We Got To Cast Down Every Wicked Imagination From Our Children Minds.

I'm praying against fishnet stockings, mini skirts high heels and butterfly spider eyelashes particular, specially especially on girls under 10....Whose brilliant idea was it to market porn  items  to pretty  sweet little girls to make them look like street walkers? It's sicking I tell you  to see little girls dress like floosie ,prostitute street walkers...Why have my generation  not spoken out about the masterminding of the porn industry toward our youth?... Where on earth did this trend come from? Yesterday at work I had gotten in the elevator with two beautiful little black girls around 10 years old....Who were/was dress and look  like little prostitutes.....It hurt my heart to see such....Both little girls had on spider butterfly eyelashes and high heels.....Who in Hades allow their child to leave the house dress like that? We who are  religious spiritual concerned, got to take authority over the spirit of wickedness thats in high places and hold,tieup bind them from the lives of our children...We got to pull down every strong hold and demonic influence from our children lives.


  1. I don't know who thought that the Jon Benet Ramsey look was a good idea. I find the whole image of our young girls dressed like grown women to be disturbing.

    Without a doubt, it's best to let children be children.

  2. I agree with you totally. I also remember that when we were growing up we were not allowed to wear many things until almost high school.

    I also remember waiting patiently for my Mom or Grandmom getting dressed for a special event to give me a kiss so I could wear some of their red lipstick. This was when I was a little kid, but never out of the house in public. It was kind of like dress up. We were never allowed to wear red nail polish until we were teens, or even too high of a heel.

    Maybe I am old and not with it but it bothers me to the extent of dress down in church and folks in jeans. We always wore our good clothes.

    I would much rather see a little one into a good book, or playing a somewhat educational game than parading around in eyelashes. At that age we were trying to dig holes to China or roller derby in the basement. The old folks said a child should stay in a child's place. I believe that.

    Your website continues to be very informative. God bless you and your family.

  3. All those little pageant girls are freaky, and so spoiled. Their mothers have no idea what they are doing...Plus the little boys, future sissies I hate to say


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