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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who & What Can Receive Communion?

I got a question: "If a dog goes into a church, is  he's entitled to take part in a "Communion Services"?An Anglican priest in Toronto has become the center of controversy after she gave a communion wafer to a dog during a religious service.

 Some people seems to think it's ok....But I don't.....In most  Christian churches  "Communion" is strictly for Christians only....At  my church  before the Communion is passed around...Each individual is ask  to examine their own hearts to see if they are in the faith before partaking in the services....Most Christians view this as a precious practice reserved for those who accept the life made available to them through the blood of Jesus.... It is an act which includes submission to the Lord’s command.....What do you think?

Friday, July 30, 2010

When Christians Shack Up It Hurts Their Testimony!

I was reading this article about actress Tamera Mowry engagement...And in the article it stated that the newly engaged couple plans to move in together soon and start the planning for their big day....I know for secular folks moving in with each other  isn't a big deal....But for Christians it should be a bigger deal....And yes Ms.Tamera has claim that banner of being a Christian....This is the first comment under that article: I thought she was a strong Christian, yet she is moving in with him before getting married.  

Living together today  has become very common in mainstream America...This generation  look at it as the next step in a  boyfriend/girlfriend relationship....But  back in my day, unmarried couples that lived together were looked at as if  they had committed the unpardonable sin...People were embarrassed to even tell someone they were shacking up.

I was raised  in a small town in the deep south....And in my  local community those old ancestors  openly frown on "Shacking  Up." I believe that upbringing  has help  formed my opinion on the matter....I still to this day believe that it's wrong...But sometimes I wonder if I'm the one missing something....I believe this lifestyle  is becoming way to prevalent and acceptable among this generation....Especially Christians!

Question: Why do people  waved the banner  “do not judge” when sin is  pointed out and call sin according to scripture?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't Drink With Your Kids!!!

This  is very offensive and heart breaking....The innocence of children is always being undermined by the world today...Children learn what they live and unfortunately drinking is one bad habit...Scripture tells us.... Fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord...Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where Are The Titus 2 Women?

I have a  question for  you today....Is  there any  Titus 2 older women training younger women  in your church?
Have you every heard this before: When  two sinners live together there will always be a conflicts? Sadly, I didn't  receive any mentoring or training from my church back in the day...... I really  just learned about biblical womanhood via the  internet  in the last  couple of years....There seems to be a trend going on today were the focus is on how to be  single....Rather than how to be married.

Scripture teaches  that  women have to learn to love their husbands (Titus 2:4), and husbands are commanded to live with their wives in an understanding way (1 Peter 3:7).Wow!!Young women are to be train in how to love their husbands and children....They are  to be train in  self-controlled  and  kindness...The Scriputres  never instruct the church  to teach young people  how to be single.

Dr.Juanita Bynum Canceled Her No More Sheets Conference.

 Dr.Bynum "No More Sheets Conference" did not take place July 21-23 as planned....It looks  like  it   was suddenly put on hold....Dr. Bynum has announced, however, that she will begin holding  "1 hour prayer conference calls" once per month exclusively for the registrants of the canceled conference...This is the message she has posted on her site:

As we prepare for the prophetic shift December 1-3, 2010 God has given his servant Dr. Bynum a mandate to prepare those that will be in attendance.... We will have a 1 hour time of prayer conference call with Dr. Bynum once a month starting August 3....We will corporately pray together monthly and meet in Miami, Florida on December 1-3 on one accord.... God is preparing a ready people for this next shift in Him! Please make sure your registration is confirmed with an accurate email address. All private details concerning conference call will be emailed to the address we have on file.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Black Church Will Never Accept Same Sex Marriage.

The African American community don't  react very well to the idea of same sex marriage and homosexuality....Especially within  The Black Church....CNN did a special report on gay marriage in the Black church, and what they found is that the community is split....Lately I've received a lot of questions from new readers of my blog...Questions like:

  1. Do you think the black church is Homophobic?

  2. Do you think a homosexual can be accepted by the church? 

  3. Should they be accepted?

  4. How does the black church view homosexuality?

  5. Have The Black Church  created the need for men to be down low?

  6. Is The Black Church  responsible for the down low men?
I believe the church is correct by not embracing any  lifestyle that is clearly against  it's teaching...Some lifestyles are  simply against the word and the will of God....The church is a change agent.....Meaning if you come into the church body of Jesus Christ you are expected to change.....That's the bottom line!!.....That mean all lifestyles if they  don't line up with the Bible...This mean you got  to renounce somethings, turn from from somethings  and repent of somethings....Which seems to be what the gay community is/are not willing to do.

I really don't see the black church moving  against the Word or will of God anytime soon....And to try and  force The Black Church to line up with the world desire to call "evil"- good, and "good" - evil will never happen....I do not beleive The Black Church will  accept same sex marriages or homosexulaity any time soon...Nor do I  beleive the same sex marriage folks or the  homosexuality community will/can accept the fact that the church has taken a stand  on this issue....I'm part of The Black Church and I can not nor will I ever  alter my  faith and Christian beliefs to accomodate any one....The bible states God position  on every issue that has face man.....The black church or any bible-believing church should reject anything that is against it teaching.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Benny Hinn And Paula White Busted!

The National Enquirer is reporting that Benny Hinn and Paula White are having an affair....I know, it’s the Enquirer and they’re unreliable....But  here’s the catch they’ve got pictures of Hinn/White going into and out of a hotel in Rome holding hands....IF the article and photos are legitimate, both Benny Hinn and Paula White have a lot of explaining to do.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Hip Hop Generation And Their False gods!

Someone email me this comment in a reply  to a post I did in 2008   "I am a 30 year old Christian and a  proud member of Freemasonry.... Freemasonry is a FRATERNITY, not a religion! You do have to believe in God to join, but you can be Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim....We do not discriminate against any religion... We do not discriminate against race.... Freemasonry is not for men of low moral character.... Freemasonry makes good men better through fellowship with other good men.... That is what we are about."

Wow! This  young Christian have not done his homework...."The Christian  God is a jealous God.... He hates the worship of  all false gods.....When the  people of  God were about to enter the promised land, God gave them specific instructions".(Exodus 34:11-16).

Now I don't know  if this  young Christian understand that any time you  gather around a strange altar...The altar of Freemasonry, to worship and offer a prayer in a Lodge to the Great Architect of the Universe GAOTU...You are not  praying to the God of the Bible...Any time we  Christians  make a treaty with  people who worship other god's, namely the ones he had mention....That's nothing but  false religions....Freemasonry disagrees with the teaching of the Bible and claims that they are praying to the same God that Christians worship.... That fact alone demonstrates that Freemasonry does not know the God of the Bible... Why does it have to be a secret to make you become a great man, sounds like something very satanic and deceitful to me? Christ hides nothing, the Gift of God is free, not a secret, oath,  etc....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Christian Hair Care Salon!

There seems to be a growing trend among  some of today's  beauticians....Who say that their love of God have prompted them to find a way to serve Him through their calling to do hair.

Some are opening  up Christian hair salon.... Instead of trendy music, gospel plays in the background.... Instead of gossiping, clients express their religious beliefs... Clients are with people who will pray with them and testify about faith while they have their hair done.

According to Howard University's Dean of African American Studies....Christian salons are nothing new in the black community.... He says that as far back as slavery times, it was common for the man who was the preacher to also be the barber.

In the black community, folks generally knew which salon was where the Methodists went and which salon was where the Baptists went.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Merge Summit!

As Christians we are not call to blend, mix ,combine are  merge with the secular  world...We are call to be a light in a dying  world...When Jesus said the words “Let your light shine before men,” He was issuing a command... The secular  world around us is in fact shrouded in darkness....But  we as Christians have been called to share with others the light of Jesus dwelling within us....But no  to blend with that world... Jesus Christ is the complete opposite of darkness.... Light and darkness will  always separate from each other.... It is impossible to combine light and darkness... The light is the thesis (the Truth) while the darkness is the antithesis (the Lie).You can't combine the two...For one will all ways strike down, null, void, make ineffective  cancel out the other.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Church Folks Love Titles!

I believe Jesus in  ( Matthew 23:8-12)  warn against adopting this kind of  status-seeking attitude...Shameful arrogance and haughtiness have reached epidemic proportions among some  church leaders...In my opinion this is nothing but a high class  marketing  gimmick!..To claim the title of bishop when you're not a bishop is nothing more than  desperation.... I believe  Baptists, like other Christian denominations, is facing  some hard competition from non-denominational churches...Especially the mega churches that are  ran by charismatic pastor/ preacher....Most of who are using  the title of bishop to establish  and build their own personal brand....I do not for one minute believe baptist churches should adopted this idea....I believe churches should acknowledge the leadership which  Christ has given to the church.... According to Ephesians 4:11-16, Christ has given pastor-teachers to the local  church....I believe those who serve in a leadership function within a local church are under shepherds.... They are called to be humble servants of the sheep not lords or bishop. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

From Gospel Music To The Pulpit.

I was listening to an interview that Kim Burrel gave early in the month.....And at the end of the interview  she mention that  she would be starting a church in Houston....And that the groundbreaking would take place in January ...The  church would be called Love and Liberty Fellowship Church. Check it Out. While listening to the interview  I  got to thinking....You no what! A whole  lot of Gospel Artists today have moved from Gospel  Music  to the pulpit...Once upon a time the pulpit was one of  reverence honor and respect..I always thought the Holy Spirit  gave the  direction and worked in peoples’ lives who were call and appointed to the pulpit...Any way here's a list of some great Gospel Music artists who have move to the pulpit.
  1. Shirley Caesar
  2. Marvin Sapp
  3. Walter Hawkins
  4. Donnie McClurkin
  5. Marvin Winans
  6. Smokie Norful
  7. Andrae Crouch
  8. Tonex
  9. Carlton Pearson
  10. William Murphy, III
  11. Who did I forget?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Body By Jesus!

To all gullible Christians like my self there's some new merchandise hitting the stores soon...Just for us fat Christians...It's a DVD program that combines faith and fitness together....."The Body Gospel" is a 90 day work out program design solely musical  for the over-weight fat Christian like my self.....Now I  have a strong  desire to lose and maintain my  weight but I don't have  the motivation to do so....It seems from the press release this program will give me the desires of my heart and motivate me in the process to lose weight.

Beach body has officially announced that the highly anticipated Body Gospel workout program  by home fitness guru Donna Richardson Joyner is now available..... It is the first workout program of its kind to incorporate faith into fitness, combining the power of the Gospel with effective weight loss exercises to provide for a total body transformation. Body Gospel seeks to motivate and inspire through popular Christian music, resulting in an increased desire to workout... I am not knocking Donna hustle at all  but this is pathetic. To use scripture references in such a trivial and money making fashion is  truly sad...I thought it was kind of  over the top  to give the exercise moves "spiritual" names...Giving moves holy sounding names doesn't really make an exercise video "Christian.".

1. Body Revival
2. Power and Praise Interval Training
3. Strength and Spirit
4. Core Revelation
5. Stretch in the Spirit
The program also includes the following fitness tools:
1. Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul Nutrition Plan
2. Daily scriptures – To renew and replenish your faith in God and yourself
3. Personal training cards – Allows you to workout anywhere
4. Resistance bands – Gives a boost to your workout
5. Daily journal to use faith as a part of the workout
6. Stepping in to the Spirit – Aids flexibility and lowers stress
7. 3 Day Jump Start – Allows you to lose 3 pounds, and 3 inches in just 3 days
8. Gospel Glory – Workout for flattening your stomach, and losing flab from thighs and hips
9. Online support with chat for tips and training advice. Thanks Carey for the idea and question.

" When people use God as their workout foundation they are never alone, and feel empowered by the spirit and their own beliefs. This revolutionary home fitness program truly provides people who have struggled with weight loss a unique tool to get into the best shape of their lives — the power of faith"

Friday, July 16, 2010

What Is It About Juanita Bynum That Draws Black Women To Her Conferences?

Is  Juanita Bynum every black woman's story? What is it about the prophetess that draws women to her? Especially black women.... Prophetess Bynum stated in an interview  that  "she's  a Black woman that has the kind of resilience that says 'I'll never stop"...She goes on to say   through her experiences  African-American women and women at large can look at her and say,"I feel what she feels."Black women do not have to believe the lie of society"... You do not have to continue to associate yourself with people who continue to perpetuate that lie....Your pain becomes your purpose and your purpose becomes your power....I remember attending almost every Woman, Thou Art Loosed conference back in the late 90's and early 2000....Juanita was no joke....She was  real and raw....The sister didn't care about  no sweat, tears, hair or  makeup...Bynum, whose humility and grace and powerful preaching impressed the heck out of me 10 years ago....But fast forward today.....Now the prophetess  comes across as it's  more about her.....I don't no what it is but, right now in this place and time....I personal  just can't  receive what the prophetess is saying ....But that don't  mean God is not using her....I know alot of people have written the prophetess off but I haven't....I don't know about being every black woman story....But what  I will say is back in the day she did speak to hurting women.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Price Of Lust.

Nathaniel Tumbwe calls himself a doctor and a reverend, but he's on trial in Dallas Texas accused of having unprotected sex with a woman without telling her he had HIV....The women in question and Tumbwe
 were both serving as elders at The Potter's House church in Dallas....The two who apparently  met about two years ago according to  the victim.

Prosecutors told the jury that they will prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of aggravated assault with a penis deadly weapon....Prosecutors say he knowingly had sex with a 58-year-old woman against her will, without a condom, and failing to reveal that he had an advanced case of HIV.

It seems  Tumbwe had been receiving treatment in Dallas for HIV since 2001 and now — because of the alleged assault on the victim  she must now  undergo medical testing for the next 10 years....The woman in question was  shocked, in disbelief, when she was told the man who forced himself on her also had the AIDS virus," said prosecutor Josh Healy....It seems that the woman willingly got involved in a relationship with Tumbwe....but now regretted it later....Because of  her deeply religious beliefs.

"It is a story of loathing, self-regret for what she believes was a moment of weakness, a moment of weakness that many of us have succumbed to in the need for personal affection," said defense attorney Michael Levine.
If convicted, Tumbwe will face up to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Should Christians Tithe 10% During Hard Times?

The issue of tithing during tough times has taken center stage since New Orleans Saints reserve quarterback Mark Brunell, a former Jaguars tosser, declared bankruptcy in June... His legal filing revealed that despite his financial woes, Brunell gave $155,000 of his $1.55 million salary to his Jacksonville church....Brunell’s tithing was welcome news to many pastors.

 The subject of tithing will always bring about great debate...You have a number of  Christians believing you should always give  10% of your  income to the church no matter what....And the other half saying no way...Some Christians are asking  should  the  tithe  10% still be a requirement even  during economy hard times? Some believe strongly that it should , as Scripture says...What do you think? Do you tithe to your church?
Should the paying of tithe be an option during hard times?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Is There An "Old Boy's Club" In The Black Church?

Sexual sin is so common, so rampant, so unchecked in our churches....What's  going on? Almost every week a pastor is caught in adultery and the church faithful fold are turning a blind eye....A pastor that  engages in sexual misconduct is the ultimate act of selfishness too me.Why is the body of Christ allowing this to continue?  Is it any truth to the saying  there's an "Old Boy's Club" among most black pastors?

Back in  the day old folks  would say thing like pastors keep each others’ confidence, and secrets....I'm beginning to believe that there's some truth to that statement...And many  pastors know that there colleague are  whores but refuse to say any thing......Meaning, they can name names—of pastors they know, for a fact, have mistresses all over the place. And, even more sadly, everyone at the church know these women are the pastor’s mistress. Question: How  do we free  the black church of this "Old Boy's Club"? Do Ministers not have  a higher responsibility to be examples?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Walter Hawkins: What Is This!!

 Rip Sir  Walter Hawkins you  will be miss....Walter  was one of the many giants who helped paved the way for so many gospel musicians, singers and songwriters....Almost every Black Church in the South back in the 70's..Choir  would march in rocking to Goin' Up Yonder.

Friday, July 9, 2010

TBN and The Praise-a-Thon!!

 Is it of God that the obscenely rich should profit so greatly from the desperately poor?
Luxury cruise?

Come-on TBN!! Those prices are ridiculous...I believe TBN  is really causing a black eye in the world's view of Christianity.... Not that they should try to fit into a worldly pattern by appetizing the desires of the masses but their current approach to the gospel is not good....What about the economical  hard times  most of America are facing? From my  research most of the people who support "TBN and their Praise-a-Thons" are the elderly.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How Can You Tie Sex To The Gospel?

The other day while  on yet another Christian message board...Browsing and reading some of the post and  topics...One topic discussion  caught my attention...It was the topic of "sex" and the poster I have to the left....Someone ask should/could "SEX" be used for a sermon  title? Some one stated that the poster in question was very misleading and it should not have been used for a sermon series title.

It seem  from the discussion on the board  that a pastor somewhere  had  used that particular poster and title  for a sermon series....Someone  made this statement  which kinda of piss off  a couple of the  board members:

"If you truly understand the Gospel, then you can discuss any topic and bring it back to the Gospel. If you are a God-centered preacher, then you can take ANY topic and bring it back to the cross.What is wrong with leveraging topics or pop culture themes that are "taboo like sex, money, and  different  lifestyles" to get people in the church"?

Of course I feel that sex, money and other lifestyles...Are certainly not topics  to be avoided by the pulpit...But such advertising like the image in the poster is some what misleading..."Storybook sex"come on!What exactly does God say about sex that most churches haven't said already?...Sex is a gift from God for married people, and to have sex before marriage is  fornication and  outside of marriage is the sin of adultery. So, what else is there left on that  subject to discuss? So what do  you think is that particular poster and sermon title misleading?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Is Charles Stanley Speaking For The Tea Party?

I hope not! I'm  sorry that Dr. Charles  Stanley decided to leave the pulpit and take to the political arena....For years  I have loved and respected his teaching...But  I can truly say that I was disappointed with his 4th of July rant sermon.

In his July 4th rant sermon, Dr. Charles Stanley who's the  pastor of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta,  spoke on “Turning the Tide.”The  primary focus of his rant sermon was the clash between Christianity and Socialism...Dr. Stanley seems to think this is the only generation that have or will leave debt for the next generation....I would like to believe every generation has/have  left debt for the next generation.

I believe if the tide of this country is going to turn it’s going to be done by the  people of this country....Honestly, when has God ever stepped in supernaturally to change the tide of a country?God  allows a people to reap what they sow...If you sow evil, hatred and discord....You're going to reap evil,  hatred and discord...Yes God  gives us  plenty of  wisdom when we repent and ask.. .I personally see this rant sermon as  nothing but an attack  on  President  Obama and what his  administration  is trying to do to help the country  in these evil days...Dr. Stanley  never mentioned  the president  by name but it's very  clear whom he's referring to throughout his rant of a sermon...I don't believe this rant  has any thing to do with Christ.... But every thing to do with alarming/fear and nonsense in a certain  group of people( Tea Party) I like  Dr. Stanley in the pulpit and not as a tea party group leader...He should  leave that to Glenn Beck.

Friday, July 2, 2010