Thursday, October 7, 2010

Open Letter To The Black Church.

Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr. has issued  an Open Letter To The Black Church Community....In keeping with a promise he made  to set the black community free from the "death grip" of the Democratic Party.

Bishop Jackson's Open Letter accuses the Democratic Party of championing abortion, which disproportionately destroys unborn black children....He also   accuses the Democratic Party of advancing the homosexual agenda, which most black Christians oppose.

"Democrats are also pushing homosexuality. Their plan includes re-educating Christians in the military to compromise their commitment to the Biblical view of same sex relationships. How long can we vote for those who support policies which defy God, before we must answer to Him for it?" Jackson left the Democratic Party in 1982 because of what he called "an ungodly agenda inconsistent with Christian values." Article Here!

Is The Black Church Homophobia?

 Any (Black, White, Hispanic, or other) CHRISTIAN church  should be against adultery, murder, cheating, stealing, any sex outside of marriage sin....The term phobia is defined as "the fear" of something....Please! stop with the fooliness.....I've  been part of the black church construct all my life and I'm not "afraid" of gay people and I don't believe "The Black Church" is homophobia....I just don't believe that to be true....the church whole purpose is  to denounces sin according to Scriptures....ANY SEX OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE IS that's not being homophobia that's just  scripture. 

When the Christian Church, says premarital sex is wrong that doesn't mean it's  homophobic...its upholding its God-given belief against something it believe to be wrong.....which is what it should be should be without malice, loving and welcoming....but by the same token the church should stand by what it believes to be true.....should it talk more openly about sexuality,and  its pitfalls? maybe!! but in during so it must also  tell of the moral and eternal ramifications of any life style outside of Gods word.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do CNN Have A Secret Gay Agenda?

 Well according to Bishop Harry Jackson he believe they do....Bishop Harry Jackson who's the pastor of Hope Christian Church in calling CNN out...Bishop Jackson have pen an article for Charisma Magazine’s.... in which he claim CNN is using the charges  against Bishop Eddie Long as a way to forward a secret gay agenda....first, I'm not an endorser  of the bishop...I strongly  believe if you pay taxes in America  you should  have the same rights as every one's the quote:
I believe there is a radical, gay rights contingent within CNN and several other mainstream media organizations that wants to discredit or remove the “moral microphone” from the hands of black leadership. After all, it was black clergy that unified people in California and Florida to pass marriage amendments, which prevented the redefinition of marriage in both states. Since that time, many black spiritual leaders have been ridiculed and identified as the enemy by gay rights activists.
To be honest it does  seem like CNN is  carrying the water for somebody/something....if I'm not mistaken wasn't CNN  like the first  news site to report about Bishop Long?.... was it not CNN who first  use the word homosexuality while reporting the  story?... and didn't it seem like for a whole week CNN kept throwing homosexuality  in our face? really why is CNN focusing on  the black church?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mega Church Pastor Resigned During Sunday Service!!

The Pastor of Saint Mark Baptist Church resigned during Sunday morning service....Bishop Steven Arnold who' the pastor of  6,700 members have step down....he  asked the congregation for forgiveness, but didn't fully explain why....members say he did use the word 'indiscretion' as part of the reason he was relinquishing leadership of the church.
The announcement stunned the congregation, leading many people to shriek and others to cry.Arnold has been pastor of Saint Mark since 1989 and has helped grow that faith community from the 300 members it had back then.He told the faithful this would be a time for fasting and that the next three days would be tough.This announcement comes just days before Saint Mark is set to host an "Impact conference."

They Done Let Them ----------In Da Cub!!!

Why in the world would a Christian artist use bleeps in a Christian song? Christian Rapper Canton Jones  leaked  his new song "In Da Club" last Friday.....the song have gotten alot of negative buzz from the young Christian crowd...some young people are asking is he saved....some are impying that CaJo should  sit down repent  and realize this was a  mistakes...I really didn’t under standing what all the fuss was about until I listen to the track....Cajo is actually rapping about being in the club.....pulling up in a Bentley, and buying the bar.....Cajo bleeps out certain words just like the secular rappers do when they want a clean versions of a rap to be played on the air....I thought bleeps were created for cencosrship of bad words or politically incorrect words.

The  chorus goes “They done let them ______ in the club! Oh my God! They done let them ______ in the club!” As the song continues, several other words are muted in the same way that TV and radio stations offer “clean” versions of explicit mainstream rap records. In my personal belief any time you have to give an  interview to explain a Christian song you have missed the mark.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Why Is Eddie Long Fighting From The Position Of A Ceo?

I believe Bishop Long have  made a huge allowing this matter to be handled in the courts doing so has lead  me to believe that some misconduct did occurred.....Why is Bishop Long positioning  himself as if he's a  CEO of a big company?....rather than as a man of God who's the Shepherd  of God's people....this move Tuesday night  and Sunday morning leave me to believe it's more  about saving his empire and....have nothing what so ever  to do with church....the comment below is one that appears  in The New York Times:

“We’re not just a church, we’re an international corporation,” he told the newspaper in justifying his compensation. “We’re not just a bumbling bunch of preachers who can’t talk and all we’re doing is baptizing babies. I deal with the White House. I deal with Tony Blair. I deal with presidents around this world. I pastor a multimillion-dollar congregation.”
I,m  not saying Bishop Long should come out and confess to anything...but, what I'm saying is the pew sitters in his church deserved way  more than what he have presented to them....1) declaring he's not a perfect man and have done some stupid things is a start....2)admitting  he took these young men on trips...that was  part of a program that offers  them opportunities, but did nothing inappropriate is extremely  important....3) admitting  he used poor judgement when he exchanged cell numbers with the young men in question...and by doing so he broke no laws  spiritual or morals...but when he continues to  hid  behind the legal system like a CEO would  shows me and others alike.....that he  don't truly trust God nor do he practice what he  preaches on Sunday morning.