Why In The World Are Christian Chasing Satan?

Being a Christian I know beyond a shallow of a doubt that there will be good people in hell....I also know beyond a shallow of a doubt that you will not cannot  find any Christians in Hell.....In Scripture we are encourage to pick careful our battles....When ever a Christian fail to use common sense this is what usual happen.....This is embarrassing for the Kingdom of God.....This idea is so lacking of common sense that it's  not even funny....An anonymous Christian group is working hard trying  to draw attention away from an atheist  billboard that's posted on  four  Fort Worth buses.....The four buses have a banner saying "Millions of Americans are Good without God." But behind one of the buses is a mobile billboard truck with a message reading, "I still love you. -God"
The pro-Christian ad is paid for by a group of pastors and businessmen who don't wish to be identified....Source Here!


  1. i believe that banner saying "Millions of Americans are Good without God" was made by people that are under the impression that doing good works makes you a good person. and their lists of good works would include things like feeding and clothing the poor and adopting children and going overseas to help out or rebuild communities...but they don't realize that those are all things that have an appearance of "doing good" but what use is it if you feed and clothe the poor but do not give them the water and bread of life? and what does it matter if you adopt a child if you turn that child into twice the son of hell as you are? and what does it matter if you help out a community with funds or education on aids and other illnesses and bring in the doctors and go to great lengths to help them or rebuild their buildings after some horrible devastation hit their land...if after doing so the people are never changed on the inside...and they keep living the way they do and having the sex with everyone they know etc...etc..etc..it is literally exactly like using the birth control and condom solution to a much deeper problem. why do people use birth control and condoms to prevent something they don't want to happen. however, just preventing the consequences of your actions does not change the fact that you are still doing the actions that could cause the consequences in the first place.

  2. people don't need bandaid's they need healing.

  3. Wisdom is the principal thing...get wisdom, knowledge and understanding, the Bible admonishes us. Unfortunately, many Christians become distractions and stumbling blocks because they fail to get wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The Bible says that those who win souls are wise. WISDOM is lacking, and that lack is leading to damage and, in some cases, eternal death.

  4. Only God is Good Jesus said why are you calling me Good only the Father is God.
    Secondly, there will not be "good" people in hell. They might be "good" by earthly standards but that means nothing because none of us are "good" according to God.

    In scripture all the battles are the Lords and we are not called to pick our battles but hand them over to the Lord.

    I have seen billboards that had this message and others signed by God last year. People need to understand the word of God is all that is need to refute Satan because God is the ultimate power and He alone will take Satan down. We never have that ability.

    I don't see the shame in them posting messages against anti-God messages as long as it is with scripture because we are supposed to refute lies about God with the truth. Scripture is all that repels evil besides God himself. I don't think any preacher would sit by and listen to some telling lies about God with out speaking the truth. Why is it any different with printed messages.

    Satan is out to win as many as possible. And if Christians don't step up to give Gods truth then we are disobeying scripture. Only God saves but we are called to spread the gospel.

  5. satan is building an army...an army that will fight against God and His saints. The army will call God's works evil and instead of allowing the things that are happening to them out of God's wrath lead them to repentance they will call what He is doing evil and blaspheme Him for it. It already happens everyday and many times even in Christians lives we forget that we actually deserve the wrath of God and we become stubborn and start making demands on God and wondering how such a loving God could let these things happen...we may not like to see it that way...i know i always haven't but in all reality...that it is what it is. Jesus did die for our sins out of the Love of the Father and we are forgiven if we Confess our sins and He can and will cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

  6. another thought and i will shutup for a while...it's not all that surprising when employees hate their boss or don't want to listen to their boss or get annoyed when one of their co-workers takes up for their boss when they are talking bad about them...and in the same way it doesn't surprise God when people bad mouth him or don't want to do what He says.

  7. This is crazy..definitely agree with Erika!


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