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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Are You Prepare For Jesus Return?

Get ready, Get ready, Get ready He's coming back....Are you ready for Christmas Christ return? The most dangerous lie is not "There is no God",nor  "there is no hell", but the most dangerous lie of Satan is " there is no hurry." Indeed, Christmas is coming soon, but so is Jesus.

Jesus promised that His return would come at a time when people lived as they did in the days of Noah.  The days of Noah included an age that disregarded God and lived for the moment. When God sought someone who had a heart for Him, Noah alone stood as a witness to the power of God. The days surrounding the return of Christ will have loose morals and a blatant disregard for God. Whether those days are our days we cannot tell but God would certainly not have to apologize for bringing judgment on our age. Source: Life Way.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Have Mega-Pastors Hurt the Black Church?

I believe people are getting fed up with how the black church have been hijacked  by money hungry men and speaking out about it......Men like Milton W. Hinton Jr.who's the director of equal opportunity for the Gloucester County government....He's also  past president of the Gloucester County Branch NAACP.... I found this post via twitter last night:

There is increasing evidence that should not be ignored that the black church, historically the cornerstone of the community, is being hijacked by entrepreneurs.

Not all, but some religious leaders, particularly those leading mega-churches which take in large amounts of cash, choose to lead a highly visible, opulent life style with no moral barometer. Purchasing million-dollar homes and exotic automobiles, and accepting million-dollar salaries provided by the daily labor of congregants struggling to survive is not just wrong, but immoral. It is past time to speak up about this....Rest here!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

God's Top Gun Is A Crook!

Minister Robert J. Freeman, who calls himself "Dr. Shine," was indicted on charges of obstructing court proceedings, making false statements and falsifying records in bankruptcy proceedings.
Prosecutors said Freeman, 54, used Save the Seed Ministry money to pay for a $1.75 million residence on the Potomac River, a Bentley, Mercedes-Benz and two Lincoln Town Cars that he concealed from the bankruptcy court....Court documents allege that based on the bogus information, a bankruptcy court cleared hundreds of thousands of dollars in back rent and jet airplane lease payments the 54-year-old man owed.

Dr.Shine was well-known for his outreach to drug users is now charged with channeling church funds for the purchases of a $1.75 million waterfront mansion and luxury cars and hiding the assets from bankruptcy court, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday.....Dr.Shine garnered national attention as a televangelist on The Word Network program .

In 2004, Freeman acquired the Potomac River home — complete with a boat lift, two four-car garages, five fireplaces and a gym with a steam room — using church funds and putting the purchase in the name of a church member, court documents state. Following the same pattern, he caused the purchases of a pair of Lincoln Town Cars, two Volkswagen Phaetons, a Bentley Arnage and a Mercedes Benz between 2001 and 2006, the official reports state.

By October 2005, Freeman and his then-wife owed debts totaling more than $1.3 million, including about $846,000 in back rent, more than $87,000 in lease payments on a jet airplane, more than $160,000 for payments on musical instruments and $220,000 in loan payments on a bus, the prosecutor’s office reported.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Way To Go Keyshia Cole!!

The season premiere of VH1′s “Celebrity Rehab”got kicked off Thursday night with one of its newest members being none other than Keyshia Cole’s biological mom Frankie Lons.....Frankie checked herself in to rehab looking for help for her addictions....according to, during the show, fans on Twitter decided to tweet @Keyshia  and go off on Frankie  for  her appearance on the show.

Instead Keyshia who was raise and reared in a Christian home by Dr. Yvonne Cole and her husband....politely discussed her thoughts on her mother’s addiction:
I’d really love for my son to know his grandmother. Thank u for all of ur love and consideration. We can not change the people we love. But maybe the love we have to give can help change glad that u all have seen that no matter the road, U can overcome. U must realize that U R NOT ALONE. Let strength over power ur fears.we hope Frankie gets through this!

Is Wikileaks Holding Some Stuff That Can Damage America?

I'm following this Wikileak thing on Twitter and it's causing  me to ask question.....Why is the owner of Wikileaks doing this? Why is he releasing so called classified material knowing that he could /can be assassinated  or discredited for the rest of his life? You have got to ask the question why? Is the owner of Wikileaks holding back on some very damaging stuff and using it as a bargaining chip for his life? According to some people  most of the stuff that was/is  leaked wasn't new it wasn't even any thing that any one  should have been surprised by.....So why is the government up in arms about it? People who don't like and trust each other bad mouth each other all the time.....I was listening to NPR "Tell Me More "yesterday with Michel Martin and her guest...They were giving their theory about what they think the motive could be....but me thinking after the show....There's more to this thing than what they want us to think....This is just to good to be true and when something is just to good to be true then it normally mean something is not right.....I learn this morning that PayPal  have suspend  WikiLeaks donations account....I do not want to start a conspiracy theory but some thing is not right!!
"WikiLeaks states that its “primary interest is in exposing oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, but we also expect to be of assistance to people of all regions who wish to reveal unethical behavior in their governments and corporations"“The material that we are about to release covers essentially every major issue in every country in the world,” he told reporters in Jordan by video link when asked if the new leaks again focused on U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Friday, December 3, 2010

Should Frederica Wilson Be Allow To Wear Her Hat At All Time?

Frederica Wilson is causing a stir for her decision to ask incoming House Speaker John Boehner for a waiver to let her wear her hats on the House floor...Ms.Wilson was successful at changing the no hat rule at the State level but will she be able to do the same in Washington, DC? Article here!  Everyone can't wear a hat (don't look good)but this sista is killing it.  

Thursday, December 2, 2010

"LGBT Equality In The Black Chruch: How Do We Break the Barriers?"

On February 1, 2011, African American bloggers all over the Web will join together to discuss this important issue....The format will be a synchroblog, or a blogging event in which a number of bloggers all write about the same topic on the same day.....Your posts will be organized in a library on this website with a link back to your blog....Article Here!

What's Wrong With A (Fat) Chubby Baby?

image from SuperStock

Would you put your baby on a diet? In an extreme case earlier this year in Washington state, a couple was found guilty of starving their baby by putting laxatives in her bottle so she wouldn't gain weight. ABC reports the couple did it out of vanity, because they feared their daughter would grow up to be overweight like her father.... Article at  Parent Dish

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

“Is Dressing Up For Church A Distraction?"

Black women dressed up is not a distraction for me....I grew up in this culture and is  aware that Sundays and funerals are mostly the only time you're see southern black women dressed  like this....historically, African-Americans have dressed their best on Sundays for many generation....this tradition has a deep and rich history that dates back to slavery when African-Americans could only dress up on Sundays.

The congregations of most black southern churches still dress up today....i see women dressed up often at Bistro's a local restaurant  here in Jacksonville Fl, after church....the ladies wear nice dresses with matching hats and shoes....the men are in suits.....this always brings a smile to my face.... it reminds me of my childhood attending church...Do you dress up for church? Are black women in the South the only one who dress like this for church and funerals?