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Friday, May 7, 2010

I Don't Think Jesus Would Be Please With Miley Cyrus New Project!

Jesus take the wheel!  Miley have abandoned you for that other guy... Miley Cyrus once said "everything  she does  is for (JESUS)...Miley Cyrus told Parade magazine (March 2010) that she is a Christian but not the “old school” type... She doesn’t define her faith by “going to church every Sunday” and she particularly hates “judgmentalism by parents.”
The truth of the matter  sex and controversies  sells....“Can’t be Tamed,”is the first single from her forthcoming album of the same name which contains the following lyrics: “I have to get my way/24 hours a day because I’m hot like that. Every guy everywhere just gives me mad attention like I’m under inspection…because I’m built like that.”Miley Cyrus has emerged as today's No. 2 Google search...Satan love high places!The Devil will  use any one! Even  young people to deceive other young  people into thinking that  they can be right with God while living any kinda way..To me Miley Cyrus represents the type of Christianity promoted by Hollywood... It is a Christianity that “loves Jesus” but refuses to be bound by strict scriptural precepts.... It’s a live pretty much as you please type of Christianity.... In reality, they do not worship the God of the Bible, who is holy and demands holiness.... His grace is great and lovely, purchased at unspeakable price on Calvary, but His grace demands repentance and always leads to obedience.

This generation worships a new god....This  god is cool, loves everybody, is non-judgmental, don't mind sin, won't  send good people to hell, you don't have to repent, and don't like the  traditional Bible church.
There's a lot of chit-chat on the net  about Mileys new  video...Some are asking is the  video overly sexual for a young girl....I mean what do you expect? Remember Miley pole dancing performance  at the  teen choice award? What about  that famous photo shoot she did for Vanity fair?Miley  Cyrus is known for her good-girl image....In many  interviews  Miley has mention her Christian faith...And it's "the main thing" that  helps her stay grounded in Hollywood....Miley has done many interviews were she has spoken of her love for Jesus:
"We love Jesus!" says Cyrus, 15, as she nods her head in agreement.... He died for our sins... That's how awesome he is."Jesus rocks! That's why we do what we do," the Hannah Montana star adds. "She (Mandy) dances for Jesus.... I sing, dance and act for Jesus! ... Now that I think about it, I do everything for Jesus.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Mega Church!

Can a church building itself be a improper venue for a public  school graduation ceremonies? There seems to be a new battle brewing between The  Mega church and state.... There's  a number  of school districts in the country that are searching for bigger venues at bargain prices to use for  graduation..... It looks like the "Mega Churches" could be the answer....Think about it "Mega Churches" these days aren't really much different from a sports arena or concert hall....According to the article, five Connecticut school districts decided that they would do their commencements in a mega church, and after arguments within the schools, 4 out of 5 opted to change their location...The one school, located in Enfield, who refused to change their location, believed that having their ceremony in the mega church was the best choice.... Not only was the space close to $55,000 cheaper, but the large screens would allow for each parent to see their child..... Sounds to me like a logical, well thought out decision, but according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who threatened action on behalf of those uncomfortable with their children graduating in a church, this brings up an issue between the separation of church and state.Article here!

What do you think? Should a public ceremony be allowed to take place in a private, religious venue?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's To Casual For Church?

The church of today  have "loosened up" there  rules and guidelines concerning what's proper dress for church....Now that's  Summer right around the corner.... And you have  many churches doing what's call dress down for the Summer (casual ).

I wondering how casual can the church get?  Now this church generation no  nothing but casual dressing  flip- flops, jeans and t-shirts... I've been in church all my life and grew up in a denomination that had some strict guidelines about dressing both in or out of the church building... I was brought up to not wear  pants to church, no sleeveless tops and that the  legs must be covered and no open toe shoes....I no longer embrace that strict rule of dress for church...But. there's definitely some casual  wear  that I deem in-appropriate and too casual  for the church: Any work-out gear  that may show imprints of the anatomy... It's too tight and body revealing...Any dress or shirt  that show too much  cleavage...Men in shorts!I don't like to see men with shorts on in church....There will be some who will take the casual dress to far.

Because I've   been train  to dress a certain way for the Sunday morning service....Dressing down during the summer is hard for  me  due to that  strict upbringing...Question: What would you consider  to casual dress  for a  Sunday Morning Worship? Is there any Biblical reason  women shouldn't  wear  pants in  church?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kobe Bryant!

Basketball star Kobe Bryant has a new spread in The  LA Times Magazine and he’s wearing all white everything....I HATE IT!...Let me say this: I am not  attacking Kobe Bryant this post is about the pictures. I believe the photo shoot was ill advices , misguided and in bad taste...Most likely  Kobe Bryant team mates  look at him as a leader....I am  wondering to my self  what his team mates think about this....Do  money limit  our  ability to have a conscience about who and what we  are?…Is the money that important?It  seems the cost of fame for blacks  is their pride and soul....Remember  Labron James being depicted as a gorilla with a white woman, Beyonce saying  its ok that they made her look white... Any time you put a black man in all white and have  him  darken up you're going to have a disaster.

Monday, May 3, 2010

“I Go To Church Just As Much As I Go To The Strip Club”

Wow…whats  going on! Florida rapper T-Pain  announced last month that he too  will release a gospel/Christian album this fall....This is a surprise  not saying that T- Pain can’t sing gospel music...Remember Kanye West won Gospel Song of the Year once  with “Jesus Walks" But to  have a gospel artist who is comparing going to church with going to the strip club might be going a little bit too far...Am thinking what will his message  be?...If not mistaken the "Gospel" is about the good news of Jesus......T-Pain say  he's a deeply spiritual person.... "Dude, I go to church just as much as I go to the strip club". There are going to be allot of confused people( more than there already are) walking around thinking you can hit the  “stip club” and turn around and stroll in to the church on Sunday morning....Don't get me wrong , yes the church is for everyone, whatever state, form, or fashion that a person is in, however…some may get  the concept that you don't have to make a choice...That you can continue doing what you want to do...Just  long as you go to church you're  be “OK”....Am  not saying that T-Pain should  be the example that people follow, but their will be some that will follow his method....The album, which as of now is called “Even Heaven Got A VIP” is due out September 9th.... What do you think?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

God Has No Influence In The World.

That's according to Time magazine...For the last couple years Time magazine has  featured  it's  100 Most Influential People  issue.... Well  this years list is causing some in the faith community to scratch  their head an  wonder  "why the  lack of  faith  leaders"?.... In other words there is  not one  preachers listed as a symbol that represents  God... Not even Pope Benedict XVI  and his red shoes didn't make the list...I don't get it!  It  seems to me  if  you are head of a church the size of the Catholic Church and you got over a billion people who  look to you for guidance....Now  that's some kinda of influence in the world....I don't know how   Time determines these things but I am willing to bet most on the list  will be  forgotten by the end of the month...and the Pope will still be guiding  billion of  people .... Do a list like this reflects the  faith voices losing clout — or it’s just oversight on the part of Time editors? Now when I see a list that   Lady gaga  is on all I can say is Come-on!  She kills people in her videos! PLEASE...

Influence: the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others. source