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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WTF Church!

We don’t need more gimmicks to draw people to the church.... And I don’t care what the banner says, WTF doesn’t stand for Worship Teaching and Friends, it stands for What the F*ck....It is what it is.

Seriously we all  have said WTF in our  head at one time or another....But for a  college Christian ministry’s to use it in a  banners as a marketing tool is just wrong....As a Christian I'm wondering why the leaders of this ministry  would even  entertain this idea....This is nothing more than another  gimmick that is not working.
What ever happen to renewing of the mind?What every happen to holding up Christ as the banner?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bishop Jakes Miracle!

Bishop TD  Jakes speaks on how God saved his life from an enemy trying to bomb him....Security cam shows  footage of the explosion.

*Video:| miracle: bishop jakes speaks on how god saved his life from an enemy trying to bomb him shows security cam footage of the explosion |

Happy Labor Day!

God of the rough-worn hands, as we honor workers this day,
let us not forget those whose work is without honor:

those homemakers who watch over children and homes
but are not recognized as workers because they are not paid;
those who are forced out of jobs by corporate changes,
those forced into early retirement,
those who are denied employment because of their age;
those who live far from home,
struggling to save a bit of money to sent to their loved ones;
those who must work illegally in order to survive;
those who lose jobs because employers use undocumented labor.

Christ of the aching back, you worked the rough wood,
you walked the long and dusty roads,
you know the bitter thirst of the poor.
Let our thirst become a passion for justice.
Help us to work toward transformation of economic policies
that allow only a few nations to hoard the world's wealth,
policies that pay women as only half a person or less,
policies that do not recognize the worth of labor exactly without pay

Spirit of creative power, move among us this day.
Heal the wounds we carry because of jobs we hate but must do,
jobs we want but cannot have.
Heal all those who labor to survive.
Renew in us our sense of vocation.
Help us discern your Presence in even the lowliest tasks we face. Amen  
Chalice Worship

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Voice Of "GOD" Don't Actually Believe In God!

Did Morgan Freeman admit to being an Atheist? When interviewed on CNN about his  new series, "Through the Wormhole,"actor Morgan Freeman objects when the co-host refers to him as a "man of god." Freeman agrees with her to being a man of faith — faith in science...Clearly from this interview  he is not a believer in God…he might be agnostic…or a closeted Atheist..maybe he doesn't want to put his job on the line and admit publicly that he is an atheist for fear of not getting another  movie role. Who knows…but obviously he's not a Christian.

Through the Wormhole is a series on The Science Channel that explores the deepest mysteries of existence and the questions that have puzzled mankind for eternity such as:

* What are we made of?
* What was there before the beginning?
* Are we really alone?

In the CNN interview, Freeman says that the question of faith is "what you believe is." He says that it requires some faith to believe in a theory before it is proven to be true or false.
As to some of the questions posed in Through the Wormhole, Freeman believes that life has evolved throughout the galaxy but as to the question of God, it is a cosmic crapshoot. The first episode of his series explores the question of whether science and faith can co-exist.
Time and space travel fascinate Freeman, who says that humankind will eventually figure out how to do it.

Do You Embrace or Oppose Speaking in Tongues?

I'm a  believer who embraces speaking in tongues but I'm total against doing it in public.....I believe tongues is a personal prayer language between  a believer and God.

I don't believe tongues   should  be used openly in a  assembly of believers...ESPECIALLY when there is no interpretation...And I don't like the pressure some  churches put on people  to speak in tongues....My husband and I once attended a Charismatic  church in which the pastor  encourage every one to “speak in tongues” Now I was very uncomfortable with that....I think a number of people  mistake the gifts of the Spirit for evidence of the Spirit's work and filling; but the Spirit's evidence is fruit, not gifts....The devil can fake gifts, but he's not very good at fruit....As a believer what's your thoughts about  "Speaking In Tongues?"

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why We Can't All Just Get Along?

I recently had a conversation with a close friend of mine...We disagreed on several Christian issues....One being all faith should get along and the other we should be careful about calling someone a false teacher...I do agree with being CAREFUL about who we state publicly or privately is a false teacher, heretic or non-Christian. 

But a Christian who knows Jesus as the way the truth and the life and that no man comes to the father except through Jesus must never encourage the worship of a false god.Question: Am I wrong??  Should Christians be more  tolerant and accepting of all faith? Should the Christian society be more acceptable to talk about the differences and similarities of religions?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Should Churches Compete With Each Other?

Competition among churches is something I intensely dislike...If the emphasis is on making disciples, then there really is no need for competition in churches....The Church has too many things in this world to compete with, without competing with each other...Competition between Churches only causes those who are being saved to loose out.... This is a Kingdom issue....We are working for the Kingdom, not for awards on earth.

I understand what Steve was trying to do but I don’t think competition is the most appropriate way to go.... The church should  not be in the business of competing against each other.... This isn’t the same as selling a product.... Aside from anything else, we’re called to ‘serve’ not to ‘sell’ my church is better.
The Hoodie Awards honors local businesses, religious and community leaders, church and high schools for their contributions and excellence in the communities throughout the country...We're  wonder why young people are turning their backs on the church....Question: Should churches compete with each other? Should they? .
There were four churches vying  for such an award:
1.First Baptist Church of Glenarden 
2.Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church  
3.St. Paul’s Baptist Church
4.New Birth Missionary Baptist Church   

What Do You Get When You Blend Christianity With Islam?

Here's a story of a group in Nigeria that is blending Christianity and Islam....They are calling  it Chrislam....They are claiming it could  lead to unity between Christianity and Islam.... I don't know!!But Chrislam, as the name suggests, is a growing movement wherein some Christians are seeking to find common ground with Muslims....It  actually seeks to combine Christianity with Islam. It is a movement that speak about “spirituality without boundaries” Islam and Christianity are incompatible but  I will agree there are some common  words that  are use by both  Islam and Christianity...Creator, Almighty, Merciful, etc...But in reality there is no common ground between Islam and Christianity...You got to  work hard to believe that these  two faiths are fundamentally the same...I believe there's a huge difference between the two...To the Christian Jesus is God and to deny His  deity is heresy.