your family. But you can only monitor him when you have developed a personal relationship with God's intimate word. Then and only then can you lead your wife and children properly according to His word.

If a pastor is in a church running amok he is doing so because there aren't any strong men in that church, who are intimate with God's word; men in the church who are disciple's of God's word. See the church ain't a building, a bunch or traditions or even the pastor; the church according to Matthew 16:18 is the profession that the rock upon which the church is built on is that "Jesus is Christ and the Son of the living God." What this means is as a man you follow God and His word. How do you know that you are following His word if you are not studying His word. I attend church, tithe my time, talent and treasures and love the teachings of my pastor, but at my house I serve as the pastor because I study God's word. I do not rely on man.

Allow me to preference this statement: I work extensively with men; men in churches, institutions of higher learning and prison institutions (I worked with murderers) - so I maintain an intimate relationship with men at large. With this said it pisses me off with some of the bullshit that I hear spewed by brothers.

If you don't want to do church be a man and say I don't do church. Cool, that's keeping it real. I understand some of the nonsense that goes on in God's house. But the B.S. you spew is ridiculous. See, if you go to a restaurant and the service is bad and the food is bad and you feel like you got ripped off you don't stop eating; you just no longer spend your money at that establishment. You then find another place to eat where you will get good service and excellent food or at the very least, you go home and get a home cooked meal that you trust.

Well go home and get filled on His nourishing word. When you do, you'll know when a pastor is out of order and because you are in order your wife will be right by your side.

It also pisses me off that brothers attempt to walk with swag and speak with such a high level of intellect only to sway when they are needed to step up and make change for the better in churches, in communities - help in their homes.

Dudes it time to STEP UP (72% of African-American children  are born out-of-wedlock living primarily with single mothers; and sisters your behavior isn't excused in this situation b/c you are truly apart of this problem. Additionally, our communities are going to hell because our presences is absent. We ain't just missing from church, we are MIA in a whole lot of places where we are needed.

How about ceasing the B.S. It's so much better to be the KING that we were made to be. "Let us make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness, and let them rule .

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Move Over TBN There's A New Christian Network In Town.

The Newest National Christian Network is Located in the City of Detroit....With Bishop Wayne T. and Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson the founders.....The Impact Network would like to invite all who live in the Detroit area to attend the Consecration and Dedication Service for the network April 10,2011.

The Impact Network is presently the only all African American founded and operated National Christian Television Network in the country.....the network will broadcast your favorite Ministries and Christian Television Shows for your Mind, Body and Soul.

special guests will include:
CeCe Winans, Bishop I.V. Hilliard of New Light Christian Center Church Musical Selection by Preashea Hilliard of New Light Christian Center Church,  Bishop Wiley Jackson II,  Presiding Bishop and Founder of Gospel Tabernacle,  Bishop David Copeland of New Creation Christian Fellowship Church, Prophet Stanley M. Williams of Fire of the Word Ministries, Bishop Andrew Merritt of Straight Gate International Church, Bishop Benjamin A. Gilbert of Detroit World Outreach Christian Center Church, Bishop J. Drew Sheard of Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church, Bishop Edgar Vann II of Second Ebenezer Church, Bishop Greg Davis AND MANY MORE...

The God Of The Bible Will Never Force Us To Give Up Sin(s).

I'm not familiar with Lisa Raye nor her hit reality show “The Real McCoy” which airs on TV One....the buzz on the net is this season show will have the actress continuing her search for love.....in the clip below Ms.Raye talks about her relationship with religion and her reluctance to abstain from sex:
“If god wants me to stop having sex, dancing, and drinking he’s gonna have to speak real loud and clear to me tonight…. I still want to be a Christian, but I need to figure out the rules.”
New Christians quite often have these crazy  misconceptions about God and the Christian life.....one misconception incorrect conception is that God have to force take the sin(s)  we love from us.....that's not true!! the God of the Bible will never coerce, pressure,squeeze nor force any thing from us that we are unwilling to give up for Him....God will not force anyone to obey His will -- we are creatures with free moral agency -- we can reject all that God has done for us and judge ourselves "unworthy of everlasting life"....this common misconceptions of Christianity often hinder new Christians from growing and maturing in the Christian faith....Ms. Ray also talks about having tried other religions including Buddhism and even Scientology.

Would Jesus Allow Drug Dealing On The Corner?

Bill Cosby was one of the many speakers at the National Action Network 20th conference.....during  his speech Cosby let black Christians know that our faith should not allow dysfunction and criminality in the black community......Cosby ask how can we as people of faith; be so attach to our faith....all while living in drug-infested, crime-ridden neighborhoods with dilapidated educational facilities and other deplorable conditions.
“You cannot go to the black Muslim neighborhoods and sell drugs. They shut down drug dealers,” Cosby said, comparing Christian and black Muslin neighborhoods. He was inferring to black Muslims being subjected to nationwide vilification despite cleaning up their communities. “They don’t carry guns. That’s a myth. They just walk up with their sunglasses and bean pies and say, ‘Brother you can’t do that here,’ and the drug dealers, even with their guns and rap music, the Muslims run him out of town [and] to the emergency ward.”
“Tell me where Jesus would allow drug dealing on the corner? Tell me where Jesus would allow people to shoot guns for no reason, missing and then hitting a child who is paralyzed for life? And we don’t do anything but have a funeral. But let a cop shoot [a black man], and you set his car on fire and burn up the police stations. Contradictions.“The black Muslims take time to explain who they are, so that by the time the children are 12 years old, male or female, they are proud of who and what they happen to be,” he said.
And, normally, what a man or woman thinks of themselves internally is reflected externally, including the neighborhoods where they live. So look around at yourselves: what do the people in your neighborhood think of themselves? Article Here!

Mom Charge With Performing A Botched Home Circumcision On Her Son.

Keemonta Peterson a  29-year-old mom of four .....told a Portland police detective that she’d been inspired to circumcise her baby after reading the Old Testament and watching a You tube videos about circumcisions.......her poor son was already three months old and she was aware that the  pediatricians at  a children hospital wouldn’t circumcise him because he was too old....she told police around midnight on the morning of Oct. 24 – using a box cutter as a scalpel and a pair of pliers as a tourniquet – she began the procedure with no experience at all.....someone should have told her we are no longer under the Old Testament Law as Christians, circumcision is no longer required....Article here!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Is The Black Church On Life Support?

Dr. Owens a Atlanta psychiatrist and a COGIC church elder.....have written and compiled a list of  moral issues that he believe are affecting the black church today.....Dr.Owens said it took a lot out of him  to write such a  article:

"Day in and day out there are Pastors, Elders, Missionaries, Saints and friends that seem to be having issues with morality and sexual deviant behavior.  Just cut your television on and you will see the crimes being committed from the pulpit.
My question is, “Is there no place for the impaired ministers to get HELP?” There are two issues here in my eyesight. The first being moral and the second being the further perpetuation of generational curses. I really don’t know how to figure this one out as a Psychiatrist, but there are a top ten issues that our leaders (Bishop and General Boards) must face in this 21st century.  I am speaking to ALL  Pentecostals, Baptists, AMEs, CMEs , PAWs and all churches that are out there now. No one denomination or sect is EXEMPT. God forbid if you go to a non-denominational church that has no governing body.  You are really in trouble!   They do what they do and are accountable to no one. Get out quick!  Yes I said it and I mean it!
Here is the list;
  1. Homosexuality in the pulpit and other church ministries.
  2. Misappropriation of funds by Pastors and Trustees.
  3. Poorly trained Pastors, Evangelists and Churchman in today’s churches.
  4. Teenage pregnancy in the local church’s youth departments.
  5. Pedophilia perpetrated by male and female church ministers.
  6. Adultery, mental and sexual, between the Pastor and both female and male parishioners.
  7. Lack of training to deal with the Mentally Ill who compose almost 80% of our churches in my opinion.
  8. Lack of training to deal with members with past and present Abuse and Trauma issues.
  9. Extortion of money from church members through anniversaries and other special “pastoral” days.
  10. Inward fighting between strong trustee boards and weak Pastors."
Article here!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Church Member Want Her Money Back!

Sister Denise Davis who's disable and on a fixed income gave her church 7,000 dollars and now  she wants  her money back.....in the interview she said two years ago New Covenant's Church needed collateral to take out a new loan to build a bigger and fancier church....and she wanted to help the church with the project........she thought this would be something that she could do.....Davis said her saga began in late 2008, when the pastor at New Covenant, the Rev. Stephen J. Thurston, called a meeting of church members.....Rest of article here!

Discernment: the ability to recognize or distinguish the true nature of someone or something. Discernment and wisdom are close cousins. Personally, discernment means that I can "see through" (discern) a situation and decide whether that situation is good or bad, for instance. I use discretion with a person that I have discerned to be bad for me. I have deducted/discerned through watchful eyes, that not everything is what it seems. Discernment is a result of having lived through different situations and learning the outcomes. In most cases, the older you are the better you can discern a good person from a bad person.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Single Christian Women Don't Give Up!

The Lord promises that if you will delight yourself in Him, HE WILL give you the desires of your heart! That word “delight,” means: to make yourself pliable to. When you make yourself pliable to the Lord’s Word, He will give you the desires of your heart… including your desire to find and experience True Love!

DeJuaii Pace Is An Example Of A True Struggling Christian!

Kudos to Dejuaii Pace for acknowledging and speaking about her struggle.....What does it mean to "struggle" with SIN  something? If you  been part of any Christian Church you  heard the phrase  to "struggle with sin"....A lot people use that  phrase lightly but in the case of DeJuaii Pace  it's an appropriate phrase to be used...We all know the word "struggle" means to "fight against"  it means to "strive, put forth effort in order to not give in".....I applauded her for being  45 years old and have never given into her struggle...That's a testimony in itself....Many believers when they say that they are "struggling" with sin they mean that they are committing sin(s) even while trying not to.
A true Christian is someone who struggles against sin and then gains the victory through Christ who gives  strength.....All Christians struggle with sin but we get the victory through faith....The "struggle" of the Christian should not be a vicious cycle of try-fail, try-fail, try-fail,... No, the struggle of a true Christian  should look like DeJuaii Pace....Struggles  come in many forms; relationships, financially,  physically, emotionally etc...Struggles can also be in the form of brokenness, rejection and  personal hardship.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Walmart CEO Says There's A Storm Out On The Ocean And It's Moving This Way.

If you're not anchor in Jesus you will without a doubt surely drift away....When I saw the interview of  Walmart CEO Bill Simon I thought of that old gospel song.....Walmart love the middle class enough to give us a warning about the coming inflation......CEO Bill Simon told USA Today that inflation is "going to be serious".
"We're seeing cost increases starting to come through at a pretty rapid rate."
Please!! I will believe walmart, when they start closing down stores until then I'm not buying that lie....These crooked American businesses will do any thing to get Obama out of  power.....All these high gas prices and high grocery prices are just a con to make people vote Republican for the next president....I remember doing the last election cycle gas went down to around $1.50.....That's proof that the oil price is being manipulated at will....I will always believe Wal-mart contribute to the destruction of the American middle class.....If Walmart really care about the middle class  they would  have more local suppliers....Walmart been in the bed with China too long for people not to have notice.

Tyrese Gibson Preaching From The Pulpit Of Twitter!

 Tyrese Gibson says  Twitter is becoming  like  a spiritual pulpit for him to share his life lessons with his fans....And that his true passion in life is to  help his fans better their lives.....Tyrese just released a Inspirational/Memoir  How to get out of your own way.
“I look at Twitter as all of my followers are in my congregation. I can make ‘em laugh, I can make ‘em think, I can post Twitpics and images to show them what blessings are,” explained Gibson.
Well he's a man who knows  his congregation.... From the strong reaction  he's  receiving  from fans to his Twitter advice is pushing the sells of his new book.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Power Of Gopsel Music.

Kudos and big thanks to 60 Minutes for it segment on gospel music....Truly  Vy  Higginsen  is a true inspiration as the woman who is making a difference in kids' lives....This segment remind  me of the power of gospel music so long ago....This is gospel  music that reaches into the heart and soul to transform and empower.....When nothing else will do to soothe the soul, the perfect power of music can do it.....Just as the biblical figure David played his lyre to calm troubled King Saul, sweet sounds often refresh the senses, touch the heart and heal the wounds during difficult times.Video clip  Here and Here.

Have Mary Mary Sold Out The Gospel Of Christ For Filthy Lucre?

I love the pic of Mary Mary on the cover of Rolling Out Magazine March issue.....The two Marys look dazzlingly beautiful....In the issue the two sisters are discussing their new album and that ever present argument, contention,controversy which seems to follow  them every where they go.....Some say it because of their unique sound the reason they have been label  a sell out to the gospel of Christ.....But Mary Mary Erica and Tina don't understand why all the back lash.
“Whenever you present something to the public, you open yourself up to public scrutiny,” Tina shared. “That’s something that doesn’t bother me because, in my heart, I believe that I am completing God’s assignment. He put us on this earth to touch people in a special way, and I believe that’s what we’re doing. To me, that’s all that matters.”Erica agreed. “We know that we aren’t going to please everyone with our style. And that’s OK … that’s OK.”
Really I have never regarded, viewed, reckoned consider  Mary Mary music to be gospel music...I think it's different from secular music because it's clean and inspiring.....I  heard Mary Mary's new album and think it's  more inspirational music than gospel music....In the clip below one of the Marys  make a comment about making their music for the world and not just for the church.....Now I find that comment to be disturbing coming from a Christian artist.... filthy lucre - shameful profit!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Paula White Bounce Back!

Paula White put Satan on blast in Orlando, Fla. at the three-day Pastors and Leadership Conference, hosted by Bishop T.D. Jake's....Paula said she's going into the enemy camp and taking  back her stuff.
"I came to put every devil on notice ... I'm getting my dream back, I'm getting my prophesy back, I'm getting my vision back, I'm getting my anointing back, I'm getting my strength back."

Please!!those quotes are nothing more than church folks cliches....The problem I have with people like Paula White is  they can’t seem to live a life of victory  but always wanting to speak victory  into other people life. Lets get real here! Why is she speaking at a Pastors and Leadership Conference any way? Is it  because of who she know more than what she know?  How can she tell any one anything about pastoral ministry? Lets not forget how she and Randy had one of the largest and fastest growing church in America until it crashed and burn.

Yes!  Paula may be back and she might be putting Satan on notice but I don't think he's  too worried.....Satan already know we don't have power  in the flesh....Without the "Holy Spirit" Paula has no power and is not a match for Satan....He will continue to win with her because she is weak and self-centered.