Can The First Lady Be A "Ride Or Die Chick"?

According to Urban Dictionary a 'ride or die chick' is someone who is down for everything and anything. Basically down for both the bad and the good...With that said would you consider Harriet Jinwright  a ride or die chick? Some one ask that question on a message board.

According to reports last Thursday night U.S. District Judge Frank Whitney handed down an 8 year sentence to Bishop Anthony Jinwright Pastor of Greater Salem Church in North Carolina....The judge also sentenced  the bishop wife Harriet Jinwright to six years in federal prison. I guess in this case yes.


  1. Was she a ride or die chick or stupid? I pick the second one.

  2. After reading the full article... I think she did the right thing standing by her husband. The sentencing was rediculous. Tax evasion?! For not telling where all his money went?! smh From what I read (Sourced from of all places), they did some great work for their local community (donations, paying tuition, and paying people`s rent) and for using that money to help people is why they are getting locked up. wow

  3. LoL... I agree with you kingdom. I don't think she did the right thing. I am not going to stand behind anyone doing wrong. Their joint sentencing reminds of the Bible passage about the husband and wife team who came into to deceive about the their land. The Lord struck the husband dead first and then the wife came in sometime later with the same lie and she was told that her husbands fate was going to be hers as well.

  4. @The Larry Wilson-the sentencing was not ridiculous as you say but was deserving for the type of crime committed. Remember this wasn't just a couple thousand dollars the bishop got for preaching. This was over a million dollars amassed for over a period of 5 years.

    That's five years that the Lord gave them to repent and get it right. God will be patient with us, but if the salvation of our souls is in question He will pull the covers.

    Obviously in this case Sister First Lady still hasn't got the message......

  5. Was she a ride or die chick or stupid? I pick the second one.


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