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Friday, December 31, 2010

Apple Says No To The Hateful Right.

After the hurtful and hateful statement by Tucker Carlson the other day.... I can truly understand why Apple Inc.made the decision it did concerning the Manhattan Declaration.....Kudos congratulation, hats off, pat on the back, and praise to Steve Job.....for twice rejecting  an iPhone and iPad app by the hateful Christian right....Steve Jobs corporation says it’s because the app is “offensive to large groups of people,” according to a news release....the Manhattan Declaration, is the app in question....its a 4,700-word manifesto written in 2009 by James Dobson, Charles Colson, Richard Land and other conservative Christian.
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  1. Amen! This twisting of God's word into conservatism, patriotism and political hate is doing more damage to souls that we are willing to admit.


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